The Big 6 Areas of Covid Misinformation

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We still don’t know how many have died from Covid - only how many have died with Covid mentioned on the death certificate, whether or not this was the result of a positive test.

Let’s not forget lockdowns were meant to stop healthcare services being overrun. They were never overrun and there’s now talk of more lockdowns...

We know already more people have died as a consequence of the collateral damage caused by government covid policies than those who’ve died with - not because of - covid.

Unfortunately neither antigen or PCR tests are accurate.

More and more people are waking up to the fact this decision to avoid talking about natural immunity is really much more about getting people prepared for a vaccine.

So do governments who enforce the use of face coverings in public settings claim to be led by science? If it’s not science driving these decisions - what is it? Could it be more about power and control?

It’s very relevant that we’re already seeing evidence of increases in oral infections, skin infections and bacterial pneumonia in those wearing face coverings for long periods each day.

The UK is the second biggest funder of the World Health Organization (WHO) and one of the leading funders of a vaccine solution. Why hasn’t the government told the public all previous efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine in humans have failed..."

Please watch or read this news piece from Alliance for Natural Health and check out other articles.

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