Top Cardiologist Peter McCullough: “Intentional Plot” To Suppress Early COVID Treatments

(ZeroHedge) In a recent appearance with Joe Rogan, Dr. Peter McCullough explained that from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a concerted effort to instill fear and conceal a protocol for early treatment of the disease in order to justify lockdowns and vaccines.

McCullough, former vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and professor at Texas A&M University is one of the most widely cited authors of research in his field – and testified before the US Senate in Nov. 2020. Since coming out against the official pandemic response, McCullough has come under intense scrutiny from the left for spreading ‘medical misinformation’ about the pandemic.

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ZeroHedge – Top Cardiologist Tells Joe Rogan Of “Intentional Plot” To Suppress Early COVID Treatments – Investment Watch

This Whole Fake Pandemic Was All About the Vaccine Shot – Dr. Peter McCullough

Highly Cited COVID Doctor Comes To Stunning Conclusion: Gov’t ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ Of Injection-Related Deaths

Dr. Peter McCullough claimed that authorities barely lifted a finger to investigate the many deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccines. He also slammed the government’s approach to battling the pathogen through immunization. PCR Testing Guidelines Altered To Artificially Boost Vaccine “Efficacy” And Blame Unvaccinated For “Outbreaks”


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Eminent doc: Media censored COVID-19 early treatment options that could have reduced fatalities by 85%

Sunday, April 11, 2021 by: News Editors


(Natural News) An exceedingly well-qualified physician, who was censored by YouTube last year, addressed the Texas State Senate Health and Human Service Committee last month providing thorough information on successful treatments of COVID-19, the present high-level of herd immunity from the disease, the very limited potential of “vaccines,” and the data that shows early treatment could have saved up to 85 percent of the “over 500,000 deaths in the United States.”

(Article by Patrick Delaney republished from

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD is an internist and cardiologist, along with being a professor of medicine at Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center. He is distinguished as the most published person in history in his field and an editor of two major medical journals.

McCullough explained that from the beginning of the pandemic, he refused to let his patients “languish at home with no treatment and then be hospitalized when it was too late,” which was the typical treatment protocol being discussed, promoted and offered across the west.

He thus “put together a team of doctors” to study “appropriately prescribed off-label use of conventional medicine” to treat the illness and they published their findings in the American Journal of Medicine.

“The interesting thing was, (that while) there were 50,000 papers in the peer-reviewed literature on COVID, not a single one told the doctor how to treat it,” he said. “When does that happen? I was absolutely stunned! And when this paper was published … it became … the most cited paper in basically all of medicine at that time the world.”

With the help of his daughter, Dr. McCullough recorded a YouTube video incorporating four slides from the “peer-reviewed paper published in one of the best medical journals in the world” discussing early treatments for COVID-19. The video quickly “went absolutely viral. And within about a week YouTube said ‘you violated the terms of the community’” and they pulled it down.

Due to the “near total block on any information of treatment to patients,” Sen. Bob Johnson hosted a November hearing on this important topic where McCullough was the lead witness.

With such an aggressive suppression of information on early treatments, and the default policy in COVID-19 testing centers to not offer any such resources to those who test positive for the infection, McCullough said, “No wonder we have had 45,000 deaths in Texas. The average person in Texas thinks there’s no treatment!”

And the blackout of such vital information goes well beyond the blatant censorship of big tech companies. McCullough said, “What has gone on has been beyond belief! How many of you have turned on a local news station, or a national cable news station, and ever gotten an update on treatment at home? How many of you have ever gotten a single word about what to do when you get handed the diagnosis of COVID-19? That is a complete and total failure at every level!”

“Let’s take the White House: How come we didn’t have a panel of doctors assigned to put all their efforts to stop these hospitalizations? Why don’t we have doctors who actually treated patients get together in a group and every week give us an update? … Why don’t we have any reports about how many patients were treated, and spared hospitalizations? … This is a complete and total travesty to have a fatal disease, and not treat it,” he said.

“So what can be done right here, right now?” McCullough proposed to the legislators. “How about tomorrow, let’s have a law that says there’s not a single (test) result given out without a treatment guide, and without a hotline of how to get into research. Let’s put a staffer on this and find out all the research available in Texas, and let’s not have a single person go home with a test result with their fatal diagnosis, sitting at home going into two weeks of despair before they succumb to hospitalization and death. It is unimaginable in America that we can have such a complete and total blind spot.”...

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**The Assault Against Early Treatment for COVID-19: How One Congressional Hearing Speaks Volumes about America’s Failed Response to the Pandemic

  • by Donald C. Pompan, MD Michael M. Jacobs, MD, MPH
  • Dec 3, 2020 Updated Apr 16, 2021
    The Senate Homeland Security Committee convened a hearing on 19 November 2020 chaired by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) to examine “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution. This hearing was not televised nationally and was sparsely attended, even by its own committee members.

The meeting provided essential insight into why our country has failed miserably in the medical management of COVID-19, especially with high-risk patients. Rather than embracing early treatment, which is how most illnesses are managed, the medical establishment (academia, federal health agencies) has actively suppressed the evidence for early outpatient treatment of COVID-19 illness. The 2-hour and 30-minute hearing is essential viewing for all Americans given that around 275,000 (as of December 1, 2020) of our citizens have died and many aspects of our society are devastated by lockdowns.

There were three physician-scholars supporting early outpatient treatment of symptomatic COVID-19 illness in high-risk patients: Dr. Peter McCullough of Baylor University Medical Center, Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University, and Dr. George Fareed, Medical Director at Pioneers Medical Center, Brawley, California. Dr. Ashish Jha of Brown University presented the opposing viewpoint.

