The curse of the Rock’s culture of ENTITLEMENT

Is Bossano, the champion of socialism, the ideal executioner to take a hatchet to these pseudo Pillars of Hercules?

Entitlement is at its core a toxic characteristic. It represents the delusion that a person is exempt from the rules, deserves special treatment and is not held to the same standards as others.

Normally, those perched at the top of the hierarchy, surrounded by wealth and power, without fear of scrutiny or consequences, embody this sense of entitlement. However, the phenomenon appears more widely dispersed in Gibraltar (mostly across government departments), which poses a real problem for progression when a privileged workforce becomes unproductive and lazy.
This is the curse afflicting the Rock today with an overblown fat-cat-style public sector earning 25% more than their UK counterparts while running at snail’s pace. Easily observable is the level of complacency in government and semi-government institutions as well as a lack of empathy, grandiosity, greed, superficiality, admiration seeking, and arrogance. Where has this poisonous grip on our society come from that has festered for so many decades and will eventually implode on itself in some catastrophic disaster?