Their rocks are not our Rock

A. Freeman’s next article on Time to Think takes a deep dive into the fairytale that Muhammad (PBUH) went to Mecca, when he did not.

In this in-depth scriptural analysis, entitled, “Their rocks are not our Rock”, Freeman looks at the lies organized religion has peddled about Simon Peter and Muhammad.

Both were servants of God; and did what they were instructed. And both of their missions involved Jerusalem, the mother of all cities, and not the pagan states far from the Holy City.

The entire “apostolic succession” from Peter through to Constantine was then fabricated and back-filled to try to legitimize the church's worldly authority.

Outside of the completely fabricated “Islamic tradition” there is not one single shred of tangible evidence that Muhammad was ever anywhere near the present-day cities of Mecca or Medina.

Mecca didn't exist until hundreds of years after Muhammad's passing.

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