The hearing began with Senator Johnson, the majority leader, providing background for the early treatment of symptomatic, high-risk COVID-19 patients. The minority leader for the hearing, Senator Gary Peters (D-MI), did not mention early treatment once in his remarks. Rather, he discussed legislation that would create a COVID-19 “disinformation and misinformation” task force purportedly to control the spread of unfounded information and save American lives. He then said, in a veiled reference to the topic being discussed, “we must also be careful about giving Americans a false sense of security by promoting untested and unproven outpatient remedies.”

Senator Peters and his colleagues did not ask a single question to the three physician-scholars advocating for early outpatient treatment of symptomatic high-risk COVID-19 patients. All their questions were directed to Dr. Jha, “the minority expert,” covering topics like testing capability, vaccination, and whether families should gather for Thanksgiving.

Senator Peters and his colleagues squandered a glaring opportunity to expose alleged “disinformation and misinformation” from the assembled physician-scholars recommending early outpatient treatment. If the physician-scholars are promoting “untested and unproven” treatments, as Senator Peters suggested, this was the opportunity to question them in front of the American people. No questions, no challenges, and no discussion with physicians claiming emphatically that “tens of thousands” of lives could have been saved with early treatment supported by hundreds of randomized and prospective treatment studies.

Dr. Peter McCullough, who treats COVID patients, described his scholarly article published in the American Journal of Medicine (August 2020) titled “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID- 19) Infection.”

In his testimony, Dr.McCullough described the “four pillars of pandemic response” including “Contagion Control,” “Early Home Treatment,” “Hospitalization,” and “Vaccination.” He emphasized that our collective medical response and media portrayal has ignored early treatment.

He then described the stages of COVID-19 illness to include viral replication, cytokine storm, and microthrombosis. He discussed how early outpatient treatment is a multi-drug regimen to disrupt viral replication, thereby reducing the risk of progression to high-morbidity cytokine storm and microthrombosis.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), the drug most known to the public, is one of several drugs in Dr. McCullough’s published algorithm to not only disrupt viral replication and packaging but to treat the ravaging effects of cytokine storm and microthrombosis.

Dr. Harvey Risch presented his analysis of the research involving early treatment, focusing on the outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine because it is the most studied drug. Dr. Risch emphasized outpatient treatment of symptomatic high-risk patients within the first 5 to 7 days of illness with the “HCQ cocktail,” consisting of HCQ in combination with zinc and an antibiotic, azithromycin or doxycycline. Dr. Risch has published a paper in the American Journal of Epidemiology analyzing the data

His conclusion, drawn from established powerful and informative statistical methods such as meta-analyses, is that early treatment of symptomatic high-risk COVID-19 patients is both safe and dramatically effective.

Dr. George Fareed, who practices in the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in California, presented his clinical experience with outpatient treatment of hundreds of high-risk COVID-19 patients with the “HCQ cocktail.” He works alongside other physicians who collectively have treated a few thousand patients. Dr. Fareed noted that he and his colleagues have seen dramatic outcomes with minimal side-effects, few hospitalizations, and no deaths with early outpatient treatment. Dr. Fareed, who has a background at the National Institutes of Health as a virologist, noted that his treatment is in accordance with the science and pathophysiology as described by Dr. McCullough. Like Dr. McCullough, Dr. Fareed’s treatment regimen extends well-beyond the use of HCQ in managing devastating sequelae of COVID-19 illness...

Dr. McCullough has over 600 peer-reviewed publications, including two dozen on COVID-19 disease. He has chaired many high-risk data safety monitoring boards and knows all the inner workings of large-scale clinical trials. Dr. Risch’s expertise is in analyzing data from the literature, and his renowned scholarship has resulted in over 300 peer-reviewed articles. As Dr. Risch emphasizes, all the studies involving early treatment of high-risk patients with HCQ have shown positive outcomes in reducing hospitalization and death...

**The Assault Against Early Treatment for COVID-19: How One Congressional Hearing Speaks Volumes about America’s Failed Response to the Pandemic

Dr. McCoulloug pleads with Dr's. to stop giving the deadly injections. He took an oath, like all Dr's., not to do harm to any one. Dr's are in a vaccine trance right now possibly being lured by profits.They are in a different zone their eyes look cloudy, could they possibly be blinded by greed (Exodus23:8). Medical cares are off it's rocker. This Interview could potentially save your life. It's about the dangers of the jab/injections. It is 1 hr.14:25 long but very informative.

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Lack of Focus on Covid-19 Treatments: Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee.


COVID-19 vaccines will kill people while making their underlying conditions appear to be the cause, prominent doctor warns

Saturday, November 27, 2021 by

(Natural News) A prominent South African doctor who played a key role in developing early treatments for COVID-19 has said that the current vaccine campaigns have one purpose: to “control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned.”

This controversial claim was made by a family doctor in South Africa, Dr. Shankara Chetty, whose website says he has successfully treated 7,000 patients with COVID-19 without a single death or hospitalization. He is also the doctor behind the “8th Day Therapy for COVID-19” geared toward patients in the disease’s more dangerous inflammatory stage.

In a video recording, Dr. Chetty said that while we all know that there are inconsistencies and coercion going on right now, it is important to understand the reasons. For him, it all boils down to the spike protein.

“If I had to give you my opinion, as to what is happening on a global scale, [the] spike protein is one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made,” he stated. “And the aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing it. So, it’s a poison with an agenda.”

In his opinion, global lockdowns led patients to get to hospitals later in the disease’s progression, and the protocols used were designed “to engineer death and damage [in order] to stir all the fear” in order to justify vaccinating the planet and exposing all of us to the spike protein for longer.

Too many varied deaths will make it hard to pin the blame on the vaccine

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Dr. McCullough: 5 most important truths about COVID-19