Vaccines Promote ‘Covid-19’ – UK Govt. Data

by Nick Kollerstrom

Vaccinated persons are more likely to get ‘Covid-19’ than unvaxxed people – much more likely! This staggering new conclusion comes from official UK government figures.

Data released by the ‘UK Health Security Agency’ (see Here) gives a breakdown of covid cases for vaccinated versus unvaccinated persons stratified by age groups: just what we’ve been looking for. The data is for England not the UK, and it covers a four-week period for last September.

Let’s count all of the over-fifty cases. I’m not keen on looking at younger age groups because the disease was always said to be one which afflicts primarily older people (see graph above, from last year’s data).

The new data shows that vaccinated persons are 70% more likely to get ‘Covid-19‘ than unvaccinated persons. Let’s take a look at the figures.

The ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report‘ issued by the UK Health and Security Agency has on its page 13 a count of all Covid-19 cases in the four-week period. It separates them into vaxxed and unvaxxed. Its 4th column gives unvaxxed totals while the next three columns count up all the vaxxed. We add up four rows of these columns, from age 50-59 up to ages 80+, and that gives altogether: 8,083 unvaxxed who had ‘Covid-19,’ compared to 122,880 vaxxed who had it. That is twenty-one times more vaxxed than unvaxxed.

We could just leave it there.

Of the over-fifties in England – 21.3 million of them, this year – 90% have taken the jab. I’m rather amazed at this figure! I had though there were more rebels and sceptics around. But no – there seem to be only ten percent of us left.

Doing the maths, I divided the number of cases by the number of people in England over fifty for the two groups, and it comes out that the unvaxxed had 3.7k cases per million while the vaxxed had 6.4k cases per million. The ratio of those two figures gives us the amazing 70% excess of people who have ‘got Covid-19’ amongst vaxxed persons, compared to unvaxxed.

One thing’s for sure – somebody’s got some explaining to do.

Let us hope that the government continues to put out this monthly data with the all-important division between vaxxed and unvaxxed. That division is the most important thing in the world right now, and it will continue to be so through this coming winter.

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Public Health England Implodes

by Nick Kollerstrom


Public Health England was located at Porton Down, the UK’s main Biological Warfare research centre. Uh-huh.

The problem was, that each week their tables were showing around twelve times more Covid-19 positive cases for vaxxed compared to unvaxxed. We’re here looking at all persons over fifty, see the Table below. Within that age-group about 90% have been vaxxed – so their result is not so different from what would be expected by chance, if vaccination were having no effect.

Ratios of CV+ cases amongst over-50s Unvaxxed : Vaxxed and Double Vaxxed :Vaxxed

For weeks 9 Sept – 23 Sept, from Public Health England

Vaxxed / UnV’d Double V’d / Single Vax Published by
Week. 36 12 37 Public Health England
Week 37 13 40 Public Health England
Week 38 13 43 Public Health England

Prime Minister Boris stated that the Vaccine “Doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and It doesn’t protect you against passing it on” – those very true words are supported by these figures! That was on the 22nd of October – watch him say it here

PHE data was consistently showing thirty to forty times more double-jabbed persons tested positive for covid-19, than single-jabbed (for persons over-fifty)

The Government’s case that vaccination protects you against Covid-19 has been totally extinguished and negated by its own data.