The passage of Karlotta allows reservoirs in the Campo de Gibraltar to exceed 40 hm3

The passage of the Karlotta storm through the Campo de Gibraltar has been more noticeable in the effects left by the wind than in the water collected by the reservoirs of the Campo de Gibraltar. According to data from the Hidrosur network, the two reservoirs in the region, Charco Redondo and Guadarranque, have collected about three cubic hectometers of water, hosting a total of 40 hectometers between the two, out of a total capacity of over 160. However, this figure could increase in the coming days if the streams formed in the mountains manage to carry more water.

Specifically, the Guadarranque reservoir is currently at 30.88%, with 25.68 cubic hectometers of water stored, while the Charco Redondo reservoir is at 19.57%, with 15.49 cubic hectometers of water.

The reservoirs in the province of Cádiz have increased their capacity by almost 33 cubic hectometers (32.98) in the last week following the rains of the past few days brought by the Karlotta storm, with their current capacity at 17.09%, 1.82% more than a week ago. However, they are still almost half of the capacity they had a year ago when it was at 31.7%.