This man lost his savings, gambling with Gibraltar-licensed Bet365


"Gambling is really abominable," he said.

Experts told Insider mirror websites are a "common" practice by betting companies in countries that don't allow gambling. "It's very, very common. China has an active online gambling presence," said Ben Lee.

In June, Insider found 59 mirror sites operated by subsidiaries of Bet365. It is one of many gambling companies that have mirror sites.

Bet365 said that it doesn't believe operating in China is illegal, and that it is licensed by "relevant regulatory authorities across a variety of jurisdictions and is compliant with all applicable legislation".

One way gambling sites attract customers is to hire young people to pose as players and "infiltrate" online chat groups on platforms popular in China like Weibo and WeChat, according to Ben Lee.

Bet365 told Insider it was unable to discuss individual player accounts. The spokesperson added that the company is licensed and regulated in Gibraltar, and in accordance with Gibraltar regulations, customers can be required to show documentary evidence to verify identity or the source of funds.

  • Gambling is illegal in most parts of China but experts say it's widespread due to copycat websites that "mirror" established ones.
  • Betting companies sometimes hire people to "infiltrate" chat groups and encourage people to gamble.

Tao Huang gambled online for 8 years.

Though he always used the same online account, the web address he visited would change all the time.

Huang, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, is from Guangxi in Southern China.

He's one of many people in the country who has visited "mirror" websites: identical clones of betting sites that are hosted on obscure web addresses to get around government blocks on the main URLs of gambling companies.

Huang told Insider through an online translation tool: "The website is blocked in China, but it will still appear in front of you as long as you need it. You don't need a VPN."

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Gambling Addiction was discussed in Gibraltar's Messenger 5G Edition - Gibraltar's Gamble with 5G: PHE vs The Challengers

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Austrac chief Nicole Rose says the financial crimes ombudsman is ‘putting the whole industry on notice to lift their game’

The Australian financial crime watchdog has launched an investigation into gambling companies Sportsbet and Bet365 on suspicions they have failed to comply with anti-money laundering laws.

The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (Austrac) announced on Thursday that it had “reasonable grounds to suspect” Sportsbet and Bet365 had or were still contravening multiple sections of the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing laws.

External auditors will be appointed to investigate the suspected noncompliance. Notices to this effect were issued to Sportsbet and Hillside (Australia New Media) Pty Ltd, which owns Bet365, on Wednesday.

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According to the Rules of Gibraltar and Ireland's Queen Teia Tephi Teltown Games, gambling is forbidden. These games were set up to help the people remember God's perfect system of Law in The Torah. They were also set up to remind people she was a person. Neither goal lasted. The Teltown games were abandoned and they made her into a fairy-tale goddess.

The Teltown Fair and Commemorative Funeral Games