The Covid Compendium

From The Rock of Gibraltar comes a brand new, up-to-date Compendium on Covid. Its concept and its compilation originates from a blogger on The Rock who goes by the name of Fedupwithevil. The blogger's Covid compendium has been initially made available on the alternative social media platform known as Gab. For anyone wishing to study in depth the issues surrounding this genocidal plan, this compendium offers an excellent easy to use tool fit for any researcher's toolbox, and The Defending Gibraltar Forum is more than happy to promote its use for all its viewers across a wide range of applications in the ongoing fight against the medical tyranny within our midst. At a personal level, I would like to thank Fedupwithevil for his tireless efforts in producing this very practical and resourceful product. Please would viewers spread the word about its availability, and any feed back on its utility would be especially welcome.


A large collection of articles, medical studies, interviews with leading experts all collected in one place. With thanks to my fellow gabbers to leading me to most of the sources and to all those who produced the work. None of this is original.

To those who use this resource, I have created it for several reasons.

  1. To open your eyes and show you the Truth that has been deliberately obscured by those committing these horrendous crimes against humanity.
    John 8:23 and Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

  2. For those with legal battles to fight, this should save your lawyers time and therefore your money.

  3. For those Unvaxxed, to confirm your decision is correct and learn to protect yourselves from the Vaxxed.

  4. For those sadly Vaxxed, if you read and watch thoroughly, there are things you can do, or take, to reduce the negative effects on you and those around you.

The whole Compendium can be found here, it is 25Gb
Full Compendium 27.23 GB folder on MEGA

Broad Overview Docs 18.2 MB folder on MEGA

Censorship 25.6 MB folder on MEGA

Doctors and scientists summit 2.76 MB folder on MEGA

Fauci the liar and criminal 2.28 GB folder on MEGA

13 Reasons to not vaccinate children 21 MB folder on MEGA

15 Reasons natural Immunity better 65.93 MB folder on MEGA

Investigative Journalism 8.81 GB folder on MEGA

Ivermectin 233.46 MB folder on MEGA

Vaxxed dangerous to the pregnant 162.24 MB folder on MEGA

Lawsuits 432.75 MB folder on MEGA

Legal and other experts 4.68 GB folder on MEGA

Medical Experts 4.49 GB folder on MEGA

Misc Medical studies 5.13 MB folder on MEGA

Pathologists 344.89 MB folder on MEGA

PCR Test 344.89 MB folder on MEGA

Project Veritas 1.31 GB folder on MEGA

Recent Covid Death stats 191.56 MB folder on MEGA

Operation Lockstep 627.52 MB folder on MEGA

Whats in the Vaccines and associated risks 1.35 GB folder on MEGA

Whistleblowers 1.89 GB folder on MEGA


Thank you for this resource! The evidence is overwhelming that this scamdemic is not about health.

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The Covid Compendium can also be accessed here:- Index of /tmp/Compendium of Covid

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