The Blessing and Cursing of The Law

The Blessing and Cursing of The Law

We are told in Deuteronomy, chapter 28 (below), that if we follow The Law, we will be Blessed and everyone will enjoy their share of the abundance of crops that The Ruler of The Universe promised that He would make grow in the land (without the need for chemical sprays, fertilizers or Genetically Modified Seeds), but if we don't follow The Law and allow greedy evil men to make up their own laws to suit themselves, the land would fail and we will suffer slavery, oppression, pestilence, disease, famine and death (the rat race - employee is just a modernized word meaning slave - think about it) under The Curses written into The Law as a punishment for not following it ...
The Law

Deuteronomy 28:1 - 68

No one is blessed if The Law hasn't been instated.


:thinking: Perhaps, you mean "redeemed" instead of "blessed"?

In Revelation/Apocalypse it is written in chapter 14:3 & 5:9 that only the people who are able to learn to sing the "New Song " were to be redeemed (released ) from Planet Earth (and ALL the rest will be cast into The Lake of Fire - Revelation 21:7-8 ).