The Ishmael Maneuver


For those who have questioned the unevidenced elevation of Ishmael in the Koran, and wondered how it could be at such odds with the Biblical account that the Koran was sent to confirm, your wait for a rational explanation is over.

We now have irrefutable proof of when, where and how the original Koranic text was altered, to try to re-invent Ishmael in the Koran, as well as the motive and culprits involved.

The time for all of this totally unnecessary and satanic division is now at an end, with the restoration of the Koran to its original and true text in the King of kings' Bible. Exactly as prophesied for these end-times.

Please read, study and share A. Freeman's latest installment on Time To Think – The Ishmael Maneuver:


The Ishmael Maneuver

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