The La Línea wastewater treatment plant will save 15% on electricity with the new solar panels.

The measures introduced by the Aqualia company will allow for a 15% reduction in electrical energy consumption at the wastewater treatment plant (EDAR) through a portable system of retractable solar panels. A novel system is being tested, which deploys two hundred photovoltaic panels in an accordion format, covering an area of 540 square meters, producing 450 kilowatts daily. This is a pilot experience that will determine whether to expand the installation, thereby increasing the energy self-sufficiency of the hydraulic infrastructure.

The Mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, Juan Franco, along with the Councilor for the Environment, Raquel Ñeco, visited the city's wastewater treatment plant today, accompanied by the delegate and manager of Aqualia, Justo Suárez and Francisco J. Pérez.

The Mayor emphasized that it is clean and 100% renewable energy, contributing to environmental sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Municipal representatives have also learned about the ongoing works at the treatment plant since last year, with the first phase nearing completion, part of Aqualia's commitments to improve the wastewater treatment before its return to the sea.