The mayor of La Línea supervises the works in the surroundings of La Atunara

Upgrades in La Linea -


The mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, Juan Franco, has supervised this morning the works being carried out in the area of La Atunara, included in the La Línea Revitaliza project, which are 80% co-financed by European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and the rest by the municipality. The total investment has been 1,896,000 euros, incorporating an extension made for the completion of some works. It is scheduled to be completed on January 15 next year.

The performances cover the streets Canarias, Alcalá Galiano, Mar Caspio, Tierra, Pasaje Lepanto and Avenida del Puerto.

The Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure has highlighted as the most relevant works the incorporation of new faecal and rainwater networks, the replacement of supply networks and the incorporation of low voltage conduits, in anticipation of the burying of power lines, the channelling of telecommunications systems and the application of the new Single Catalogue throughout the environment.

Yolanda Fernández Borastero pointed out that with this Single Catalogue, actions have been arranged in terms of paving, public lighting networks, furniture and others. In this way, he argues that its application in the different projects currently being carried out in the city allows us to see how different landscapes are drawn in accordance with the provisions of the same. In this case, as it is a more seafaring environment, the pavement incorporates blue lines and the lighting has columns better adapted to the space, much more resistant to easterly winds, as well as the trees and the rest of the urban equipment.

In another order of things, he also referred to compliance with all the regulations related to accessibility issues, as well as the application of traffic calming measures in single-platform areas, with the location of speed bumps and street furniture, which will make it possible for the traffic of vehicles through the area to be moderate and to be able to meet the objective pursued by the municipal government team, that is, to enjoy an environment of coexistence between vehicles and pedestrians.

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