The MAC phenomenon and the intracorporal network of nanocomunications. A review


Headlines for May 16, 2022 - Vaccinated People Emitting MAC Addresses?
May 15, 2022

Vaccinated People Emitting MAC Addresses; What's Causing This Phenomenon?

"Mik Andersen explained that Wireless nano communication networks for intracorporeal nanodevices have two clear goals.

The first is to monitor and collect data on the parameters, activity or neurological, cardiac and physiological data of the individual, facilitating their transmission to remote servers and databases, on the Internet, to form the Big Data and its analytics through artificial intelligence ("AI") software.

The second is to interact with individuals, especially in the neural section and the human psyche.

Mik Andersen recommends watching a three-part documentary, 'Brain Jabbed', made by Richard Hall, host of RichPlanet TV. Here is the link.

There is enough evidence here to present to police forces so that the vaccine centres can be closed down and quarantined, and the perpetrators arrested and sentenced.

More Evidence Vaccines Contain Bar Codes

Confirmed! Dr. David Martin- Vaccines are gene therapy, designed to harm and enslave humanity.