The Dangers of digital identities and digital bank currencies

First published at 14:06 UTC on November 19th, 2023.
At 26:38 starts a talk about what this dystopian future looks like.

Maria Zeee on Infowars: Australian Blackouts Expose the Dangers of Digital...

Beyond Orwell’s 1984, 5G and the Launching of 6G: “Easy to Take Down a Society that Is Digital”.

By Patricia Harrity on November 23, 2023

“Hell is Empty and the Devils are All Here”. William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”, 1623

“By now, it should be clear to all of us what is being gradually and, in many ways, imperceptibly prepared for us, We, the People, is “Pure Evil,” says geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig, who argues that it is “We, who are in the Matrix.” According to Koenig, “The Elites that control the few switches to run the End Game are outside the Matrix. They will keep their supply lines open – of everything, hoping to live in paradise where, We, the People, own nothing but are happy. ”

Peter Koenig’s Contemporary Analysis of “The Tempest 2020-2030” is republished below.

Beyond Orwell’s 1984, 5G and the Launching of 6G: “Easy to Take Down a Society that Is Digital”. UNCTAD Attempts Accomplishing this Doom Scenario.

by Peter Koenig – Global Research

From 5G to 6G

We, the People, are in a race against the Globalists committed to Depopulation; control the survivors, exploit us, dehumanize us, and ultimately digitize us, so that we can be remotely controlled by 5G;

And, now, just “launched” by China, 6G. See China launches ultra-high-speed next-generation Internet backbone – SHINE News.

Nobody really knows, or at least has not publicly said what 6G is meant

to do, what 5G cannot already do. Incidentally, has the health impact of 6G been studied? Maybe. But nobody divulges the results.

This is how Qualcomm describes 5G:

5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. See this.

Nobody has openly spoken about the health impact of 5G, though, that has been studied. Yet, the studies are not revealed to the public.

Beyond George Orwell’s 1984

There is “guessing”; and scientists who come forward with the truth depicting the impact caused on wildlife and humans by these ultra-microwaves, are most often labeled “conspiracy theorists.”

This is the “shut-up” phrase for everything the mainstream, the Cabal, the Matrix, the Globalists do not want the public to know. We are way beyond George Orwell’s “1984.”

The 6th Generation Mobile Network or 6G is about 100 times faster, more powerful, than 5G. It will be able to digitize everything.

This is what RantCell has to say about 6G:

It is Operating at terahertz frequency bands, 6G will deliver a peak data rate of 1,000 gigabits/s having air latency less than 100 microseconds. When we talk about 5G vs 6G network speed, 6G speed is expected to be 100 times faster than 5G with enhanced reliability and wider network coverage. See this.

We, the People, are in a race – life against death. If we wake up

and counteract, the Globalist’s, namely the project of the diabolical protagonists of UN Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset will “be doomed”.

But if we keep letting us being duped, We, the People, “Will go to Hell”.

This is the reason why the entire UN system is desperate to get the world digitized. The faster the better so, there may be not enough time for We, the People, to wake up in masses to take our world, our lives back before it is too late.

The Financial, Military, IT, Media, Pharma Complex Nominates UNCTAD

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Therefore, the United Nations, the political body under full control of the Globalist Cabal (openly led by Washington), but really, by the powerful Financial, Military, IT, Media, Pharma Complex (FMIMPC), has nominated one of its under-agents, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) as the flag-carrier – at least for now – for the deadly onslaught of All-Digitization.

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Theo and Tucker Carlson Ponder Where To Go When the World Collapses

Theo and Tucker Carlson Ponder Where To Go When the World Collapses

EU Digital Identity: Eurocrats want to create a regime in which citizens are increasingly controlled by Brussels - the Nazi Fourth Reich.


The internet backbone is not at all the same as the mobile 5G or 6G cellular networks. If we're using water-pipes as similitude then the backbones are the very thick pipes under ground and 5G and 6G are the smaller pipes that then run inside peoples houses....


They claim digital money is for your own good, is it, or is about total control of the people?

Tulsi Gabbard: CBDCs Are About “Surveillance And Control”

Tulsi Gabbard: CBDCs Are About “Surveillance And Control”



From Big Brother Watch:

Our seminal report dives into the world of Central Bank Digital Currencies & unpacks how a vast web of financial surveillance is being woven.

Our report analysed CBDC projects in Nigeria, Jamaica, Israel, Uruguay, Sweden, the EU and China. Here’s what we found:

None of the CBDC projects investigated in our report have been designed, trialled, or launched in a way which properly preserves privacy.

None of the CBDC pilots we looked at have been successful. Many have had a low uptake.

