The American Empire Has Reached Its Expiration Date

The American Empire Has Reached Its Expiration Date - Too Late to Stop | Steve Quayle Joins Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report 10/20/2022

America's military being gutted in preparation for Chinese military invasion

This means America is now incredibly vulnerable to a land invasion by China.America's military being gutted in preparation for Chinese military invasion

The Heritage Foundation has released a truly disturbing report that analyzes the strength of the U.S. military, which is being systematically dismantled by Democrat presidents. That report reveals that the entire United States military has just 300 land missiles remaining in its entire arsenal.

That's compared to over 12,000 missiles owned by Russia and 14,000 in China's military.This means that in a land war, the US military will run out of missiles in mere hours or days, while China and Russia can continue to launch missiles for many months (or years).

Making matters even worse, as Newstarget has reported, "U.S. military running out of key munitions including anti-tank Javelins by gifting them to Ukraine as production capacity falls."

In essence, the US has emptied its military munitions vaults and sent everything to Ukraine where it's vanishing.This means America is now incredibly vulnerable to a land invasion by China.



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Empty Skulls, Empty Stores, Empty Shelves, Empty Stomachs | Steve Quayle & Doug Hagmann | The Hagmann Report | 11/3/2022

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Why is the U.S. government pursuing war with Russia-China but not preparing for war with Russia-China?

The entity in Washington that calls itself the government seems to be hell-bent on war with Russia-China-Iran, deliberately placing itself on a collision course that can only lead to World War III.

And if World War II was exponentially more bloody and deadly than World War I, we should assume that World War III will be exponentially more bloody and deadly than World War II.

And yet this entity in Washington is not acting like a government preparing for what would be the biggest, nastiest, most devastating war in the history of mankind, involving all manner of weapons, conventional and non-conventional, of mass destruction.

We are not talking about Iraq under Saddam Hussein, or Afghanistan under the Taliban. This entity in Washington is poking a bear that has the world’s largest and most sophisticated nuclear arsenal on the one hand (Russia) and the world’s largest standing army (China) on the other.

Our enemies, Russia and China, are stockpiling wheat and petroleum in preparation for war.

But the U.S. is selling off its wheat and petroleum.

In fact, the US exported a record amount of wheat in September. Why?

Even more shocking, the top three recipients of U.S. wheat last year were Mexico, Philippines and China. That trend has continued into 2022 despite the fact that China is siding with Russia against the U.S.-NATO in a major realignment of nations. World War III will be fought to determine who gets to call the shots in the new world order.

You can see which nations are receiving the bulk of U.S. wheat in the graph below. Most of them make sense, but why is China number 3?

China is the economic leader of a growing coalition of nations that would like to see the U.S. knocked off its perch as the world’s policeman and the U.S. dollar replaced as the world’s reserve currency.

According to Christian Westbrook, who has been closely following world grain movements for years and runs the Ice Age Farmer YouTube channel, there is no longer any strategic grain reserve in the U.S.

“It was liquidated over a decade ago,” Westbrook said in a Telegram post this morning. “Just like (the Biden administration) are draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve now.”

The United States is being “set up for incomprehensibly massive failure,” Westbrook stated in the Telegram post.

The global wheat supply has been massively disrupted because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Both nations are major wheat producers.

These draw-downs in the U.S. national stockpiles of diesel fuel and grain stocks are particularly worrisome given the context of today’s geo-political climate – notably the fact that the superpowers are on a collision course toward World War III and neither side is backing down.

If you knew that World War III was right around the corner, which the Biden administration clearly must know as the leader of NATO, which has been stoking war with Russia ever since Biden took office, would you be drawing down key supplies needed during a chaotic war time economy? Things like petroleum and wheat? No, you would be building up your stockpiles of such commodities, just as Russia and China have been doing over the last two years.

But it gets even worse.

Not only is the Biden administration not stocking up on fuel and key grains such as wheat, it is shipping these key commodities out, and not just to allies but to our enemy in China.

And that’s not all this administration is doing while rushing toward World War III with Russia-China.

So let’s take a look at all the other things no rational government would be doing if it knew it was on a collision course with a nuclear-armed opponent with the stakes being who gets to control the new world order.

