The Private Bank of England Corporation

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Patrick O'Carroll - Bank of England is a Criminal Conspiracy


Henry Makow - Patrick O'Carroll - Bank of England is a Criminal Conspiracy -

Liz Truss spent decades in politics while remaining blissfully unaware that her Tory Party is owned and controlled by London's Zionist House of Rothschild. This may explain why she only lasted 49 days as Prime Minister (Sept.-Oct 2022.)

The US and UK are private corporations owned by the Rothschilds and operated by Israel.

In the following clip, former British prime-minister and puppetician Liz Truss explains how Britain is ruled not by "democratically elected" puppeticians but by the Bank of England:


Liz Truss says: "What I found out when I got into Number Ten ... was that I was not holding the levers [of power]. The levers were [being] held by the Bank of England and the [City of London controlled] Office of Budget Responsibility, and not by the prime-minister or the chancellor [head of the Treasury] ... What I am saying ... is that if the Bank of England governor cannot be sacked and the prime-minister can be sacked, then the Bank of England governor is going to have more power than the prime-minister. And that is a problem in a [so-called] democracy".

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