The World Is Dividing Into Two Camps

The Breitbart Article is a sign of the times. The EU (aka the 4th Reich) will side with the Kings of the East, while British related territories will side the UK and USA, also known as the Two Witnesses.


The Four Horsemen and The Two Witnesses:

WW3 - The Second Woe:

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West vs East "news" is in the headlines.

There are thousands of active investigations that can be traced back to China’s government, and stated that the Chinese Communist Party has an interest in shifting American policy and thought “in a more friendly, pro-China, pro-Chinese Communist Party direction

UK is on a “slippery slope” by continuing to allow the Chinese tech firm to operate in the country.

They want to get their hands on the technology and IP [intellectual property] to take back to China,” Mr Krach told The Times.

“Their stated playbook is to ‘seduce with money, and reinforce with intimidation and retaliation’. It’s textbook. Here comes the carrot, here comes the stick. We are really concerned. It is about UK national security,” he added.

"In May, Breitbart London reported that Huawei also struck a deal to fund a research centre at Imperial College London — the British university whose wildly inflated Chinese coronavirus death projections spurred governments around the world to introduce national lockdowns, resulting in widespread economic calamity."

Should Gibraltar be concerned with China's interest in The Rock's FinTech industry, or University?

Yes, it's all playing out.

West will consist of UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all the other Lost Tribes of Israel (True Israel).

The East will consist of China, Russia, Turkey & of course the Satanic EU members.

EU is aligning with The East.

Satanic UN sided with Anatifa, a the far-left Satanic anarcho-communist group.

Meanwhile, ordinary citizens are discourage from protesting their concerns.

BigTech companies are siding with evil as well.

War is coming between East and West.