  • Opening the Southern border so the enemy can sneak in terrorists to form sleeper cells capable of striking deep inside America’s soft under belly.
  • Spewing divisive language that splits America into factions that hate each other. If you knew you were heading toward a world war you would be trying to unite the nation, not divide it. Yet, this is exactly what Biden did on his ominous September 1 “Soul of America” speech, and he did it again last night, November 2, when he accused his political opponents, Republicans, of every evil motive imaginative.
  • Sending billions of dollars in military hardware and ammunition to Ukraine, drawing down supplies available to the U.S. military for defense of the homeland.
  • Mandating U.S. military personnel to get an experimental mRNA injection, which has led many to retire or quit the military and created a recruiting crisis at the very time we need more Americans in the military if we are heading into World War III.
  • Sending actual troops to Ukraine, which they now admit has been happening in an “inspector” role, which is likely a forerunner to actual combat. The U.S. is ill-prepared to defend the homeland while also fighting Russians in Europe and potentially Chinese making a play for Taiwan or elsewhere in Asia and Iran gearing up to attack Israel in the Middle East. This presents a potential three-front war. The U.S. military, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation, is not strong enough to fight on two fronts, let along three.
  • Allowing railroad workers conditions to deteriorate to the point of a potential strike, capable of shutting down rail transportation.
  • Allowing America’s diesel stockpiles to dwindle to historic lows, less than a 25-day supply at last count.

None of this adds up. Either this administration knows something we don’t about war being averted, or it is setting us up to lose World War III.

That would shake up the world order in a hurry. It would expedite the global digital currency, replacing the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency and relegating the U.S. to second-class status following a humiliating defeat to Russia, China, et al.

Oh, and expect NATO member Turkey to officially switch sides as soon as the missiles start flying. There is no way Turkey’s wily Islamist dictator, President Erdogan, is going down with this ship.

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Analyst Warns “There Probably Won’t be an Election” in 2024

Analyst Martin Armstrong has warned that there may not be an election in 2024 and that “the United States will not exist after 2032” due to massive societal upheaval and financial collapse.

One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the new book “The Plot to Seize Russia, Manufacturing World War III.”

America is Running Out of Diesel Fuel and the Consequences Could Be Disastrous Posted on October 27, 2022 by Constitutional Nobody According to a recent report, America only has 25 days’ worth of diesel fuel left in its reserves


Before YOU can understand the TRUTH of the Bible Prophecies, which take up 2/3 of it, or anything similarly complex, you have to decide to be TOTALLY objective and analytical about the FACTS presented and not distracted by irrelevant "clap-trap" from organised religions and "holier than thou" theories . The Bible itself warns you NOT to be led by the "blind guides " of Organised Religions and politics (Isaiah 3 v 12-15) (Matt. 23 v 13, 16 & 24). The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse



Repair of two $2.1 billion B-2 Spirit nuclear bombers will take several years - entire squadron out of service

The U.S. Air Force's bomber squadron is temporarily out of service after the second incident with the B-2 Spirit in two years. It will take several years to repair the strategic aircraft.

Here's What We Know

Last September, the strategic bomber went into a skid during a landing at Whiteman Base and caught the ground with its wings. A week ago, another B-2 caught fire after an emergency landing.

The Air Force closed the runway. The squadron is temporarily out of service and unable to perform combat missions. This is because there is only one runway at Whiteman Base. The recovery team is working around the clock to get the military facility back up and running as quickly as possible.

The 509th Bomber Wing is based at Whiteman Base. It is the only U.S. Air Force unit with $2.1 billion worth of B-2 Spirit nuclear stealth bombers.

Northrop Grumman developed the aircraft at the end of the last century. Initially, the U.S. wanted 120 bombers, which were intended for strikes against the USSR (in case of conflict). After the collapse of the USSR, the program was cut. Northrop Grumman produced only 21 bombers. The last one rolled off the assembly line in 2000. The U.S. significantly reduced the number of strategic bombers - only 20 B-2 Spirit, 76 B-52 Stratofortress and 45 B-1B Lancer remain, and production ended 20 years ago since.

In 2008, during a scheduled flight from Guam to Kansas City, the plane crashed. The crew members survived. It was the first and only crash involving Spirit, and also the most expensive in aviation history. The damage was estimated at $1.4 billion.

Thus, the total number of bombers was reduced to 20 units. The U.S. now has 18 "working" planes. To repair the B-2 Spirit, which crashed last year, will cost $10 million. How much it will cost to restore the second plane is still unknown. The U.S. says the work will last for several years.

In the next few years, the U.S. will begin to withdraw from the B-2 Spirit, as the production of the B-21 Raider, which was created with a view not to Russia but to China, will start. The new generation bomber will cost less. In addition, the U.S. Air Force will be able to send the Raider to other countries, which cannot be done with the Spirit due to difficulties in maintenance.