CBDCs are not a solution to the complex causes of financial exclusion and can make this problem worse.

CBDCs are “a disaster for privacy”: The Government Must Listen To Warnings From Around The World And Rethink The Digital Pound

Key conclusions from each case study:

  • Sweden, e-krona: Even when there is some emphasis on privacy, transactions will be traceable by the authorities
  • Israel, digital shekel: The central bank admits “absolute privacy will not be possible” and the digital currency will support government policy to reduce cash use in Israel.
  • Jamaica, Jam-Dex: CBDC wallets will be tied to biometric IDs, and there are plans to issue welfare payments via Jam-Dex
  • Eurozone, digital euro: transaction data would be monitored by the European Central Bank
  • China, digital yuan: CBDCs are being used to nudge individuals’ behaviour
  • Nigeria eNaira: Tough ID requirements are needed to access a useful wallet, while uptake has been low despite a hard currency crisis
  • Uruguay ePeso: Trials found that women and older people were less likely to use digital currency.

Some of the most worrying findings from international CBDC projects included outright rejection of privacy rights, admissions that every transaction can be traced, links to welfare payments and tax collections, and the connection of wallets to biometric ID systems.

Rothschild Pushes AI-Controlled ‘Cashless Societies’ for ‘the Common Good’

The current head of the Rothschild banking dynasty has called for governments around the world to usher in so-called “cashless societies” that will be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) for “the common good.”

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild insists that the World Economic Forum-developed plan is essential for promoting “equity” to “save the poor.”

In order to “save capitalism,” Rothschild is demanding that governments radically change their economies.

Rothschild is one of the founding leaders of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism (CIC), which was formed at the height of the Covid pandemic.

It is essentially everything that “conspiracy theorists” have been warning about for years packaged into a single Orwellian entity.

Australian government is trying to sneak through Digital Identity Bill over Christmas

By Rhoda Wilson on December 17, 2023

“Labor’s Digital Identity Bill 2023 was introduced to the Senate last week, without any fanfare, by the Minister for Finance, Katy Gallagher,” he said in a Facebook post on 13 December 2023.

“The Digital ID Bill 2023 and the Digital ID (Transitional and Consequential Provisions) Bill 2023 was immediately referred to the Senate’s Economics Legislation Committee, for inquiry and report by 28 February 2024.

“Once passed, the scheme will be up and running by July 2024.”

The government has invited the public to submit their objections to the bill, the closing date is 19 January 2024, when families are focused on Christmas and the New Year.

“Apart from the introduction of a digital currency, I can think of no other issue more crucial when it comes to human freedom than the worldwide push for a Digital Identity system,” Mr. Andrew said.

“It is crucial that the Committee receives a tidal wave of submissions and feedback opposing the introduction of these bills, otherwise their passage through parliament will become a fait accompli.”

Urging the public to make a submission, Mr. Andrew said: “I know it’s Christmas and everyone is burnt out politically for the year, but this issue is vitally important … Don’t let them succeed! … Tell the Senate Standing Committee on Economics to reject the Digital ID Bill 2023.”

As well as a submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Economics which can be made HERE, Mr. Andrew shared the link to a petition.

“The Albanese Labor Government has just lobbed a dystopian grenade in our laps – the Digital ID Bill 2023. And nobody asked for it,” the petition on Citizen Go states. “This is not about meeting public demand; it’s about bowing to globalist pressures.”

“Since 2015, Canberra, at the behest of the United Nations (UN), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and other globalist elite institutions, has been crafting a digital identity system. Now, the Senate — via its Standing Committee on Economics — is holding an inquiry into this Digital ID Bill, and they want to hear from YOU.

“We must take this opportunity to tell the Senate to reject the bill!”

The petition lists “just 10 reasons” why the bill needs to be rejected including the incorporation of facial recognition and biometrics into digital IDs, paving the way for a social credit system which controls access to services based on behaviour and the bills don’t give an option to get out of the digital ID system – once you’re in, you’re locked into this digital prison for life.

You can read and, if you are an Australian, sign the petition HERE.

Australian government is trying to sneak through Digital Identity Bill over Christmas

Digital Kill Switches: How Tyrannical Governments Stifle Political Dissent

By John & Nisha Whitehead

January 17, 2024

“No president from either party should have the sole power to shut down or take control of the internet or any other of our communication channels during an emergency.”—Senator Rand Paul

What’s to stop the U.S. government from throwing the kill switch and shutting down phone and internet communications in a time of so-called crisis?

After all, it’s happening all over the world.

