The Medina Myth

Desert Mirage

In his latest article, entitled, “The Medina Myth”, A. Freeman continues exposing some of the long-held misconceptions about the Holy Koran.

These late-hour revelations are yet another clear sign from above of The Light that our Creator has sent again into this very dark world, to cut through the illusions (Rev. 1:16, 2:12, 19:15) caused by man-made teachings and traditions, and to unite all true believers.

The Koran was sent to confirm the Old Covenant and New Covenant sent before it, to prepare Christians and Muslims alike for the prophesied return of God's Eldest Son and Messenger/Angel: The Messiah/Christ/Mahdi, Muad'Dib and Last Prophet, without whom this truth would have been impossible to reveal (Rev. 5:1-5).

The Scriptural references cited in these articles are from the King of kings' Bible, which includes the Old Covenant, New Covenant and Koran, fully cross-referenced for the very first time in human history, as yet another clear sign.

These things are being revealed to us at this time for good reason, so please read, study and share “The Medina Myth” and the other articles at Time to Think with fellow truth-seekers everywhere, to help get the word out to as many as possible.

Thank you kindly.

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