This infographic details the links each Israeli Prime Minister has to the USSR/Russian Empire.

Putin is a Jew—documents from the president’s biography confirm rumours

Putin’s alleged nationality card shows that his mother is Jewish. It is highlighted with a red box. It reads “/Евр./” at the end of her name, which is an abbreviation for the Russian word for Jew: Еврей.

By Vasya Belozerova
August 13, 2019 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Russian President Vladimir Putin – half-Jewish by nationality on the mother’s side – such sensational data were published by a number of domestic and foreign media outlets. In support of this fact, the publication cites a document – an application for the issuance of a new passport of the citizen of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, dated December 30, 2000, which indicates the nationality of the parents. According to official data, the father of the current president, Putin, Vladimir Spiridonovich, is Russian by nationality, and the mother of the head of state, Maria Ivanovna Shelomov, is listed as Jewish (Евр.).

Putin at the age of 6 with his mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova in 1958:

Of course, these personal facts from the biography of the country’s first person will remain secret, given that President Shelomov’s mother Maria Ivanovna died in 1998, and Putin’s father Vladimir Spiridonovich died in 1999. Nevertheless, as you know, the historical origin of the surname Shelomov comes from the Jewish male name Shlomo (in Russian Salomon). The end of the surname in -ov means belonging – that is, Shelomov is translated as the son of Solomon. And as we all know, Solomon (Shlomo) was the most revered Jewish king, who was considered the wisest of all people and who rebuilt the Second Temple. Another small detail – according to Jewish laws, a Jew is considered one who is born of a mother – Jewish by nationality and nothing else.

Let’s see the “personal card” of Mordkho Abelevich, who was registered at the Vitebsk Investigation Department. Such “personal files” were brought up to members of the “Bund” who participated in the 9th conference of the General Jewish Workers’ Union in 1912.

There are still no official documents confirming the relationship of Vladimir Vladimirovich with Blinchikov, but the face itself is present. The notorious Jewish factor. As one of our journalists said, if you look closely, you can see “Jewish ears” behind all the global events taking place in the world.

Jewish roots of Vladimir Putin

The magazine “Profile” puts forward the following version of the origin of the Putin family. According to pre-war photographs that accidentally ended up in the magazine, Putin’s family tree was restored to Putin’s grandmother and grandfather. According to this information, Putin’s grandmother married a second time to Vladimir Dmitrievich Pechersky in 1960. According to the recollections of his second wife Anna Pecherskaya, Putin’s grandmother was an accountant either at school or in the village council, and her future husband Pechersky was the son of a parish priest in Chufalovo, Yaroslavl region. Pecherskaya does not give her real name, but, like her husband, calls her Lyalya. “Lyalya was pretty, a real angel” with noble urban manners and was noticeably different from the village girls.

Putin’s great-grandfather served as a traveling salesman and sold Singer sewing machines. Putin’s great-grandmother was a certified midwife who graduated from medical school and had the right to private practice, but her daughter Lyalya did not have a higher education. Lyalya studied financial courses and graduated from school immediately after the revolution. The first husband of Putin’s grandmother left her with a child, disappointed in love. “Profile”, although it does not draw historical parallels, writes that the real name of Lyalya was Rasputin, and after the change of dignity, the secular name was changed. Later, “so that the ministers of the monastery did not have bad associations, her husband entered the monastery book as Putin.” From Chufalov, Yaroslavl region, where Putin’s grandmother married her second husband, she moved with him to Kokand, then to Fergana, then to Rostov the Great. But, tired of eternal travel, she left Pechersky and married the Jew Epstein (he took his wife’s surname), who adopted Vova Putin, Putin’s father. Thus, Vladimir Putin is a Jew by his grandfather. Yes, and not even native. Although Epstein.

The electronic newspaper Petersburg News wrote that,

“Putin has already said that Jews have long aroused sympathy in him, and he recalls with joy how he grew up in a communal apartment in Baskov Lane among Jewish neighbors, the sweetest and most pleasant people.”

It is quite possible that these were not neighbors, but relatives. Jewishness was not a fact that they liked to advertise. Naturally, Little Johnny Putin tried to forget about his Jewish roots.

Putin’s presence at the opening of the Center for Jewish Culture and his congratulations on Rosh Hashanah added fuel to the fire of supporters of the “Jewish version” of the president’s origin. Putin himself has kept a guerrilla silence, not commenting on these assumptions. A number of journalists have long noted President Putin’s markedly respectful relationship with representatives of the Jewish community, the official events of which in Moscow the head of state visits repeatedly. Moreover, as you know, Vladimir Putin has always tried to build trusting relationships with the political leaders of Israel and in almost every public speech to call the Jews of Israel a fraternal people. In particular, in fact, with the coming to power of Putin in 1999, Russia’s policy towards Israel has sharply changed from a negative side to a positive one. Although many decades before that, Israel was several times on the verge of clashes with the USSR, which all these years actively supported the Arab countries and regimes surrounding Israel politically and with the supply of weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, alongside Russia’s chief rabbi Berel Lazar, light the Menorah in 2017.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (C) speaks at a ceremony marking the handover of the Schneerson library at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre in Moscow, on June 13, 2013 . Putin expressed today hope that the problem of a disputed Jewish archive, known in Russia as the Schneerson library, claimed by the United States was finally put to rest as he visited the rare collection in the newly opened Jewish Museum in Moscow. AFP PHOTO / YURI KADOBNOV (Photo credit should read YURI KADOBNOV/AFP via Getty Images)

Russian Presidentn Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Chief Rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch Berel Lazar toast.

