💉 VACCINATIONS: Direct, Adverse Effects, and Deaths

10 Dead with 51 Severe Side-Effects Among Germany’s Elderly after Experimental Pfizer COVID Injections

Specialists from Germany’s Paul Ehrlich Institute are looking into the deaths of 10 people who passed away soon after having been inoculated against the novel coronavirus disease, Brigitte Keller-Stanislawski, the head of the institute’s department of safety of medicinal products and medical devices, said on Thursday.

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When reviewing these figures, it’s important for people to remember the mainstream media – which is already controlled by a global government, as evidenced by their “lockstep” reporting of the magic virus scam – is paid to report what serves the interests of the parasitic ruling criminal class. They therefore provide the people with half-truths at best.

They’ve already been caught red-handed on numerous occasions fabricating case numbers as part of the ongoing war OF terror, to promote their toxic vaccines as the “cure” to their casedemic.

It therefore logically follows that the number of injured and dead are likely much higher, and this is only the first round of their never-ending vaccination program, which will become more deadly each iteration, as each successive round increases toxicity.

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[‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccinating the Elderly + Allergic Reactions to Pfizer Vaccine]

Please see this good 30 minute video with Polly and Mary.

(‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccinating the Elderly + Allergic Reactions to Pfizer Vaccine • Children's Health Defense)*

CDC officially acknowledged that it has quietly created a new mortality category: PIC, which stands for pneumonia, influenza and COVID. Anyone who allegedly dies from that “combination” will be reported as dying from COVID. “This allows the CDC and medical cartel a lot of flexibility when it comes to the numbers,” Mary said.

Kennedy also pointed out that the CDC has stopped tracking flu deaths separately. “That should be a red flag, when you’re changing numbers in the middle of a pandemic.”

  • Government officials, who are not even doctors, are getting up and saying these vaccines are safe and effective, and “we’ve got to bring down these anti-vaxxers.” The claim is that all science supports all vaccinations, and all science denigrates an anti-vaccine perspective. “That’s not the way it works. Science in some respects supports some vaccinations, but the science also shows that most vaccines have significant side effects, and those side effects are underreported. “In a perfect world we’d be having that conversation, but we live in a money-dominated world.”

  • According to an ABC News report, doctors warn that Delhi’s intensive care units are full and COVID cases are getting worse, affecting more young and middle-aged people. This is leading officials to consider emergency use of all three vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. “That’s disturbing, because we know there are more than 3500 strains of coronavirus. We don’t want to see young people getting sick from this. But are we getting truthful information? We have to keep in mind that the largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world is the Serum Institute, based in India.”

[Doctor on CNN: Don’t be ‘alarmed’ if elderly die after receiving COVID vaccine]

(Doctor on CNN: Don’t be ‘alarmed’ if elderly die after receiving COVID vaccine | News | LifeSite)

December 9, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Kelly More told CNN that nobody should be “surprised” to see reports of “multiple people dying” at long-term care facilities a day or two after having received the COVID vaccination.

"We would not at all be surprised to see, coincidentally, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine.....

So they are preparing people, mind controlling and manipulating them to accept these so-called happenings as normal deaths and do not question their money making programs with a deadly weapon.

Contrary to some articles there are many deaths being reported due to the covid vaccine.

They admittedly know deaths are going to happen from the Pfizer covid vaccine that has NOT been tested on elderly but they are giving it to them anyway knowing people make rash decisions out of irrational fear.

If this push for more money and mandatory vaccinations is not STOPPED, we can expect to see more death and more deaths from pushed vaccines.

[‘There absolutely will be a black market’: How the rich and privileged can skip the line for Covid-19 vaccines

Athletes, politicians, and other wealthy or well-connected people have managed to get special treatment throughout the pandemic, including preferential access to testing and unapproved therapies. Early access to coronavirus vaccines is likely to be no different, medical experts and ethicists told STAT.

](How the rich and privileged can skip the line for Covid-19 vaccines - STAT) Sounds like the me first syndrome. Little do they know......


CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors Are DYING LIKE FLIES After COVID Injections! SPEAK OUT!!!


Families must do what they can to remove their loved-ones from the nursing homes asap.

Nursing homes tend to be places where their residents come in, but never get out (alive).


South Dakota’s state epidemiologist has confirmed that two people died in the state within 24 hours of getting their first doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. One was a middle-aged man in his 50s and the other was an elderly woman in her 90s.

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COVID: If there is no virus, why are people dying?

Since the beginning of this false pandemic, I’ve been offering compelling evidence that no one has proved SARS-CoV-2 exists.

Then people ask, “So why are all these people dying?”

I have explained that, many times, and in this article I’ll explain it again.

First of all, the whole notion that COVID-19 is one health condition is a lie. COVID IS NOT ONE THING.

This is both the hardest and simplest point to accept and understand.

Don’t reject the existence of the virus and then say, “So what is THE cause of people dying?” There is no ONE CAUSE. There is no one illness. There is no “it.”

By far, the biggest sources of illness we are dealing with are lung conditions: various kinds of pneumonia; flu and flu-like disease; TB; other unnamed lung/respiratory problems.

THESE ARE BEING RELABELED “COVID.” It’s a repackaging scheme. People are dying for those traditional reasons, and their deaths are being called “COVID.”

Thus, the old is artificially made new. It’s still old.

In this wide-ranging group of people who have traditional lung conditions, by far the largest component is the elderly and frail.

They are dying in nursing homes, in hospitals, in their houses and apartments. In addition to their lung problems, they have been suffering from a whole host of other conditions, for a long time, and they’ve been treated with toxic drugs.

They’re terrified that they might receive a diagnosis of “COVID,” and then they are given that diagnosis. THEN they’re isolated, cut off from friends and family. They give up and die.

This is forced premature death.


Summary/Compilation of Adverse Reactions to COVID19 Vaccines

All charts below are based on the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Charts include cumulative report after vaccination, total reported deaths after Covid19 vaccination by age, comparison to adverse effects from flu and more.


Vaccine Deaths Website with Related Articles.

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The best laid plans of mice and men can still go wrong.

Of Mice and Men



Dr. Eric Nepute discusses the Covid19 Vax Adverse Effects.

This video is approximately 18 minutes.


501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine

If only 1% of the actual figures are reported to VAERS, as some say, there may already be millions adversely effected or dead from the magic virus vaccine.



Illogical insane thinking.


COVID: If There Is No Virus, Why Are People Dying?

By Jon Rappoport


January 30, 2021COVID: If There Is No Virus, Why Are People Dying?

[[COVID: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed]

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article, in which I exposed the fact that the CDC does not have the COVID coronavirus in its possession, because it is “unavailable.” Their word, not mine.

The CDC is admitting the virus hasn’t been isolated. In other words, its existence is unproven.

You need to realize the CDC, during its own published confession (see below), is discussing this explosive situation in the context of instructing the world how to perform the PCR test.

The test to detect a virus that isn’t there.

](Covid: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed - LewRockwell)

[Doctor Dies After Getting COVID Vaccine || Florida Doctor's Death] video 8:19 long He suffers brain hemorrhaging and dies16 days after covid vaccination.



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