Communications kill switches have become tyrannical tools of domination and oppression to stifle political dissent, shut down resistance, forestall election losses, reinforce military coups, and keep the populace isolated, disconnected and in the dark, literally and figuratively.

As the Guardian reports, “From Ukraine to Myanmar, government-run internet outages are picking up pace around the world. In 2021, there were 182 shutdowns in 34 countries... Countries across Africa and Asia have turned to shutdowns in a bid to control behaviour, while India, largely in the conflict-ridden region of Jammu and Kashmir, plunged into digital darkness more times than any other last year… Civil unrest in Ethiopia and Kazakhstan has triggered internet shutdowns as governments try to prevent political mobilisation and stop news about military suppression from emerging.”

In an internet-connected age, killing the internet is tantamount to bringing everything—communications, commerce, travel, the power grid—to a standstill.

Tyrants and would-be tyrants rely on this “cloak of darkness” to advance their agendas.

In Myanmar, for example, the internet shutdown came on the day a newly elected government was to have been sworn in. That’s when the military staged a digital coup and seized power. Under cover of a communications blackout that cut off the populace from the outside world and each other, the junta “carried out nightly raids, smashing down doors to drag out high-profile politicians, activists and celebrities.”

These government-imposed communications shutdowns serve to not only isolate, terrorize and control the populace, but also underscore the citizenry’s lack of freedom in the face of the government’s limitless power.

Yet as University of California Irvine law professor David Kaye explains, these kill switches are no longer exclusive to despotic regimes. They have “migrated into a toolbox for governments that actually do have the rule of law.”

This is what digital authoritarianism looks like in a technological age.

Digital authoritarianism, as the Center for Strategic and International Studies cautions, involves the use of information technology to surveil, repress, and manipulate the populace, endangering human rights and civil liberties, and co-opting and corrupting the foundational principles of democratic and open societies, “including freedom of movement, the right to speak freely and express political dissent, and the right to personal privacy, online and off.”

For those who insist that it can’t happen here, it can and it has.

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Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Jan 21, 2024

“END THE FED!” cried Ron Paul.

Yet no one—not even his son—picked up the ball.

The FED—The Federal Reserve Bank—is about to roll out the digital dollar, “CBDC,” “Central Bank Digital Currency.”

Like a check, cash, or credit card, the FED will assign “Digital Wallets” with your own password with a set of numbers chipped into your Real ID Card.

Your Wallet will be stored on a Central Data Base for both digital deposits and purchases.

“Payments are made faster, safer, and easier!” yelps Janet Yellen at Treasury.

Not so fast.

Centralization is Jewry’s ploy for total domination over the goy.

Throwing a curve, David Solomon of Goldman Sachs spins it with verve:

“It’s all about inclusion! Around the globe people who can’t access a bank can make transactions right at their fingertips.”

Notice the names:

Janet Yellen, David Solomon.

They’re Jews.

Who controls the Fed?

Past Chairmen make up the stew:

Warburg, Burns, Meyer, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, gives you the clue: JEWS through and through.

“The Federal Reserve is an independent agency,” says former Chaiman Alan Greenspan.

“And that means no agency of government can overrule actions we take.”

It’s private. It’s not Federal. Jews control it.

It’s a consortium of Jewish banks, Citi, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and others.

All led by the big boys, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase

Both banks, no surprise, are led by Jewish CEOs, David Solomon of Goldman, Jamie Dimon of Chase.

(Dimon’s ancestry is traced to a Jewish banking family in Thessaloniki, Greece.)

What does this mean for the Digital Dollar, the CBDC?

It gives Jews—malicious, sneaky, murderous, Christ-hating, lying Jews—full control over all the monies going into–and coming out of your Digital Wallet.”

CANCELLING YOU OUT is now “faster, safer, easier,” Janet Yellen, or any Jew in charge of your money, would say.

Ever heard of “Social Credit?”

Some kike will decide if you comply.

“End The Fed!” cried Ron Paul.

We may all be crying soon.

Cryptocurrencies are playing key roles in the development of CBDCs

By Rhoda Wilson on February 6, 2024
As central bank digital currency (“CBDC”) pilots proliferate, a myriad of elite-gilded and blockchain-powered digital payment networks are vying for their technologies and payment systems to be incorporated into the developing digital currency infrastructures of tomorrow.

In plain English, that means major players in the cryptocurrency world are playing key roles in the ongoing CBDC pilot projects, globally.

Their end game? A digital financial grid primed for abuse.

What Will America Look Like When Joe Biden’s Central Bank Digital Currency Becomes a Reality?



iStock/Getty Images

Monetary Gold (Sponsored)

21 Feb 2024


The following content is sponsored by Monetary Gold.

