The world is finally waking up – there is a difference between someone dying “from” COVID and someone dying “with” COVID

The Gateway Pundit first reported this fact back in August 2020. And oddly enough, we even grabbed this information from the CDC website.

Our Gateway Pundit article received a huge amount of attention as word got out that only 6% of all deaths reported as COVID deaths were strictly due to COVID only. The remaining 94% of the deaths reported as COVID deaths were deaths “with COVID” where those who died had multiple other co-morbidities as well. On average, those who were labeled as dying from COVID had more than two other co-morbidities.

By late 2020 the number of fatalities that were counted as COVID deaths that died from only COVID was down to 5% per the CDC.

The vast majority of individuals who died with COVID had at least four comorbidities.