11 Massive Attacks On The Power Grid Since November And 60-Plus Dead From A Winter Storm Should Be A Wake Up Call To Prepare Before It Is Too Late

The official start of Winter has come at a steep cost as more than 60 are already dead across America from Winter Storm Elliot, with the numbers expected to rise as people who live alone, some still without electricity, could have passed with no one knowing yet.

The USA Today wonders if some of those deaths may have been preventable, while offering their take of three reasons they believe the storm was so deadly.

Officials may have waited too long to ban travel, hurricane-force winds create deadly conditions, and People weren’t prepared and infrastructure is aging.

I beg to differ on their claim that there are only "three" reasons, because aging infrastructure and being unprepared are two very separate issues.

As ANP readers know, preparation is key to survival when sh*t hits the fan. While to many a SHTF scenario is like a doomsday scenario, any deadly situation to which one is unprepared for is a SHTF situation, at least for the people left without the capability to survive.

With an entire winter to still get through, we'll deal with the preparation part after discussing the issue of America's infrastructure, because storms like Elliot aside, we are also dealing with continued attacks against out nations power structure, specifically sub-stations.


In the USA Today story, via MSN News, they talk about the infrastructure in Buffalo, NY, where nearly 40 people died, being aged and unreliable in a storm of this nature.

Buffalo is one of the country’s poorest cities. Countless residents lack the infrastructure and amenities needed to withstand such a devastating blizzard. Meanwhile, funding for public facilities has been uneven, and feeble power grids have left many without electricity for days.

Mark Wysocki, a New York State climatologist and meteorologist at Cornell University, said aging infrastructure – both in public facilities and people’s homes – may have fueled the storm's death toll. Individuals may have fled their houses because of faulty electricity, for example, only to get stuck in a white-out without having prepared.

Wysocki stressed it is important to store blankets, flashlights and hoses in the car during the winter. People who are stuck should run their cars periodically but not continuously to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, he said.

The fact is the entire nation's infrastructure is old and vulnerable, and has not received the proper funds from congress to update and strengthen the power grids, and/or substations. While our infrastructure continues to age, the population continues to grow, leaving us with the logical conclusion that we will see more situations such as what we have just witnessed in Buffalo and in other areas around the country.

The vulnerabilities are not limited to the age of the infrastructure, but also to attacks which have become more frequent, as we are now up to 11 attacks on power grid sub-stations since mid-November. All of which caused massive power outages.

The most recent attacks happened once again in Washington against three sub-stations, on Christmas Day, knocking the power out for "thousands of customers in the region."

From The Week US, via MSN:

"America's electrical grid is under attack. Christmas Day attacks on electrical substations in Washington 'knocked out power to thousands of customers in the region,' The New York Times reports — part of a string of attacks in the Pacific Northwest dating back to mid-November. Those outages were similar to an early December assault on a North Carolina electrical station that left 45,000 customers without power. 'Physical and computerized assaults on the equipment that delivers electricity are at their highest level since at least 2012,' Politico reports....."

Think about it, if a major snow storm and Blizzards are killing people, many of which temporarily lost electricity, what happens in a total grid down scenario, especially during winter months?


There are more than 55,000 electric substations in the United States, and their vulnerability "has long been a source of concern for authorities warning about domestic terrorism," CNN reports. The American grid is decentralized, which does make it more difficult for attackers to knock out power to the entire country. But those substations are often not terribly secure: "Many of the nation's 55,000 substations are blocked only by chain-link fences, and the equipment is easily accessible once within the fencing," CBS News reports. The hodge-podge of companies and electricity providers that make up the national power system — more than 3,000 different entities — means that there is "no single agency responsible for managing the resilience of the power grid." That makes regional and local power failures more likely.

DHS Quietly Issues Terrifying Alert that Al Qaeda Is Planning Another Plane Attack With "New Techniques and Tactics"

One would think corporate media would have picked up on this story the same day. We're on Day 3 since the release and nobody's talking about it.

When government wants to bury a story, they release the news on a Friday. When they REALLY want to bury a story, they release it during a weekend holiday when the vast majority of Americans are focused on anything other than the news.

The Department of Homeland Security decided to drop a bombshell release about an upcoming terrorist attack on Saturday, New Year's Eve. According to the intelligence, al Qaeda is actively recruiting new suicide bombers to use aircraft in attacks on the United States that are similar to what took place on September 11, 2001. They will use different strategies and tactics, according to the memo.

