The Corruption of Our Royals and the Great Reset

"I loved to give the wine-gift at the marriage feast."

Surprises. - March 7

Many there are who think that I test and train and bend to My Will. I, who bade the disciples take up the cross, I loved to prepare a feast for them by the lakeside - a little glad surprise, not a necessity, as the feeding of the multitude may have seemed. I loved to give the wine-gift at the marriage feast.

As you love to plan surprises for those who understand, and joy in them, so with Me. I love to plan them for those who see My Love and tender Joy in them.

Dear to the heart of My Father are those who see not only My tears, the tears of a Saviour, but the smile, the Joy-Smile of a friend.


Queen's Death Will Kick Off 'Operation London Bridge,' Activity Not Seen Since Days of George VI

From muted bells to a mourning tour, preparations are taking shape for the eventual passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

What’s known as “Operation London Bridge” will begin when the long reign of the 95-year-old queen comes to its close, according to The U.S. Sun.

As part of that, companies making leather goods across England are now preparing to make what are known as muffles for church bells.

Such items were last made in 1952, when King George VI, Elizabeth’s father, died. Any of Britain’s 16,000 churches that still have the ones from 70 years ago are likely to have little more than rotted pieces of leather.

“We have spent a lot of time talking to the Royal Household and Lambeth Palace about the day the Monarch passes, which we hope will not be any time soon,” Central Council of Church Bell Ringers spokeswoman Vicki Chapman said, according to the Daily Mail.

Muffles fit over the clapper of a bell, deadening the sound when it hits the sides of the bell.

“Adding muffles makes bells sound mournful, more like a hum –- so they will sound like thud, thud, thud rather than dong, dong, dong. It is about paying due reverence to the service of the Monarch and commemorating her life,” she said.

Chris Woodcock, Lincoln’s civic ringing master, said churches are aware they may not have a long time to prepare.

“The majority of churches are rushing around trying to get enough of them,” he said.

Operation London Bridge covers the first 10 days between the death of the queen and the state funeral that will take place in Westminster Abbey, The Sun reported.

During that time, the queen’s coffin will have a lying-in-state public viewing.

Prince Charles will address Britain and then undergo a mourning tour.

A national moment of silence will be held, and at 6 p.m. on the first day of his reign, the prime minister will meet with King Charles, who will be the third of the name to wear the British crown.

On more prosaic levels, the Home Office will upgrade security while the Foreign Office will deal with any issues COVID-19 restrictions might cause high-ranking officials coming from abroad.

The queen recently announced she will not attend the Maundy Thursday service at St George’s Chapel, making Thursday the first time Prince Charles has taken her place there.

New details for ‘Operation London Bridge’ in the event of the Queen’s death have been revealed for churches across Britain. Plans for Her Majesty's passing have been updated.

Leatherworks will make more muffles for church bells that will toll for the head of state's death, it has been reported. Central Council of Church Bell Ringers spokeswoman Vicki Chapman told the Mail on Sunday : “We have spent a lot of time talking to the Royal Household and Lambeth Palace about the day the Monarch passes, which we hope will not be any time soon.

“Adding muffles makes bells sound mournful, more like a hum –so they will sound like thud, thud, thud rather than dong, dong, dong. It is about paying due reverence to the service of the Monarch and commemorating her life.”

Philip Pratt of Big Wilf's Bell Muffles near Bristol, added: “A lot of enquiries are coming in and we are taking on more and more orders.

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Prince Andrew Loses 'Freedom Of The City Of York' Honour In Council Vote

As per the report, Labour MP for York Central, Rachael Maskell said that Prince Andrew was the “first to ever have their freedom removed" by the city and backed calls for his title to be relinquished. Notably, the rank of duke, similar to other peerages, can only be removed by an act of the parliament. This type of measure was last taken in 1917. Following the council meeting, Liberal Democrat Darryl Smalley even called on the UK government and the Royal family to “step in to remove his title to finally end Prince Andrew's connection to York" if the prince "fails to do so".

In the latest blow to UK Queen Elizabeth II’s son, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York has been stripped of his 'Freedom of the City of York' honour after a vote by councillors. Prince Andrew was given the Duke of York title in 1987 when he married his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The motion to remove the accolade given to the UK monarch's third child was carried unanimously at a full council meeting, according to BBC. Losing the title implies that he is no longer considered a freeman of the city of York.

Additionally, the councillors also called for Prince Andrew to relinquish his Duke of York title in the aftermath of his out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre in relation to the Jeffrey Epstein-Glen Maxwell case in the United States. In the settlement of a sexual abuse case, the prince, in February, agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to Giuffre. It is to note here that Giuffre had sued Prince Andrew in a civil case claiming that he sexually assaulted her on at least three occasions when she was 17.

Even though he repeatedly denied allegations, the out-of-court settlement sparked a fresh crisis for the royal, who was already questioned for his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell.

The largest group on the City of York Council, York Liberal Democrats reportedly said that the prince had been contacted by the local authority to inform him about the motion before the meeting on Wednesday. According to the BBC, both Buckingham Palace and the spokesperson for the Duke of York declined to comment on the matter.

