The City Council and the Provincial Government are steering the renovation of the La Línea bus station.

The future renovation of the bus station building has been one of the issues discussed during the meeting held this morning by the mayor of the city, Juan Franco, along with the deputy mayor, Sebastián Hidalgo, and the deputy in charge of Municipal Assistance at the Diputación de Cádiz, Antonio Aragón.

The municipal proposal is for the provincial institution to draft the renovation project for this building, for which a visit to the facilities took place this Friday with the presence of technical staff.

Another topic addressed was the delivery of the adaptation project for the future Backup Data Processing Centre by the deputy to the City Council. This project is funded with European funds corresponding to the Integrated and Sustainable Urban Development Strategy (Edusi) and will be located in the building at the intersection of San Pablo and Cadalso streets, where the Aula del Mar was formerly situated. The execution period for acquiring this centre is set before the end of the year.

Antonio Aragón emphasised that the drafting of this project has been carried out in record time so that the City Council can be a beneficiary of the grant requested for this purpose and improve the municipality's communication and new technology services.

The deputy mayor and fifth vice president of the Diputación highlighted that the collaboration on both projects is the result of the good cooperation between the government partners at the provincial level, expressing gratitude to the deputy for his involvement in these initiatives.