The Ramadan Revelation


The month of Ramadan has captured the attention of almost 25% of the world's population with much of the rest of the world looking on in wonder. Is there perhaps more to this practice than meets the eye?

Did our Creator give us this religious ritual and the lunar calendar upon which it is based? If so, where can we find this information in the Koran (Quran) or in the Bible Law and Gospel which the Koran was sent to confirm?

Has the word “Ramadan” been added to the Koran? If so, how did that happen? And why would God allow it?

The answers to these probing questions are being revealed during these end-times, possibly for the very first time, in The Ramadan Revelation on Time to Think.

Please read, study and share this latest installment on the Holy Koran from A. Freeman.


I know that most Muslims go to sleep just before sunrise and wake up in the afternoon.

The Ramadan fast is between sunrise and sunset, it is probably true that more food is consumed during Ram-it-down because the Muzzies start to Ram-it-down their necks as soon as the sunsets, which isn’t long after they wake up!


Those are the hypocrites with bloated bellies and stomach aches.


It's interesting that Brighteon does not promote anti-Muslim videos. This video was posted 2 days ago but still has no hits.