The Regional Government (La Junta) will install electric recharging stations and photovoltaic panels in logistics areas in the Campo de Gibraltar

Campo de Gibraltar will receive electric vehicle charging points and photovoltaic panels for self-consumption thanks to the works put out to tender by the Andalusian Public Ports Agency (APPA). The interventions will involve an investment of 543,343 euros, financed with European funds, to make the facilities of the Algeciras Bay Logistics Area more sustainable and efficient. In addition, public lighting efficiency works are also included.

The Regional Minister for Development, Marifrán Carazo, emphasised that, with these contracts, "we are continuing the strategy of converting the logistics areas of Andalusia into a sustainable and more energy-efficient spaces". This is the fourth project of these characteristics that is being developed in the centres of the Andalusian Logistics Network.

These interventions, with an execution period of four months once the work begins, are the result of a study carried out by Puertos de Andalucía, the body that manages the regional logistics areas, to apply measures to reduce energy consumption in the Bahía de Algeciras Logistics Area, where there is a high demand for the traditional network.

After carrying out an energy audit to analyse the existing installations, action will be taken on the less efficient ones and measures will be promoted to support green recovery with the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption in the administrative buildings, and improvements in the energy efficiency of the installations, recharging points for electric vehicles and improvements in the energy efficiency of public lighting.