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to understand what exactly constitutes a Central Bank Digital Currency or CBDC.

A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a digital form of a country’s national currency issued by its central bank. Unlike traditional physical money such as banknotes and coins, CBDCs exist in electronic or digital form.

CBDCs are distinct from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as they are typically issued and regulated by a central authority, such as the central bank or federal government. The central bank oversees the creation, distribution, and regulation of the CBDC.

Is a Central Bank Digital Currency good for the federal government or our people?

Former President Donald Trump warned that a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) or a Fed-controlled Digital Dollar “would give our federal Government absolute control over your money.”

“They could take your money, and you wouldn’t even know it’s gone. This would be a dangerous threat to our freedom.”

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Catherine Austin Fitts- Banksters Think Your Money Belongs to Them


Agustín Carstens, the general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) describes the nature of central bank digital currency or CBDC. The BIS is leading a global effort to implement CBDC, including a partnership with the Federal Reserve.

He said that our bank deposits are not ours--our bank deposits are an "expression of central bank liabilities"--in other words, it is their money, not ours. He believes that central bankers should be able to control who and how the people of your state can do business and with whom we can trade, including in your state.

Bo Li, the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of China, now the Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), explained the ability that this technology gives the central banks and governments to program money.

What does this mean? If the rules say you cannot travel more than 15 miles from your home, your money will not work more than 15 miles from your home. If the rules say you cannot eat pizza, your money will not work when you try to buy pizza. Want to disarm the people in your state? Just turn off the bank accounts and credit cards of anyone who refuses to turn in their guns.

Continued at link with videos.

‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’

‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’ is the title of a recent article in a Children’s Health Defense (CHD) article, describing what could and might expect us, with digital ID’s and digital money – and an all-controlling technocratic world tyranny enhanced by the World Health Organization (WHO) possibly impeding Pandemic Treaty and drastically modified International Health Regulations (IHR). A tyrannical road to hell it would be.

The digital ID has been approved by the EU and is ready to be implemented by EU member countries. There is no deadline set yet, but individual countries are held to conform with this mandate – though most must clear the process of applying the digital ID through Parliament. Pressure from outside, mainly the World Economic Forum (WEF) and especially those behind the WEF, the dark powerful cult cabal is almost almighty. It knows no mercy. See this.

Human rights by any measures are being violated. But why bother mentioning it? The power deciding over nation-states and humanity, those who have already for years done away with national and international legal systems and replaced them by the “rules-based order” – apply rules serving the elites’ interests at any time, the rules change according to whose interests are at stake at a time. They do not care.

They know that in the current state of human discord, discoordination, of division and confusion, of racism, of fighting simultaneous attacks from the same powerful diabolical Cult or globalist Deep State, on all fronts, health, climate, digital money, digital overall control – We, the people, are not able to resist. We have no unity. We need unity and solidarity and courage to see the enemy in the eye. That is what they believe. We must prove them wrong.

Because what is coming and what has been and is being constantly announced following the principle of predictive programming, may be irreversible if we do not stop it NOW.

We may already be on that road to hell and have not even noticed it, because they make us believe this road to hell is paved in gold. That is thanks to the art of deception. Mind manipulation by psychos and psycho-institutions, like Tavistock, have been studying human brain and mind functions for more than hundred years. They played with our reactions to propaganda, much like Edward L. Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, renown Master of Propaganda – just worse, much worse.

At the WEF’s 2020 Davos Conference at the end of January 2020, Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli historian, and key advisor of Klaus Schwab’s, gave a stunning speech, presenting an overview of what humanity may soon be faced with in terms of digitization and mostly artificial intelligence (AI), if we do not submit to a globalized One World Order (OWO), or One World Government. Because only a One World Government can protect us from the evil intentions that lurk behind AI, if management and administration of AI is left to nation-states.

Harari sounds like a mad man in his attempt to make us believe that globalization is our salvation, as nation-states will use AI for defending themselves against other nations, as they are afraid that other nations develop even stronger and more commanding AI that may become a threat. And people simply are overrun, get under the wheels.

In a globalization rally, Harari presents a world of linearism – a digital gulag from which there is no escaping, unless a world government would look after human interests first. It would therefore be a wild mistake protesting globalization, which is unavoidable, if humanity is to be saved.

AI is quickly evolving. There will be states that are farther advanced than others. AI divides humanity into rich and poor, into technically advanced countries and those left behind. AI makes the poor even poorer over time. It divides humanity into those who favor the benefits of AI, and those who are already at a working-class level that might soon be extinguished by AI.

‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’


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