💉 VACCINATIONS: Direct, Adverse Effects, and Deaths

European database shows 405,250+ covid vaccine injuries, 10,570+ deaths (so far)


The latest data from EudraVigilance, a European vaccine injury and death database, suggests that more people are now getting sick and dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections than from the virus itself.

The side effects resource shows that as of May 8, 2021, 405,259 people have become injured from Chinese Virus jabs while another 10,570 have died. The database also breaks down injuries and deaths associated with each specific type of jab, including those offered by Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

Through May 8, the Pfizer-BioNTech injection has caused some 170,528 injuries and 5,368 deaths. Among the most common injuries are musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, blood and lymphatic disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory and thoracic disorders, and vascular disorders.

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TERRIFYING! – 17th update on Adverse Reactions to the Covid Vaccines released by UK Government / MHRA

Up to the 19th May – The adverse reactions include 12,028 blood disorders, 9,198 cardiac disorders, 9,110 ear disorders, 13,396 eye disorders, and an astounding 178,401 nervous system disorders. As of the 19th May the rate of occurence of an adverse reactions stands at 1 in every 142 people, this is a significant increase from what was seen in the first report which included adverse reactions up to the 24th January, in which the rate stood at 1 in every 333 people. This is a worrying trend considering the fact the elderly and most vulnerable (people with underlying conditions) were first in the queue, yet now that healthier and younger people are receiving one of the experimental jabs the rate of adverse reactions is increasing. This fact alone proves the jabs are not safe and must be halted immediately.


This article, though it ends up as a pro-vax article, does provide an explanation for the thrombocytopenia as a result of spiked proteins:

Platelets and COVID-19

The AstraZeneca vaccine prompts cells to make a specific part of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), called the spike protein, which the virus uses to attach to cells when infecting us.

The vaccine stimulates our immune system to generate antibodies against the spike protein, which then primes the body to mount an immune response against SARS-CoV-2 if it encounters the virus in the future.

But, the AstraZeneca vaccine seems to produce antibodies that react with platelets, making them stick together, leading the blood to clot. This in turn reduces circulating platelet numbers, and hence the thrombocytopenia.

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COVID cases have risen sharply in nearly every country that has launched a mass vaccination campaign. (Please watch this short video before You Tube removes it.1) Why is this happening?

Mass vaccination was supposed to reduce the threat of COVID but — in the short term — it appears to make it much worse. Why? And why is COVID now “surging in 4 of 5 the most vaccinated countries?” According to Forbes magazine:2

“Countries with the world’s highest vaccination rates — including four of the top five most vaccinated — are fighting to contain coronavirus outbreaks that are, on a per-capita basis, higher than the surge devastating India, a trend that has experts questioning the efficacy of some vaccines … and the wisdom of easing restrictions even with most of the population vaccinated.”

And if that’s not confusing enough, check out what’s going on in Cambodia. Cambodia began its vaccination campaign in early February after having compiled zero fatalities. That’s right: The country had no COVID deaths until March 2021, a few weeks after it started its vaccination program. And that’s when the deaths started piling up as you can see in the eye-popping chart below.

Complete article at link.

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Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality 05.13.21

Medscape Forum: 90% Report Adverse Reaction

Medscape has a forum where medical professionals can report adverse vaccine reactions, personal or patients.

About 90% of the nearly 500 responses report deaths, cramps, convulsions, miscarriages, headaches and more.

About 10% say there were no problems.

90% Report Adverse Reactions to Forum

Dr. Amanada Hahn

As far as short term data goes, I have had 4 patients and 2 friends now die unexpectedly shortly (day of to 7 days) after receiving the therapy. At what point is it no longer coincidence. It concerns me very much that there is blatant coercion and pressure to get this experimental injection (ingredients still not fully divulged) especially in children and pregnant/breastfeeding women. Pregnant women were not included in the testing leading up to the EUA. Since when do we inject experimental therapies into pregnant women and children, especially when they are not affected by the virus and they are not superspreaders?

Annette Donald-

I’m So sorry for all you poor people suffering. I too am still suffering 12 weeks after 1st Astra vaccination. I have been to hospital several times, undergone tests and head scan and told it is vaccine effects and should go away. I am still suffering with severe constant headache and electric like shocks through head. I never suffered with headaches prior to this.

Rebecca Sandoz

I am a biologist from Switzerland. I had my first dose of Pfizer vaccination on May 3, 2021. The next day my symptoms started:

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Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice

Italy halts AstraZeneca COVID-19 jab after teen dies:

Camilla Canepa died on Thursday aged 18 after being given the vaccine on May 25, triggering a storm of controversy in Italy over the Anglo-Swedish brand being given to adults of all ages despite previously-raised medical concerns.


