The works have begun to promote the green hydrogen hub in the Campo de Gibraltar.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mines has led the establishment of working groups to promote three key centers (hubs) for green hydrogen in Campo de Gibraltar, Huelva, and Almería. These locations were chosen due to their significant projects related to renewable hydrogen and its infrastructure in the Andalusian region.

This measure is part of the work schedule of the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Alliance, promoted by the Junta de Andalucía, which includes over 150 public and private entities. The alliance was presented on March 29th, with the aim of capitalizing on economic and social development opportunities linked to hydrogen technologies in the region. Furthermore, this initiative is part of the Social and Economic Pact for the Advancement of Andalusia, signed between the Andalusian government, employers' organizations, and trade unions.

During July, meetings took place at the headquarters of the Junta's Sub-delegation in Campo de Gibraltar, as well as at the Territorial Delegation of the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Mines in Huelva, and the Government Delegation in Almería, to formally establish these working groups. The main objective of these groups is to highlight the potential of Andalusian geographical areas where significant industrial projects for renewable hydrogen development are concentrated, such as Campo de Gibraltar, one of the epicenters of the Hydrogen Valley, as well as Huelva and Almería.

During these meetings, it was evident that Andalusia possesses great potential for hydrogen technology development, as it has specialized university research groups and a high potential for hydrogen use in its industry, with the possibility of export through the ports of Bahía de Algeciras, Huelva, and Almería. Finally, emphasis was placed on the importance of advancing professional training and promoting awareness of the benefits of this technology to provide the public with comprehensive information.

The meetings were presided over by the Secretary General of Industry and Mines, Cristóbal Sánchez, and the Secretary General of Energy, Manuel Larrasa. Attendees included the Sub-delegate in Campo de Gibraltar, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Ros; the Territorial Delegate of the Ministry in Cádiz, Inmaculada Olivero; the Delegate of Industry, Energy, and Mines in Huelva, Lucía Núñez; and their counterpart in Almería, Guillermo Casquet. Representatives from the main companies promoting these initiatives, along with those involved in developing the necessary infrastructure, universities, ports, employers' organizations, and trade unions, also participated in the meetings. In the case of the meeting in Campo de Gibraltar, Mayor José Ignacio Landaluce attended, accompanied by councilors Javier Vázquez Hueso and Álvaro Márquez.

The establishment of these groups represents another step forward for the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Alliance, which began its work in April with the first meetings of the Planning and Monitoring Commission, followed by the Participation Commission in June. The main purpose of this alliance is to foster an industrial ecosystem around renewable hydrogen in Andalusia.