Trump Calling in the National Guard


"There are now more than 2,000 national guardsmen deployed to DC, both from the city’s own reserves and from states including Utah, Tennessee and Indiana.

With 1,500 extra troops deployed on Monday night alone, military vehicles have been seen in the streets, and Black Hawk helicopters have been sent to fly intimidatingly low over the crowd.

Several incidents of police and military action over the last few days have drawn outrage from both protesters and bystanders."

Trump openly and brazenly announcing he would call in the national guard to quell protests -- which most should know by now are very likely paid thugs/agent provocateurs organized by well-funded front groups -- should let everyone know exactly where we're at and where this is going.

Soros Super-Pac 'Friends of Democracy' Fingered for 2015 Baltimore Riots, Plus A Surprise - QUARTERMASTER NEWS

The tactics of George Soros’s paid mob violence across the country at the weekend continued to be exposed with documentation from the 2015 Baltimore riots making their way around again to remind everyone paying attention as to how this really works. Read to the end because there is a surprise...

T.h.e.y. (the hierarchy enslaving you) want a race war, which is why they've been trying to foment one for years. This really gets to the heart of this matter, and is the real impetus behind the pretended COVID-19 "pandemic".

The U.S. is really the last country that hasn't been disarmed. Sure, it's possible to acquire a few small arms in various countries around the world, but the U.S. is set apart in its almost unfettered access to weaponry, and the ease at which it can be obtained.

This poses a huge problem for the NWO and their one-world government plans, which is why they've been working on contingency programs for the U.S. for decades. It began with all of the unlawful legislation in 1986 banning certain weapons and ammo, or making it so expensive that people could no longer afford it. And people put up with that even though the 2nd Amendment clearly specifies that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed".

A great article on why the framers of the constitution chose that word "infringed":-

There have been numerous other pieces of UNLAWFUL gun control legislation entered since then, usually immediately after some government-orchestrated mass shooting that seems invariably to involve children or defenseless people (but is never against the tyrannical government itself), to invoke the biggest emotional reaction possible. And when all of these efforts failed, they closed the last lead smelting plant in 2013, figuring if they couldn't get rid of the guns, they could at least make it more difficult and expensive for people to get ammo. And of course buying up BILLIONS of rounds for the alphabet soup brigade, to be used AGAINST we the people, further depleted the amount of ammo available to be used against t.h.e.m. (the hierarchy enslaving men).

And of course they've been militarizing the police as well as bringing in foreign UN troops, who don't have reservations firing on U.S. citizens, in preparation for what's coming, and what is really already here now. Why do the police need thousands of MRAPs, batterning rams, tanks and automatic weapons? Why does DHS need billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets? To fight COVID-19?

This COVID-19 charade is nothing more than the last straw meant to break the camel's back, to push people over the edge, to give them an excuse to call in the army "to protect the people" which, in legalspeak/double-speak means "to get rid of the people", particularly those who are viewed as the most likely to raise an army against them.

So we pretend that viruses are contagious, so we can pretend that there is some existential threat to our well-being, so we can pretend that all of these draconian measures are somehow justified, so we can pretend this isn't all staged to exterminate as many as possible, through wars and vaccines. Wars and vaccines that depend upon the next generation of technology (5G) to drive a new class of weapons to make it easier to track us and even more difficult for people to rise up against this tyranny.

And we're putting up with all of this so we can continue pretending we're free, when very very few anymore have any idea what the word "freedom" means.


President Trump discusses the Woodward tapes, the highly-anticipated coronavirus vaccine and national unrest on Justice with Judge Jeanine.

President Trump goes into detail about the Election, ballots without signatures being dishonest and un- constitutional. He is anticipating election night will be one hell of a mess, threats of rioting if Trump wins) economy, calling in the National guard to restore order.
Covid Vaccines will possibly be ready in October.

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