Even though this was an internal memo, they knew with a certainty because of the vastness of the drop that it would be leaked to the press. As of two days following the drop, no corporate media outlet in the United States has reported on it.

Atlas News did, though their focus was on the taunting of the CIA:

This brings us to the most interesting topic broached in this publication: an insight into how AQ and Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi planned and executed the Camp Chapman bombing on December 30th, 2009. Not only did this publication include direct quotes from planners and al-Balawi himself, but it was accompanied by a 30-minute video that purports to show al-Balawi taunting the CIA before carrying out the triple-agent suicide bombing.

Another publication, Judicial Watch, highlighted how Federal Air Marshals who should be in the air prepared to stop such terrorist attacks are busy trying to help process illegal aliens at Joe Biden's open border:

While the nation’s Federal Air Marshals (FAM) are busy on the Mexican border providing illegal immigrants with welfare checks, transportation, and other basic services, Al Qaeda is planning attacks in the U.S. involving planes, according to high-level Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sources. Judicial Watch obtained from government sources a copy of the new intelligence alert, which was delivered on December 31, 2022, at 12:23:52 Greenwich Mean Time. The caption of the widely circulated warning reads: “Al-Qaeda says upcoming attacks on US, possibly involving planes, will use new techniques and tactics.”

The threat could not come at a worse time, as the Biden administration leaves aircraft at risk by sending 150-200 FAM monthly to the southern border to help deal with what it calls “a surge in irregular migration.” The deployments will continue indefinitely, according to multiple FAM sources, and the specially trained aviation security specialists are outraged. The agency works under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which was created after 9/11 to prevent another terrorist attack. FAM is charged with protecting commercial passenger flights by deterring and countering the risk of terrorist activity. Nevertheless, in late October, the Biden administration began deploying the highly trained law enforcement officers to busy Border Patrol sectors to help with hospital watch, transportation, security and welfare checks at migrant facilities.

Days later the Air Marshal National Council, which represents thousands of FAM nationwide, accused TSA Administrator David Pekoske and FAM Director Tirrell Stevenson of violating federal law and overstepping their authority by assigning air marshals to assist the U.S. Border Patrol with the illegal immigration crisis. In a formal complaint to the DHS Inspector General, the group also accused the Homeland Security leaders of fraud, waste, and abuse of authority. Sending air marshals to El Paso, Texas, San Diego, California, Laredo, Texas, McAllen, Texas, Tucson, Arizona and Yuma, Arizona to transport illegal immigrants and conduct welfare checks has no relation to TSA’s core mission of transportation security, the complaint states. “The statute does not give the Administrator any authority to deploy TSA or FAM employees to the southern border to perform non transportation security related matters,” the complaint to the DHS IG says. “Further, under section (g) the statute describes what the Administrators authority is if an emergency, as defined by the Secretary of Homeland Security, is declared.” The act makes clear that the legislative intent is to only allow TSA to exercise authority and deploy its assets for transportation security, the report to the DHS watchdog confirms.

Hours after learning about the latest Al Qaeda threat, the Air Marshal National Council fired off a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as well as Pekoske and Stevenson reminding them that deploying FAM to the southern border to perform humanitarian work is reckless and putting the nation at extreme risk. “We are once again requesting you immediately stop these dangerous and unnecessary deployments and let our FAMs do what the American taxpayers pay them to do, protect and defend our transportation system,” the letter reads. “We have to ask how can you justify sending FAMs to the border in huge numbers, when the border is in your words secure, and there is no emergency? Yet we have major security incidents happening right now affecting our aviation security.”

Sonya Hightower-LaBosco, a retired FAM who serves as executive director of the Air Marshal National Council, confirmed that FAM are still being pulled off flights at a rate of about 200 a month to serve illegal immigrants at stations along the Mexican border. “They are making sandwiches for them and driving them around like Uber or picking up supplies,” Hightower-LaBosco told Judicial Watch on New Year’s Day. The head of the council, David Londo, called the redeployment of air marshals to the southern border “insane” considering the latest aviation threat from Al Qaeda. “Either they don’t care about aviation security, or they really think it is secure,” Londo said.

Let's hope corporate media can break away from touting Volodymyr Zelensky or lamenting Nancy Pelosi's exit from Congress long enough to warn Americans that radical Islamic terrorists may be ready to strike our nation again.



Welcome to San Francisco a city that boasts iconic scenery and oceanfront views…from the air the city looks calm and beautiful, unfortunately the streets tell a very different story. Ricci Wyn, a San Francisco local, takes us on a tour of the city and shows us what it's really like to live there.

