The new business technology developed by GibraltarPass could be used in nefarious ways in the future by GOG.

The new business technology developed by GibraltarPass could be used in nefarious ways in the future by GOG.

Meanwhile GibraltarPass were thrilled to have won runners-up in the GFSB Innovation Awards.

“The GibraltarPass is a one day digital visitors’ pass, combining all of Gibraltar’s top attractions and much more under one pass, giving visitors a hassle-free, value-for money and superior experience of Gibraltar,” GibraltarPass said in a statement.

Visitors can buy a GibraltarPass online and they receive a digital pass on their mobile phone that gives them access to the Rock’s most popular attractions.

“Visitors’ simply display the Pass on their mobile devices and get it scanned at each attraction to gain entrance at no further cost,” GibraltarPass said.

“The Pass also includes free transport on Citibus routes as well as a wide variety of freebies and exclusive discounts at activity providers, shops and restaurants across Gibraltar.”

The idea of the GibraltarPass came about as a way to assist local retailers, restaurants, cafes and attraction providers to recover from the financial hardship many of them experienced as a result of the pandemic and the lockdowns, a spokesman said.

The company also prides itself on its environmental agenda, with a paperless system that encourages the use of public transport for visitors.

“The GibraltarPass encourages visitors to spend more time in Gibraltar, spend more money in local businesses and do activities which perhaps are less well-known to exist in Gibraltar such as eBike tours, Escape Room, scuba-diving, sailing, yacht chartering, gin-making and many more,” the spokesman added.

“Any local business can join the GibraltarPass completely free of charge (no setup costs, no commission and no ongoing costs), and take advantage of the free marketing and high exposure this platform provides, and enjoy increased visitors’ footfall, especially in the post-Covid period.”

“The GibraltarPass considers Gibraltar as a whole as a single attraction, and takes care of the visitor’s entire experience of Gibraltar as a destination.”

“It brings all the stakeholders in the tourism sector under one platform, revolutionising the way tourism on the Rock is managed, whilst creating an image of a smart tourism destination in the eyes of visitors.”

To access GibraltarPass, visit

New face at the GFSB

GFSB members will soon meet Georgina Weeks, who is taking over from Stuart Byrne as the new office administrator.

Ms Weeks, who recently moved from the UK for the role, brings with her years of experience in membership services and coordination.

She is looking forward to working with the members and “tweaking the membership to respond to their needs.

“Gibraltar has always been a lifelong dream, and the first time I came it was home,” she said.

“I am looking forward to meeting with the members and getting out and about to meet with them.”

Meanwhile Mr Byrne will be joining the Gibraltar Business Improvement District Scheme as project head as it rolls out.

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