The Fighting Irish Come Out Against Medical Tyranny

Interesting Tweet Thread about the rogue agent provocateurs:

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Another good article in Gript Media, with some nice individual photos:

Thousands attend Dublin rally calling for health freedom, end to lockdown

Speaker Ben Gilroy said that government imposed restrictions had brought massive job losses, a debt crisis, and a growth in non-covid health problems, and said Irish people “needed to stand up for their freedoms”.

Professor Dolores Cahill said that “there have been unnecessary deaths” but she claimed “10 to 20 times more people that will die because of the lockdown.”

Looks like Gript Media may be the place to find real news in Ireland:

There were two events this weekend. The protest at Custom House 22 August; and “Michael Collins Commemoration” on Sunday August 23rd, County Cork (more details on this in the article link above).

The next protest in Ireland is Aug. 29:

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Gript Media interviews Dr. Marcus De Brun at the protest:

Dr. Marcus De Brun said, “the government themselves are aware the guidelines are rubbish… the government’s policy has been effectively dismissed by the government itself in two ways. The Covid19 commissioned an independent expert from the UK, from Oxford University who has pointed out clearly to the government that masks are a total waste of time and dangerous in terms of cloth masks. The Minister ignored him.

De Brun goes on to say this talk about masks is a smoke screen to keep people talking about masks, and not about horrible neglects and failures. It’s keeping us away from public inquiry. This talk about masks is ludicrous.

This government expert that he mentions is Carl Heneghan:

Our government called on independent expert Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, to speak at the Oireachtas Special Committee on Covid-19 Response on the 13/8/20. But they didn’t like his independent expert advice:

Here, Carl Heneghan is being interviewed (3-min):

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Barrister and Senior Counsel, Una McGurk, who questioned Covid-19 testing and mandatory mask policy. Watch a video of her speech here (27 min):

Briefly, McGuirk said, that the government said they were basing their decision on science, which was from Lancent; and W.H.O. sponsored it. It was an observational study only with no randomized trials. It is being criticized by other experts. And the government wants secondary school children to wear masks. She said masks can cause damage to health, fatigue, headache, anxiety. They reduce oxygen and weakens immune system.

If it becomes available elsewhere (as the above is FB at #healthfreedomireland #IAmTheChange... - Irish vaccination awareness), this link will be changed.

Another good Gript Media article:

NIAMH UÍ BHRIAIN: Media’s reporting on anti-lockdown rally damages their own credibility :arrow_left:

The media’s reporting on the anti-lockdown rally was damaging to their own credibility in three ways:

1) People could see they were untruthful about the size of the crowd

The video from Jim Corr already has a million views. It was easy for people to see that the media weren’t being truthful…

2) The speakers at the Rally weren’t interviewed, but they were attacked and their jobs targeted.

Normally when a large public event occurs it’s the job of news reporters to report the news: what was the rally about, who spoke, what did they say – and, often but not always, to look for an opposite view to balance the report. That didn’t happen on Saturday. Instead we read that there were clashes at a rally…

The media mostly confined itself to calling people at the rally ‘far-right’… despite a notable lack of any evidence that this was, in fact, the case.

While many people might disagree with what speakers like Prof Dolores Cahill, Dr Marcus de Brún, and barrister Úna McGurk have to say, they are medically and legally qualified, and have a right to put forward a contrarian opinion.

3) Much of the reporting concentrated on ‘scuffles’ without saying the aggressors were those opposing the rally.

The reporting would lead to the casual reader assuming that there had been some sort of fistfight between those attending the rally and those protesting it, with the implication that both sides were equally to blame.

In fact, as the Gardai have now confirmed, it was the left-wing counter-protesters who had planned a “group attack” and who came “armed with sticks or batons” and wearing “black caps and scarves covering their faces, as well as PPE-type latex gloves”.

The media in Ireland, as in the rest of the world, is in serious trouble, and platforms like RTÉ are really only surviving because of massive funding from the taxpayer.

Another example of LIARS – the Socialist Party – telling the same lies. Know them by their fruit:


More Media Updates:

Further large scale anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests planned for Dublin:

“…between 1000 and 3000 people attended the rally (22 August) …”

Shortly before the speakers were due to start, trouble started when counterprotestors appeared on Butt Bridge. Chanting Antifa and Black Lives Matter slogans, they were met by members of the rally and small fights ensued. Out of seemingly nowhere the scene was filled with Garda Public Order vans leading this reporter to suspect that police had intelligence that there may be trouble at the event.

Suspect the police had intelligence – Read:

DR MATT TREACY: Why are Saoradh joining with Anitfa to attack anti-lockdown rallies?

The article from The Liberal linked above gives a better idea of what happened on 22 August. It seems it and Gript Media can be more trusted to actually do journalism.

Speaker Ben Gilroy called for a ‘great reset’ of the corrupt political, financial, and legal systems which dominate our society.