1,295 DEAD in UK Following COVID Bioweapon Shots

Why not everyone has bad reactions.

Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice


Clinical trials (in this case human experimentation) sometimes include the use of a placebo. Who gets what, usually is tracked by someone (not necessarily the recipient or provider) as a part of the clinical trial.

"A placebo is an inactive treatment, sometimes called a “sugar pill.” In fact, a placebo may be in a pill or tablet form, or it may be an injection or a medical device. Whatever the form, placebos often look like the real medical treatment that is being studied except they do not contain the active medication." https://www.ciscrp.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/What-is-a-Placebo.pdf

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Female's Pfizer Jab Reaction: Blind, Deaf, Throat Paralysis, Tremors

She is being called a sheep. She did her research, she watched other people get the shot and they were fine (aren't we all different) and so on. She did it to "help the community". The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Those mocking her may want to go easy. I don't think any of us are going to get out of this.

Jimmy Dore Still suffering From Kill Shot Two Months After Injection - Most Only Get Worse And Worse - This Is Looking Like The Crime Of The Century

Jimmy Dore Still suffering From Kill Shot Two Months After Injection - Most...

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Vaccine Watchdog Won’t Admit The Covid-19 Jabs Cause Period Irregularities Despite 4,000 Women Reporting Problems

Continued at the link.

Rapid Response: CoViD-19 post-vaccine menorrhagia, metrorrhagia or postmenopausal bleeding and potential risk of vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia in women

As of 5th April 2021, there have been ~958 cases of post-vaccination menstrual irregularities, including vaginal haemorrhages, that were recorded in MHRA’s adverse event reports. There were twice more cases of menstrual irregularities with CoViD Vaccine AstraZeneca than Pfizer (643 vs 315 respectively (continued at link from theBMJ).

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" .... the VAERS vaccine-injury linked database is flooded with complaints, adverse events, side effects, injuries, seizures, blood clots, comas and deaths. They can’t conceal it anymore. The CDC can’t hide it, and Google can’t keep banning it all. Something has to give. There are more than 750 vaccine fatalities registered every week, and over 25,000 serious injuries, but NONE of this is ever in the mainstream news. Not ever."


Latest Personal Adverse Reaction Reports

July 17, 2021
"If it weren't for my 8 cats and 2 dogs, I would have considered relieving this world of my presence."

Latest Adverse Reactions Reports from Medical Professionals

(abridged by henrymakow.com)

EK---I am 45 and I still work in the Health admin business. However, the government here in Greece made it compulsory for workers in the health sector to get vaccinated. Hence, by Sept. 1st - the deadline for vaccination, I will be unemployed with no prospect of getting any job soon, as most employers are allowed to fire any employee they deem as a 'danger' to their business.

And I have been deemed a 'danger', 'irresponsible', 'unethical', 'antivax', 'conspiracy theorist', 'impediment to progress', you name it, by a lot of people, including my mum and sister. If it weren't for my 8 cats and 2 dogs, I would have considered relieving this world of my presence.

I know that if I get covid I will be totally on my own, getting blamed for not getting vaxxed and being told that I was asking for it by those closest to me, if they discover I have it despite my sincere efforts of concealing it from them.

It sounds probably crazy to say that I prefer to take my chances with covid rather than with the vax. There is a universal adherence to the 'get the vax' narrative by all the doctors I know which, to me, seems unusually monolithic.

No sympathy for us that are scared of any side effects either short or long term. I am confused, exhausted, disheartened and the feeling of being so alone is overwhelming. Please be so kind as to let me know if my feedback is irrelevant or useless. I appreciate this forum more than I can put into words! Thank you all so much!

Cathy Barton--I received my Second Pfizer vaccine on July, 7th 2021. First vaccine wasn't terrible. Aches, headache, tired. Second vaccine caused fever, terrible muscle pain, joint pain, tingling in hands, arms and legs, diarrhea, perfectly round red circles on my feet and lower legs which lasted a day and disappeared. Now crippling insomnia for 7 days. I feel like I have an electric current running through me. I am so revved up but not in a good way. Literally can't sleep at all. Very, scared at this point. I have always been a great sleeper/ napper . Anyone else have insomnia? If so did it let up and how long did it last? I hope we all make it through. I won't be able to work much longer like this.

