UK: Vaccine effectiveness ZERO for hospitalization

That happened quickly


So we know how it went, from “getting a vaccine means Covid stops with you”, down to “it protects you from getting sick”, down to “it mostly protects you from getting hospitalized”.

Well, the new data from the UK says: the “vax” does not reduce your chances of hospitalization at all.

Look at Page 2 of UK Daily Omicron report (to be soon discontinued due to Delta dying out).

The UK has 23% of vaccine-free persons. And of Omicron hospitalized, only 26% of persons are vax-free. In addition, Omicron has mostly been infecting younger persons as it did not spread to the older population as much. This will happen, of course, but as of now Omicron cases are mostly younger persons 20-49 years of age, who like to party and shop.

Their vaccination rate is around 60-70% (see page 21).

So we get: about 30-35% vaccine-free persons get about 26% hospitalizations for Omicron.

This means that the vaccine does ZIP for them: nada, nothing. It is possible that by breaking the data further you can find a small slice of people, such as the “boosted, but past 14 days, older persons who are less than 10 weeks away from booster” who get hospitalized less due to the short term effect of the booster. I wrote several articles about that. But the protection from boosters wanes very rapidly.