‘First to ever have freedom removed’

As per the report, Labour MP for York Central, Rachael Maskell said that Prince Andrew was the “first to ever have their freedom removed" by the city and backed calls for his title to be relinquished. Notably, the rank of duke, similar to other peerages, can only be removed by an act of the parliament. This type of measure was last taken in 1917. Following the council meeting, Liberal Democrat Darryl Smalley even called on the UK government and the Royal family to “step in to remove his title to finally end Prince Andrew's connection to York" if the prince "fails to do so".

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'The Duke of Hazzard' seems to fit

The Queen 'will NOT strip' Prince Andrew of his Duke of York honour: Monarch 'will protect' son's last major royal title despite mounting public pressure

Councillors in the city of York have voted to strip Prince Andrew of the Freedom of the City in light of case There was unanimous agreement as they stripped him of the honorary award after discussing for half an hourCouncillors and members of the public have now called on the Queen to remove Andrew's Duke of York title Dozens of bodies have distanced themselves from Andrew since sex abuse case against Virginia Roberts

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Queen Elizabeth’s health deemed ‘perilous’ amid royal scandals

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly struggling to keep her health in check as the British royal family keeps getting caught up in controversies and scandals in recent years, a royal expert has said according to Express UK.

Talking on BBC Radio 4’s Today show, royal author Tina Brown stated that the royal family has relied on the Queen to be a stabilising force in the face of controversies and scandals in earlier days, however, as the 96-year-old monarch struggles with health concerns, there’s been more uncertainty.

Brown, the author of The Palace Papers, said: “In times past, the various ructions that sort of shook the House of Windsor always could rely on Her Majesty the Queen to keep calm and carry on."

"And of course, this time with the latest IED explosions that have been happening, it's happening at a time of the Queen's much more perilous health and a time which is really the twilight of her reign.”

She went on to state: “So that adds much more of a sort of high-stakes edge to the situation at the moment.”

Brown also put some blame on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who have been in the news for the past year for their repeated blows to the royal household.

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The TRUTH about the British Monarchy; the "Golden Jubilee" (50 year reign) of the queen who never was

The word British is Hebrew and it means "Covenant Man" or the "People of The Covenant", as it does also in the Welsh language.

Elizabeth Mountbatten, also known by the aliases Elizabeth Windsor and Elizabeth the Second, who has never officially been crowned, because she was crowned sitting upon a fake Stone of Destiny, is, like all of her predecessors, from the royal line of king David of Israel and the British Throne is the Throne of David that is to be inherited by Christ, during the Second-Coming, very soon according to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus Quatrain 10,72
L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois
Du ciel viendra un grand Roi d'effrayeur
Rescuciter le grand Roi d'Angoulmois.
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

The year 1999 seven (sept) month (July or Sept-ember)
From heaven will come a great King of Terror/Alarm/Warning
(Prophet - Elijah - see the Old Testament Book of Malachi chapter 4)
He will bring back to life the Great King of Israel (Christ)
Before (warning) after war (Armageddon) reigns in good (God's) time - (the Seventh i.e. the Sabbath Millennium - the third millennium A.D.).

The British people, who are Israelites, under The Covenant, have been betrayed; impoverished and oppressed by the monarchy through-out its long and evil existence, because the people themselves have not kept The Covenant, that they swore at Sinai to keep for ever.

Under that Covenant the monarch is prohibited from using their position for personal material gain of any kind and from making up their own laws and taxes and economic policies; either themselves or their politicians.

Queen Elizabeth to skip Platinum Jubilee Garden Parties

Her Majesty will be skipping the festivities and sending other members of the royal family in her place.

I think this is an excellent production @phithx and I love to see that this is still bravely sailing out there...


Agreed thank-you, but someone else made it, not me.
It's listed as a "guest movie" at the page :slight_smile:



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People calling for slavery reparations protest outside the entrance of the British High Commission during the visit of William and Kate in Kingston, Jamaica, on March 22.

William's dad, Charles, has lugholes so big that the people say he "looks like the FA Cup"

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Queen’s guards arrested over drug and money laundering scam days before Jubilee

Six British soldiers and a veteran were arrested on suspicion of cocaine and money laundering offenses just days before the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, the UK’s Ministry of Defense confirmed to The Post.

The seven suspects were detained early Wednesday during a raid carried out by the Royal Military Police at their barracks in England, BBC News reports.

Raids also reportedly took place at a property in Windsor, as well as in Wales and Northern Ireland. The veteran involved is a former officer in the Coldstream Guards.

The six Irish soldiers are with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards, who are set to lead the iconic “Trooping the Color” military parade to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne on Thursday.

“As part of a planned operation, the Royal Military Police arrested six Irish Guards soldiers and a Coldstream Guardsman veteran from across the UK on suspicion of conspiracy to supply drugs and money lending and laundering offenses,” the British Army told The Post in a statement.

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How Much MONEY Does the Queen of England Actually Have?