Jane Joseph- I got some relief for about a 2 or 3 weeks and I'm back to feeling bad again. I saw another doctor on Tuesday and it indicated that I have developed neuropathy issues from the vaccine and advised that I take lots of vitamins. Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B. I took the vaccine in March. I thought I was seeing an end to all of this but at this point I really don't know. Please keep us posted I think we all looking for some sign of hope.

I don't think we will get any answers anytime soon not until years from now until this Covid pandemic is over. Our health issues are being ignored and passed on as anxiety which all of us definitely know it is not. Yes we get anxiety from not know what is happening with our body and what our future will be like but anxiety is not the cause of our health issues.

Anna K- I posted here a while ago after my first dose of Pfizer on 5/15 when I was having intense malaise, paresthesia, and numbness. For the last couple weeks my symptoms have shifted and have been relentless. The pins and needles are gone. Now I have strange sensations of being weightless. My arms and legs don't feel like they weigh anything. Even when I lift them or walk. I also feel constantly overly energized and have rushes. I am sleeping four hours a night because of this and I'm still not tired. I continue to have cognitive impairment like I am lost in my own head.

Karla Barlow- I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccination yesterday. I had awful pains around the vaccination site in the evening but generally ok.

This morning I felt like my body had been hit by a train, the heaviness, severe headaches, sore throat, I chalked it up to the usual side effects post jab.

I went back to bed and after 1.5 hours of sleep I woke up feeling complete numbness in legs, feet, arms and hands. I thought I was paralysed for a few moments.

The feelings came back after around 10-15 minutes.

I had a severe headache which took paracetamol and ibuprofen and it will didn't ease it enough to function this evening. The fatigue is quite overwhelming.

I came to bed this evening, fell asleep very quickly but woke after approx 2-3 hours with the same numbness but also a bizarre feeling in my stomach that I can't quite describe. The feeling woke me up intermittently over another few hours which now finds me here, trying to figure out if I should be making a visit to A&E....... more at link provided

17,503 DEAD, 1.7 million injured (50% SERIOUS) reported in European Union’s database of adverse drug reactions for COVID-19 shots

The European Union database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”

More at link.

30th July 2021
The GHA has been keeping a record of side effects caused by the Covid-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine but there is “no intention” to make this information public as it is medically confidential, the Minister for Health, Samantha Sacramento, told Parliament on Wednesday.

She said a report will be made available on this once “enough time has lapsed from the administration of the vaccine” and a proper analysis of the side effects had been carried out.

In response to questions put to her by Together Gibraltar leader Marlene Hassan Nahon, Ms Sacramento said minor side effects are recorded in the patient’s electronic record, but serious side effects are also recorded on the Yellow Card Scheme to regulatory authorities.

Ms Hassan Nahon questioned what confidential information would be breached by offering further information on this, as generic information is available when people test positive for the virus.

The Leader of the Opposition, Keith Azopardi, questioned what yardstick was being used to measure the “parameters of seriousness,” adding that side effects could only be logged if people came forward with them.

Ms Sacramento said a standardised tool was used based on the symptoms of the side effect.

In addition, the Director for Public Health undertook a study and people were contacted after being administered with the vaccine.

She said that at the time when the vaccines were rolled out, there was literature that contained information about possible side effects.

The study focused instead on longer-term complications.

A twist in the plot appears to be underway:

CDC report shows vaccinated people can spread COVID-19

The newly released report showing that vaccinated people can still be superspreaders drove the recent decision by the CDC to once again recommend masks for vaccinated people indoors where case counts are high or substantial.

Along with letting people know that they were informed about there being possible adverse effects when it was rolled out:

Which is similar to a news report from Australia, where people were recently told that everyone has their own responsibility to make an informed decision and that the vaccine (of course, despite lockdowns, etc. which are not mentioned) was not forced (mandated) on them. So they are saying to people in effect, if anything bad happens to you as a result, 'don't blame us, the information was made available, it's your own responsibility to make informed decisions'.

Gibraltar, reportedly now having one of the most highly covid vaxxed populations in the world, or even the highest (?) percentage according to some claims, should find this report by the CDC to be highly significant.

The back pedalling, it seems, may have already begun.

2nd August 2021

By Ella Pickover, PA Health Correspondent

A decision on whether the over-50s will need a third Covid-19 jab is to be set out by vaccination experts in the next few weeks.

If the programme is given the green light, it is expected that all those over the age of 50 or clinically vulnerable in England will be offered a booster jab before Christmas.

NHS officials have set plans in motion to deliver a joint coronavirus and flu jab campaign in the autumn, but it is still not known whether a booster jab will be needed.

Experts advising the Government – the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) – will deliver guidance before the programme is due to commence on September 6.

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