The Weapon of Divide and Conquer


The Israel/Palestine conflict is proving to be the ultimate weapon of division. Even within the ‘truth’ and alternative media community, there has been a wedge created by this horrific war.

I have heard people that I used to agree with, say the most outrageous things, as if suddenly they had lost all sense of humanity and compassion.

The hatred between the two sides runs deep not only amongst those in the region, but in people all around the world.

Decades of stereotype indoctrination and violent events have proven effective in creating a deep division that is severing the world as we speak.

Islamic radicalism has been used by the powers that be, for decades, as a means of provoking instability and wars around the world, 9/11 is the perfect example of this. The image of Muslims as a violent, radical religious group of people, has been well engrained in our Western psyche. But is it true? No. There are 2 billion muslims in the world and only a tiny percentage of violent radicals.

When it comes to the Jews, we are faced with a complex dychotomy; they are the eternal victims of one of the worst barbaric episodes in history and at the same time, they have a disproportionate amount of representation within the structures of power, which inevitably leads to mistrust and animosity amongst many. But are all Jews wealthy, powerful and bloodthirsty? Obviously not. Only a very small percentage could be categorised as such.

Evil has been in power for millennia and has permeated through all nations, all races and all religions.

It seems to me we’ve forgotten the red pills that we’ve been swallowing. Did we not learn that all religions have been infiltrated by the powerful cabal that rules the world? Do we not know that the Vatican is as much a centre of evil as the institutionalised power structures of Islam and Judeism? Did we not realise that all governments are puppets of this same cabal? Have we not uncovered time and time again how they use barbaric events to further their agenda by causing fear, outrage and hate amongst us? Do we still not know that by dividing us they win and we lose? Have we really not understood that we all share a common enemy?

Why has everyone suddenly forgotten that what we are seeing in Israel and Gaza is nothing more than the cabal playing both sides in order to provoke a global war that will allow them to get closer to their long planned, wet dream of a One World Government?

It’s not about Palestinians vs Israelis! Both are being used and sacrificed as pawns on a real-life chess board in which checkmate means total world domination and the end of life as we know it.

In order for their Great Reset to take place, they need to destroy the status quo, and a global war is the perfect means to achieve this.

So the more we accuse one another, the more we blame one another, the more we hate one another and the more we kill one another, the closer we are to their agenda taking shape. Until one day we will find ourselves living in a dystopian transhuman reality.

Will we realise then, that it was not the Jews nor the Arabs? Will we finally see who the real enemy is? When it’s too late?
I truly hope not…:pray:t2:

It’s time to re-swallow the red pills and remind everyone of who the real enemy is, its not Jewish people, it’s not Arabs, it’s not Russians, it’s no nation, no religion, no race - it’s a cult, a cabal, a global elite, I don’t care what you call them, our enemy is that small group of people that pull all the strings.

Let’s sever those strings and embrace one another. Until we realise we’re all on the same team as ‘we the people’, we stand no chance of winning.

So next time you speak, or write, or post something on social media, be aware of the message you are spreading, ask yourself if you are feeding the hate and mistrust, or encouraging understanding and compassion. Take the time to consider if you are aggravating the problem or contributing to the solution…

What’s it going to be…?

Important Note

The very fact that such a conspiracy involving a small core elect from Zionist Judaism exists does not implicate the mass of the Jewish people in the conspiracy. Nor does it blame only those of Jewish persuasion for being complicit. The mass of Jewish people have no desire to see the New World Order instituted, nor do the majority even know of the existence of the conspiracy. Jewish people per se should not be judged according to their religious beliefs or racial descent as being a part of the conspiracy, as most Jews follow a far more tolerant version of Judaism which has reformed many of the extreme elements of their historic creed. Furthermore, many Jewish people have been sacrificed to the cause outlined in the Protocols through the misguided belief of the elders that the 'end justifies the means', and all who fall for the cause are greatly exalted in the eyes of Yahweh.

The above information is provided so that Jews and Gentiles alike can become more aware of what a small percentage of self-appointed elite members of the Jewish religion believe and adhere to as their Holy Law.

Comments in the following text related specifically to 'the Jews' which superficially seem to implicate all Jews do not reflect my own attitude to this issue as I have already established. However, these were the words of those individuals quoted and of the publishers who presented the following document many decades ago, and I hesitate to censor them.

This document is meant to challenge hatred; racism and deceit; NOT ferment it. The Illuminati and The Protocols.