– This is an outline of the entire Russian political leadership, which accumulates its treasures in the United States.

The U.S. Financial Intelligence Agency is instructed to identify all assets belonging to the top of the Russian ruling class, beginning with Vladimir Putin, and to publish these data within 180 days (most likely, this has already been known to it). After that, all who should be followed will be subject to the laws in force in the United States to combat the laundering of criminally acquired capital. This is a fundamentally new character of US relations with Putin’s kleptocratic regime.

Putin was not going to put up with this. He sent Khodorkovsky to prison. Gusinsky and Berezovsky went into exile. However, for several years they continued to fund their new media, and even when some of these sites fell into their hands, they maintained their opposition views.

It was also the only site where former print journalists worked, mainly from the Kommersant newspaper, one of the most professional daily newspapers in post-Soviet Russia. Over the years, in Russia, as in other countries, more and more journalists who have lost their jobs in cutting print media have gone online. But online publications did not have the resources to pay for investigative reporting and reporting. Therefore, journalists increasingly became observers.

Why haven’t these laws been applied before, the thoughtful reader will ask? Because for the time being, while the deeds of the Russian elite were limited to plundering their own country, this situation suited the West, which was never distinguished by its crystal integrity. If you call a spade a spade, the West was an accomplice-beneficiary of these deals. But people from St. Petersburg’s gateways, drunk with crazy money, wanted, as a Pushkin old woman, also “geopolitical greatness” for themselves and their dynasties. And they demanded from the American goldfish not only the status of the richest people in the West, but also a new “Yalta deal”, recognizing them as rulers of half the world and securing entire nations and states in their possession.

From a former chess champion who funded Kasparov. During the short-term political spring under President Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian intelligentsia took heart and the online media became more ambitious. But problematic investigative units were raffled off. Thus, bloggers began to play a leading role in exposing corruption. This is a new trend encouraging him to cover in the media.

We will not share your email with anyone. To a large extent, it was decided that Russian online media cannot publish investigation reports on their own, and someone will have to break stories outside the country. The crisis in Ukraine led to hunger. The Russian invasion of Crimea was widely covered by online media, and the Kremlin’s intention to create its own merciless narrative of the events there decided that it could no longer tolerate foul language.

The methodical injection of more than a trillion dollars exported from Russia into the Western economy (a recent estimate by the authoritative National Bureau of Economic Research of the United States) was innocently combined with these entities with a passionate desire to spoil the same West, and especially the United States, wherever possible. I quote from the text of the law a list of objects of keen interest for US financial intelligence: “The largest political figures and oligarchs close to power in the Russian Federation, their condition, proximity to Putin and other members of the“ ruling elite ”, participation in corruption, sources of income and assets of their members families, relations with foreign business. ”

Since yesterday, not only freedom of information, but also freedom of discussion has been limited in Russia. World War II – others call it the “war on terror” – views humanity as a “savior”: Russian Vladimir Putin and his Putinism. Some argue that only he can save world peace.

However, the following shows that this person is affected by very dangerous ideas: he is a Jew who was educated and anchored in Mensol Talmudism. In particular, his rabbi is the Lubavitcher Chabad, whose goal is to influence the coming of the Messiah of Judaism, Ben David, during the course of the World War. To do this, he affects Putin. In addition, Judaists emphasize that communism is Judaism – and vice versa. Hence his inability to kill his critics.



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Russia fast-tracks CBDC: Digital ruble to be used in "real operations" in 2023

The introduction of a trackable digital currency has been prioritized due to sanctions

Citing the imposition of western sanctions, the Bank of Russia announced on Wednesday that it was accelerating the rollout of its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The first stage of testing for the digital ruble began in January and was originally supposed to finish in 2024. Under the newly released roadmap, phase two—in which the programmable, trackable digital token will be integrated, small-scale, into “real money” operations—is now slated to start in April 2023. Vedomosti (Russia’s Wall Street Journal ) has the details:

“Seeing the pace at which we are now going, we assume that from April next year we will be able to start a pilot on real clients and real operations,” said First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova at a meeting of the regulator with bankers. […]

At the end of this year, the regulator will send documents on regulating the digital ruble to the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market in order to be able to launch the second stage of piloting in April 2023, Skorobogatova said.

The creation of a prototype of the digital ruble platform was completed in December 2021. 12 banks are participating in the first pilot: Ak Bars, Alfa-bank , Dom.RF , VTB , Gazprombank , Tinkoff Bank , Promsvyazbank (PSB), Rosbank , Sberbank , SKB-bank , Soyuz and TKB. Testing of the digital ruble platform began in January 2022, and at the first stage, the issuance of a digital ruble, the opening of digital wallets by banks and citizens, as well as C2C transfers (between individuals) and C2B transfers (from individuals to business - payment by individuals for goods and services). Already on February 15, PSB and VTB were the first to successfully transfer digital rubles between their clients. On February 18, the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, reported that five credit institutions are now testing the system, and the rest will connect as they fine-tune their IT structures. […]

For Q2 2023, the regulator also plans to develop protocols for the interoperability of the digital ruble with the national digital currencies of other countries, in particular the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS. The development of such protocols will make it possible to make cross-border payments and open a second communication channel between banks, in addition to the Central Bank's Financial Message Transmission System, and will also make it possible to bypass SWIFT in such operations.

A new financial infrastructure that will be free of western meddling: very cool. But is it cool, really? Again, Vedomosti :



Seems as though Putin is ahead of the pack, of the WEF lackeys.

Klaus Schwab, Vladimir Putin - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2009