The CDC Is America's New Landlord

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The fallout from suspending rental contracts will be deep and long lasting. Many landlords will find their situations untenable and stop making mortgage and property tax payments. New rental housing stock will be depressed, as owners worry about the next suspension of rent payments now that the precedent has been set. After all, why wouldn’t moratoriums happen again when the next pandemic or financial crisis hits? Rental housing units will drop in price as more landlords abandon the business—setting the stage for commercial and private equity buyers to grab units on the cheap from individuals and small owners. Ultimately, foreclosures, evictions, and tax sales will happen no matter what the federal government does. The likely outcome is bigger players owning more and more of the rental housing stock, consolidating the permanent renter class and adding to the rootlessness many Americans feel.

The CDC's rationale is that if tenants get kicked out of their rental homes then they will either become homeless or congregate at "overcrowded ... living facilities or homeless shelters." This, the agency claims, is "a potential recipe for a big spread of COVID-19."

An official quoted in the zerohedge report said, “This will be a declaration presented to the landlord, if that landlord approaches a tenant with an intent to evict.” Should a landlord refuse to allow the CDC to exercise control of his property, the landlord’s failure to comply with the mandate “would become a criminal offense,” the CDC official added.

In cases of a dispute between the landlord and the tenant seeking to avoid eviction, the CDC official said these cases would be heard in local courts. ( Any one who has not been in a court battle beware the courts are satanic and criminally controlled, they don't follow their fraudulent unlawful rules. Return to God's Perfect Laws of LIBERTY for real FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all.

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