UK Looks to Scrap Coronavirus Passports as Omicron Wave Fades

For the time being... The plan is to introduce digital identities, so it would seem this is only a set back... watch how it will change:


COVID passports are reportedly set to be scrapped this month in Britain amid waning cases of the Chinese coronavirus.

At present, England is under ‘Plan B’ restrictions, meaning that masks are required for indoor public spaces and health passes are required to enter large events.

When the restrictions were put into place, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government faced widespread rebellion within his own party in the House of Commons, with nearly 100 Tory MPs voting against their implementation.

The Plan B restrictions will face a vote for their renewal on January 26th, however, Health Secretary Sajid Javid is reportedly prepared to scrap COVID passes in light of the steep decline of coronavirus cases in England after peaking in December.

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At present = today; tomorrow can change.
Prepared to scrap COVID passes = for now; or until the next scare happens

But we got to smile when they plans are thwarted :slight_smile:

Health Passports Are Coming

Revelation 13:17 – No Man Might Buy or Sell


Face masks rules to be scrapped in England from tomorrow

Boris Johnson has signalled that face masks will not be needed in classrooms from tomorrow.

England’s Plan B measures – which include guidance to work from home, the use of the Covid pass and mandatory mask wearing in shops and on public transport – are set to expire on January 26. and on public transport – are set to expire on January 26.

Boris Johnson has announced the end of Plan B measures in England from Thursday 27 January, but what does this mean?

  • The end of mandatory Covid passes in England, with businesses allowed to use them if they choose
  • Mandatory face masks will end, including in classrooms for secondary students and on public transport - meaning people will not be criminalised for choosing not to wear them The end to work from home guidance
  • Restrictions on care homes will be eased, with detail to be released

The news comes as Covid infection levels are falling in most parts of the UK for the first time since early December.

Boris Johnson told MPs in the House of Commons more than 90% of over-60s across the UK had now had booster vaccines to protect them, and scientists believed the Omicron wave had peaked.

He said the Government had taken a “different path” to much of Europe and the “data are showing that, time and again, this Government got the toughest decisions right”.

Boris Johnson also said the legal requirement on people with coronavirus to self-isolate will be allowed to lapse when the regulations expire on March 24, and that date could be brought forward.

In communicating with a disciple about the Freedom/No Freedom yo-yo, he said something really interesting. He said this "on and off again" Freedom/No Freedom could very well be part of the cognitive dissonance psychologocial warfare. It's more EFFECTIVE if they flip flop.

Others think the tide is turning. Still others think that BoJo is trying to direct attention away from his partying.

Time will tell.


All three scenarios (and then some more) sound correct. It is like a matrix with different realities running concurrently.


So called virus or radiation poisoning?


Some other confirmations that this is a psychological tactic:

Barrister Richard Orme also said he was not lulled into a false sense of security about the relaxation of restrictions. He suspects it is a temporary withdrawal campaign and he imagines we'll be back into the thick of it before too long. We might just be in the eye of the storm.


Johnson told the British public the same thing in July 2021 with his "permanent, irreversible road map to freedom" that proved to be neither. In fact, within weeks of restrictions ending they were back, even more draconian than they were before.

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