Todd Callender Interview – US Hospitals, drugs, jabs, 5G, US DOD lawsuit and more

The Corona Investigative Committee interviews attorney Todd Callender. They discussed the role US hospitals, midazolam, remdesivir, so-called vaccines and 5G are playing in the genocide. He also refers to his lawsuits against the US Department of Defence and much more. It is a real eye opener and a wake-up call, not to only Americans but, to the world.

Article on Daily Expose -

Todd Callender: The Role of Hospitals, Covid Injections And 5G In Genocide



Terrifying Morbidity Increases Since COVID VAX Introduced; All Vax’d to be DEAD by 2025?

“I happen to be in the morbidity business; I’m the CEO of a large insurance group… Based on what it is we are seeing, the rates right now are excess mortality of 84% and excess of every kind of disease at 1100%. We are expecting a 5000% or so increase in excess mortality for this year (2022). An enormous number. I don’t think that it’s by coincidence, by the way, that Moderna has now just received licensure of their emergency use authorization HIV vaccine. So they gave everybody AIDS, and here’s your salvation, another vaccine.” — Attorney Todd Callender

The video at the link is Attorney Todd Callender, whose comments are shown above.