Vaccine Exemptions That Will Astound You

A ‘shot’ of truth that needs to be heard around the world

By Jeff Rense

The following groups in the USA are exempt from the covid vaccine, which is not a vaccine, it is m-RNA gene therapy technology that alters man’s DNA not found in nature.

Transcript of 2 minute video below.

All congress plus all congressional staff, House and the Senate.
That’s a lot of people.

6,000 White House employees all exempted.

2,500 Pfizer, 1,500 Moderna, and 120,000 Johnson and Johnson employees all exempted.

15,000 CDC and 14,000 FDA employees exempted.

8 million Chinese students in this country [USA] exempted. How many of them are PLA, CCP? 85 to 90% I can tell you that.

2 million illegal invaders exempted. They don’t have to get the shot.

Let me throw another at you. This is the cherry on top:
At least 500,000 homeless, tent and street people are exempted.

01:06 mins Screen reads: the rest of you, get injected or lose your job.

So, they, whoever want this, want these people to survive and take a significant role in the number of potential survivors, and those who are in thecities.

500,000 homeless and street people, some there at no fault of their own. Many are completely at the bottom of the food chain and they are not to be vaccinated.

01:11 mins Screen reads: Be refused admission to everyday venues.

If the vaccine worked, which it doesn’t, they would be protecting these people but they are not. The vaccine is a failure.


Politicians and pharmaceutical companies want no part of the coming kill off.

Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice


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