Live from the streets of San Franshitsco - This is by design. This has and is being implemented now but was planned long ago. Don't think for one second they don't know what they are doing with these 'harm reduction' centers. They are not stupid, they are evil. I do not believe humans are any longer running the show. San Francisco alone is spending over 1 billion dollars a year on homelessness. This is one way Nancy Pelosi is making her millions. If you think that there is not money laundering, kickbacks and private ownership of some of the companies providing goods and services to foster this crap you are on the wrong channel. I don't know how you got here but it is not a good place for you.


@45:40 The Lord wasn't happy about that scene in the film

Thank-you. Agreed.

Blessings for a Good Sabbath Day. The Truth about The Ark of The Covenant and The Ark of The Covenant in Ireland

Kensington Avenue Philadelphia looks like scenes from the walking dead

Animal tranquilizer floods Philly leaving drug users unable to walk

US Air Force Grounds Fleet of Planes Because Their Tails Could Fall Off Mid-Air

The Air Force has grounded hundreds of KC-135 refueling planes until they are inspected for a potentially faulty part in the tail section, officials said this week.

The Air Force ordered the inspections Tuesday for a “non-conforming part in the vertical tail assembly,” according to the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command in a statement published on Wednesday. “The Time Compliance Technical Order restricts flight operations until the approximately 30-minute inspection is completed.”

As of Sunday, about 90 KC-135s have been inspected, the Air Force said, and 24 were found to have non-conforming pins. Planes that were inspected and had the proper pins are now flying again, it said. Officials are also checking variants of the plane, including the RC-135 and W-135 aircraft.

“We’re taking this action out of an abundance of caution, after consulting with our engineering experts,” Col. Michael Kovalcheck, senior materiel leader in the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s legacy tanker division, said in a statement. “We are working closely with Air Mobility Command and all operational users and anticipate all potentially affected aircraft will be inspected.”

Last week, the Air Force issued a directive to inspect the planes for possibly faulty pins. The initial order called for the planes to be inspected within 15 days, but now, the new order stipulates that the planes must be inspected or remain grounded.

“Although no mishaps have resulted, leaders elected to accelerate the inspection due to a lack of information to assess the risk of materiel failure in non-conforming parts,” the Air Force statement issued Wednesday said. “Planes that have already been inspected and found with proper pins have already returned to flying status.”

Planes that have faulty pins “will be authorized a one-time flight to a repair location,” the Air Force said, adding that it anticipates the planes “require only a swap out of new pins [and] can be accomplished within a day. Most pin replacement work will likely be accomplished at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, where the KC-135 fleet also undergoes depot maintenance.”

A memo that was posted to the “Air Force amn/nco/snco” Facebook page last week suggested that more than 200 KC-135s may have faulty pins. The Air Force confirmed the authenticity of the memo to Defense News and other news outlets, while The Epoch Times has contacted the Air Force for comment.

“Worst case scenario if not fixed the vertical stab would fall off in flight,” the page claimed in its post, dated Feb. 9. The memo echoed those concerns, saying that if one pin failed, there would be catastrophic consequences.

“Should one pin fail, the other would not be able to carry the remaining load and the vertical stabilizer would depart the aircraft,” the memo stated. The vertical stabilizer, also known as the tail fin, is used to provide stability to the plane.

That memo also said the Air Force bought 280 fitting pins from a supplier between 2020 and 2022. A later quality inspection concluded that the parts were faulty, it said. From the memo, it’s not clear how many of the faulty pins were installed.

A number of CV-22 Ospreys are still not able to fly because clutch components need to be replaced, according to a report earlier this month.

An Air Force fact sheet shows the armed service has about 414 Stratotankers, and about 247 are managed by the reserve and guard component.

“Through the years, the KC-135 has been altered to do other jobs ranging from flying command post missions to reconnaissance. RC-135s are used for special reconnaissance and Air Force Materiel Command’s NKC-135As are flown in test programs. Air Combat Command operates the OC-135 as an observation platform in compliance with the Open Skies Treaty,” it says.

Notably, Boeing KC-135 Stratotankers, made by Boeing, were used during a recent U.S. military interception of Russian aircraft near Alaska’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) earlier this week. In those incidents, F-35 jets were accompanied by KC-135s and other aircraft as a handful of Russian fighter jets and bombers approached the ADIZ in what U.S. Northern Command and NORAD said was a routine operation.

KC-135s have been used in a variety of U.S. military operations since its first flight in 1956, although it was used extensively during the Vietnam War and later, Operation Desert Storm in Iraq.