In this video we ask the question "how much money does the Queen of England actually have?" The answer is not straightforward since there are two different estates that are owned by the crown, then there is the queen's personal wealth, personal property, the crown jewels, royal art collection etc...

Australia moves to DITCH Queen as head of state days before Jubilee

AUSTRALIA has moved a step closer to ditching the Queen as head of state with the creation of an "assistant minister for the republic".

Anthony Albanese, Australia's new centre-Left Labor prime minister and long-time republican, announced the creation of the role on Tuesday just two days before celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee begin. The post will be taken up by Sydney MP Matt Thistlethwaite.

The move was slammed as "sad and reckless" by foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner.

The former aide to Margaret Thatcher tweeted: "A sad and reckless move by Australia's new left-wing Govt. Sends completely the wrong message."

However the new position was celebrated by the Australian Republic Movement.

The group tweeted: "In a major historic first, Australia now has an Assistant Minister for the Republic.

"We congratulate the Government on making this important step towards the realisation of an Australian republic and look forward to working with them over the next parliamentary term.

"Congratulations to the Assistant Minister for the Republic, @MThistlethwaite!"

Australian Republic Movement chair Peter FitzSimons joyfully added: "We are on our way.

"Let the record show, for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, Australia has a member of the Government singularly devoted to removing the Crown, and helping Australia become a Republic."

Previous Labor leaders have pledged to hold a referendum on removing the British monarchy as Australia's head of state.

But a vote was not part of Mr Albanese’s manifesto.

The republican became Australia's prime minister after ousting Scott Morrison in a general election earlier this month.

Mr Albanese has previously described Australia becoming a republic as “inevitable”.

The country voted against cutting ties with the Royal Family in a 1999 referendum by 55 percent to 45 percent.

The new post comes just two days before celebrations for the Queen's historic 70-year reign begin.

The monarch is head of state of 15 countries in the Commonwealth.

Barbados became the latest nation to part ways with the Queen as it became a republic in November 2021.

Queen is 'punisher granny who drinks blood of rebel babies' – ex-Ukraine MP's bizarre post

A FORMER Ukrainian politician once dubbed the Queen a "punisher granny who drinks the blood of rebels' babies" in loyalty to the Ukrainian military, according to a bizarre joke posted on Facebook from the MP's verified account in 2015.

Russia is reported to have deployed so-called ‘Terminator’ tanks in Donbas, an area of eastern Ukraine controlled by Moscow-backed rebels last week. The armoured fighting vehicles are part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to control Ukraine’s former industrial heartlands, known for their steel and coal. The Kremlin strongman’s renewed focus on eastern Ukraine comes after he withdrew Russian troops from around the capital Kyiv last month.

Analysts believe the despot may now try to annex the separatist-controlled Donbas regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, which he recognised as independent prior to invading Ukraine on February 24.

Ukrainian government forces there have been engaged in armed conflict with militias representing the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) since 2014.

A year after war broke out in the region, a Ukraine politician – who has since lost his seat – posted a bizarre comment about Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Oleh Lyashko, who is known as a “vigilante” in his country for his televised probes of rebels, claimed Her Majesty “drinks the blood” of the separatists and was loyal to the Ukrainian military.

His claim, which appears to have been a joke, came after the elderly monarch inadvertently wore the colours of Ukraine’s national flag in 2015.

The Queen donned a pale blue ensemble and held a bunch of yellow flowers as she appeared at an Easter Sunday service at Windsor Castle.

Weeks later, on April 26, 2015, Mr Lyashko uploaded a Facebook post with a picture of Her Majesty, which remains live.

Translated from Ukrainian to English, it read: “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“An aggressive, cynical (anti-Soviet) Bandera follower, a punisher granny, a loyal adherent of the Kiev junta.

“Her secret of youth is that she drinks fresh blood of DPR and LPR babies every morning.”

Elizabeth to Go Ripple Effect


Report: Prince Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell Were So ‘Intimate’ She Had Full Buckingham Palace Access

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell had such a close relationship that the Duke gave her “unrestricted access” to Buckingham Palace, The Sun reported citing a former royal police officer.Palace police would reportedly wave Maxwell in as she was allowed to enter “at will” to visit the Duke’s apartments.

Security officer Paul Page, who worked at Buckingham Palace from 1998 to 2004, told The Sun that Maxwell was often seen coming in and out of Prince Andrew’s apartments.

“Myself and my other colleagues formed the opinion they were in some sort of relationship,” he told the outlet.According to Page, Epstein’s girlfriend was one of Andrew’s most frequent visitors in the 00s – the time when the two grew closer, and Maxwell first introduced him to Epstein.

Among the visits, the officer recalled was “an intimate picnic” that allegedly took place “right outside The Queen’s bedroom window.”

Prince Charles’ donation scandals are causing the royals ‘so much damage’

Prince Charles clearly has “no judgement at all,” says Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

A $1.7 million donation from the family of Osama bin Laden to the Prince of Wales Charitable Fund is the latest in a series of donation scandals involving the Prince of Wales.

“He’s just, month after month, doing the Royal Family so much damage,” Mr Farage said.

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