THE OMICRON CON – Dr. Zev Zelenko – Why They Don't Want You To Have A Nice Holiday

Dr. Zev Zelenko returns to SGT Report to cut through the Omicron fear mongering.


Zelenko: "The whole purpose of the bioweapon was to maintain Totalitarian control using fear and isolation. That's why Fauci and all these animals don't want you to have a nice Christmas with your families, which is the opposite of human isolation; and when you are with the people you love you get hope. What is being done is an intentional, psychological war to induce global psychosis and then use that psychosis and tag with a digital identified 7 billion people."

Longer Version - Full SGT Report - Zelenko brings up facemasks, economic collapse, what's in the vaccine (biometrics):

The Omicron Con!! - Dr. Zev Zelenko - SGT Report (Must Video) - best news here

"I went to Hopkins. All the doctors I know …know this is a complete scam. They know the PCR test is fake, they know remdes is toxic, they know this is gene therapy, they know what’s in VARES, they know the US govt is complicit in a criminal conspiracy to kill people for money. They know 4 sure. The angle of attack is steep. they are completely vested and committed. Too late to pull up or the flack will take them out. Expect this to go the distance. SCOTUS will uphold mandates. The attack would not have been implemented unless all relevant functional entities necessary to achieve their goal were locked in. America destroyed by the US Govt. Will never recover and it has nothing to do with the Covid-Op-19 scamdemic."

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