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Thousands Protested – A picture is worth a thousand words

While the Irish main stream media and other agents spin their lies – about the numbers that showed up, about the people who were involved, and about the purpose of the event – Truth gets out – as demonstrated in this Defending-Gibraltar thread.

These images were captured from the Services Industrial & Technical Union (SIPTU) live-webcam.

And yes, there is a mathematical formula for counting crowd size. The most common is known as the Jacob’s Method:

The most common technique for counting crowds at protests and rallies is Jacobs’ Method, named for its inventor, Herbert Jacobs. Jacobs’ method involves dividing the area occupied by a crowd into sections, determining an average number of people in each section, and multiplying by the number of sections occupied.

This person applied it to footage from the ground:

Proof RTE Got It Wrong AGAIN -

by Corruption Awareness Ireland (3min)

He calculated it and came up with 16,821
3.5 people per square meter
179.83 meters (along the street)
Custom House to the Quay at 26.73 meters
Space 4806.8559 sq meters
4806 x 3.5 people = 16,821

His calculation seems a bit high, which may take into account that the entire section of the street was not filled in – if you look toward the police vans (where some media took their photos). However, another variable is that more people could have showed up after this image was taken.

The Truth still stands – thousands were there, not hundreds.

The main stream media and their agents are digging their own graves.

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Corona Mismanagement Letter – to send to Politicians, Journalists, Business Leaders etc.

This letter can be found on Ivor Cummins – The Fat Emperor’s website linked above.

It can also be tailored to different countries – and included is a letter tweaked for the UK.

“It has the backing of countless doctors in Ireland and worldwide, as well as a huge number of technical professionals.”

“It is targeted towards those who are hellbent on undermining Irish society – but is applicable to many countries, particularly across Europe.”

Three different forms of the letter are available to download; again one is for the UK.

The 13-page letter includes a basic introduction and two detailed sections.

Section B will be of particular interest as it outlines details of –

Epidemiological Realities
Immunology Realities
Mandatory Masks Realities
Seasonality/Regionality Realities
Proportionate Measures or Irrational Hysteria?

The section includes supporting links and professional graphs.

Check out the letters on the link above. Can they be tailored to Gibraltar?

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Dolores Cahill’s speech makes more alternative news:

A couple of tweets related to crowd size:

Mike B Tweet

Ivor Cummins tweet




An Irish school uses a garden shed as an isolation room for any child displaying symptoms of the CV. Are we still going along with this madness?…


Health Freedom Ireland’s announcement about the protest on 22 August. It’s very informative about the event, speakers, topics - with accompanying graphs and important questions for the government.

They also announced the next protest:

In addition to this protest, another one is planned by Yellow Vest Ireland:

Other news:

Dr. Dolores Cahill was interviewed by Gran Torino about SARS-CoV2 and PCR testing. The PCR testing is the smoking gun in this crime against humanity.

It’s a bit technical, but if you want to know the scientific side, you may find it of interest, especially if you plan any communications for doctors and scientists and government officials.

Interestingly, she said that the creator of the PCR test said it should not be used as a diagnostic test.

She also said that this corona virus is called SARS CoV-2 and SARS CoV-1 (2003) are 80 percent are the same; 20 percent of SARS1 and SARS2 is the same as the common cold. What is happening now with PCR testing is just detecting if you have fragments of the corona virus.

Their discussion goes into amplification, primer sequence, Chromo-8 and more.

Ben Swann also featured the protest:

He wants people to pay attention to what Bill Gates and politicians are saying. They are talking about these restrictions continuing to the end of 2021. There is no going back to normal folks.

It is wonderful to learn about what is going on in Ireland (peaceful protests, Dr. Cahill, etc.).

Thank-you for all the updates. Appreciated.

The system will be downloadable on mobile devices, with users able to display or scan their Covid status whenever needed.

If the user has tested negative, a green status will show on their profile, which turns to amber when it is time to be re-tested.

The Truth fighters see this coming; and know what the real plan is.

And it’s not just Ireland. These evil health passports are being sold as good:


If you wonder why the Irish are fighting mad – they see where these steps are headed:

The government is creating its own Gardai Brown Shirts SA like Nazi Germany. The Brown shirts primary purposes were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against the paramilitary units of the opposing parties. What will come next?

You can either wait for them to knock on your door or join the Fight for Freedom and Truth.


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“The resistance is not just confined to Ireland …”
But where were the people on November 5, 2012?


Update with more details about who spoke at the Protest and their backgrounds:


Not so hunky dory in Ireland. Video 2:10 minutes.

Video of the RTE Protest on 29 August now on Brighteon -

Irish Patriots/Truthers Storm RTE HQ Dublin Ireland - Demand RTE End FAKE NEWS Broadcasting (11min):

The crowd gathered outside the entrance to RTÉ before making their way through the barriers to the main TV entrance.

A number of people made speeches, including activist Gemma O’Doherty, as some members of the crowd banged on the glass.

Fellow activist John Waters is also in attendance this afternoon.

This is worth the watch.

If Gibraltarians did that at GBC, that would be something to see!