Trump Called Coronavirus An "Artificial Event"


And Mike Pompeo called it a live exercise.

Plus we have other leaders testing fruit to show it's a scam.


Clip from "The Simpsons" TV show:

House cat flu is coming, people!

Inside joke? Predictive programming? Or possibly both?

New report from the CDC claims:

From the article:

"Some 76 million domesticated cats live in the United States, according to the American Pet Product Association.

The two feline cases are the first known instances of the virus in companion animals in the United States. A pet dog was diagnosed with COVID-19 in Hong Kong in February, according to reports."

" remains unknown whether pets can pass the virus on to humans or other household animals, the agency said."

"The infected cats were primarily indoor cats, although the pet from Nassau County did venture out occasionally, the report said."

It seems like household cats might be getting set up as the next thing that people possibly will need to be scared out of their wits of, with articles and TV shows such as the above ones.



It sounds like a catastrophe of plandemic proportions in the making (fabricating)!

Will they all be placed under cat-house arrest?



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