UK Data Show 402 Reports of Deaths Following COVID Vaccines

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Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures?

Analysis by infectious disease specialist claims mismatch between data published by authorities and reality on the ground.

"A front-page article appeared in the FranceSoir newspaper about findings on the Nakim website regarding what some experts are calling “the high mortality caused by the vaccine.”

The paper interviews Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ about their research and data analysis. They claim that Pfizer’s shot causes “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly, when the documented mortality from coronavirus is in the vicinity of the vaccine dose, thus adding greater mortality from heart attack, stroke, etc.”

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Increase In Deaths

Following the government’s vaccine rollout, the UK’s Office of National Statistics shows that the number of deaths between week 38 and week 41 of 2021 among children aged 10-14 were 62% higher than the five-year average for the number of deaths in this age group during the same period. Furthermore, the increase in deaths began when children started receiving the experimental “vaccine.”

The trend of increasing deaths among children is continuing. More children in the age group 5-14 years died in week 43 of 2021 than usual. Data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently revealed that so many children died at the end of October that there was excess mortality.

Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths since August according to latest Official Data

Authorities are slowly tightening the noose again around the necks of the British public in response to an alleged new Covid-19 variant dubbed Omicron that is feared may evade the current available Covid-19 vaccines. The problem with this is official data shows the alleged Delta variant has been evading the Covid-19 vaccines for at least the 3 past months, because since August 2021 the fully vaccinated have accounted for 9 in every 10, Covid-19 deaths.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) publish a weekly report on Covid-19 statistics which includes data on cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status.

The report includes data over a period of four weeks and the latest statistics were published by PHS on December 1st 2021, including data on cases and hospitalisations from 30th October to 26th November 2021, and data on deaths from 23rd October to 19th November 2021.

By analysing the data contained within the report alongside data from previous reports that stretches as far back as August 14th 2021, we can see that Scotland has very much been experiencing a ‘Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated’ since at least August.

Proving the introduction of new restrictions has nothing to do with the worry that the new Omicron variant may impact the effectivenes of the Covid-19 vaccines, and instead has everything to do with control, because the jabs have proven to be ineffective for months.

Whoa! Official Data Confirms “Fully Vaccinated” Account For 9 Out Of Every 10 “COVID-19” Deaths Since August!

the real threat is the bio-weapon fraudulently claimed as a “vaccine,” which is a gene therapy shot. The latest official data coming from Public Health Scotland (PHS) reveals that nine out of ten deaths have occurred in those who are said to be fully “vaccinated.”

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