The Return of Old Growth Forests

The Return of Old Growth Forest

The Return of Old Growth Forests looks at New England forests which are
no longer farms, and are almost "old" growth now. Anastassia Makarievava
starts talking about "Biotic Pump" forest respiration and condensation
cycle, which draws moist ocean air across continents to bring rain to
forests starting at 37:50.

[Just as I've been saying for decades. When you destroy the rain-forests, the rain-water has to go elsewhere and it causes massive flooding.]

Much of New England's second-growth forest is on a trajectory toward old-growth, following the mid-1800's abandonment of cleared agricultural lands. However, there is increased pressure to manage these forests, which will stall their return to their natural state.

This documentary film describes the characteristics and great importance of "old growth" New England (and other northeastern) forests.
Atmospheric physicist Anastassia Makarieva explains the "Biotic Pump" theory, which describes the crucial role that natural, mature, native forests play in regulating the Earth's winds and hydrologic cycle, and the biotic pump's feedback loop that sustains forests.

Environmental scientist Margery Winters discusses "morticulture", the role of fallen logs and hollow trees in the ecology of the forest and its soil.

Ed Faison, Senior Ecologist at Highstead, talks about the ecological significance of older, wild forests.