The contract for the works of the 'La Línea Amable' plan has been signed.

The territorial delegate for Development, Territorial Development and Housing of the Andalusian Regional Government in Cadiz, Carmen Sánchez, has signed the works contract at the Andalusian Government Delegation headquarters for the public space intervention initiative 'La Línea Amable. Uniting spaces, connecting people', aimed at improving urban regeneration works in La Línea de la Concepción.

The signing was carried out with representatives of the company awarded the contract, Construcciones Majoín, and the total amount of the project is 1,012,953 euros, from an initiative which has been granted a total amount of 1.2 million euros from this Regional Ministry and which consists of the regeneration of the urban public space in the Paseo de La Velada and the area around the bullring in the town of La Línea.

Carmen Sánchez pointed out that "the Andalusian Government has signed this contract so that the works can begin, which are intended to improve these areas of La Línea, as well as the environmental quality of this municipality and the quality of life of the people of La Línea, with a major investment that will allow this urban regeneration and ensure that La Línea continues to be a pedestrian-friendly area".

The Regional Ministry's delegate also valued this commitment to the transformation of cities based on a model of sustainability and accessibility, within the framework of the Vive Tu Ciudad Plan promoted by the Andalusian Regional Government. This type of initiative also contributes to the socio-economic reactivation of urban spaces and for its development, the institutional collaboration with town councils such as the one in La Linea stands out.

Specifically, the 'La Línea Amable' action is part of the 'Environmental Island' type and aims to recover the identity of the old space where 'La Velada' was originally installed, an open space historically used by the population as a place for fairs and recreation.

In this act of signing the contract, it was recalled that the initiative consists of the creation of a 'superblock' by rearranging traffic and parking on the perimeter roads, in order to increase the interior pedestrian area, where the facilities are concentrated. This supposes the elimination of road traffic (except for access to private garages), recovering a space with the status of a square. At the other end of Calle Clavel, it is planned to increase the pavement around the multi-purpose building of the bullring.

The content of the project for this action includes the proposed pedestrian connection of the square with the Paseo de La Velada. In addition, the design of the singular spaces includes the inclusion of autochthonous vegetation, walls and plant casings, underground installations, decontaminating paving and pergolas, as well as providing universal accessibility to the area in this space.

The tasks to be carried out are aimed at enhancing the value of this urban space and will provide an improvement in terms of sustainability and comfort conditions, as well as increasing public accessibility and safety.

The work to be carried out in La Línea is one of the eight selected for the programme for the regeneration of public spaces, which has a total budget of 10.4 million euros, of which the Andalusian Regional Government is providing 9.7 million through European Feder funds within the framework of the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI). The programme aims to boost economic activity and tourism by creating citizen-friendly spaces.

The Regional Government of Andalusia is responsible for the design, financing and execution of the actions in this area.

The City Council of La Línea de la Concepción has signed the act of commencement of the works framed in the project of the Junta de Andalucía, Ciudad Amable, for the rehabilitation of the environment of the Plaza de toros el Arenal and La Velada. The work will begin shortly, with a completion period of six months, so its completion is expected for next summer.

The Ministry of Development, Territorial Planning and Housing of the Andalusian Regional Government, promoter of the project, is responsible for the design and execution of the work. This was awarded to the company, Majoin S.L., for 909,429 euros, through the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) of Cadiz, with funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Last week visited the area responsible for Development, the project management and the contractor, accompanied by the delegate of Infrastructure, the deputy mayor, Manuel Abellán, representing the City Council, administration owner of the land.

La Línea amable. Joining spaces, connecting people' has been brewing since 2018. The action is framed in the type 'environmental island', with the aim of recovering the old Velada, historically used by the population as a place for fairs and recreation. The project will create a 'superblock' with the bullring as the axis, which will activate a degraded urban space, connecting it with the historic centre.