The ABOMINATION of "Pride" month

Baphomet was originally conceptualized as a paganistic demon that represents equality, which is why it is half-human, half-animal, and both man and woman.

The concept of Baphomet was later visualized in 1856 by Eliphas Levi, an ex-Catholic turned occultist, who openly opposed God and the Catholic Church through various writings on magic, paganism, and the occult.

Fast-forward to the present day, and the Satanic Temple, a ‘religious’ organization that prides itself on achieving legal status as such, uses this famous image of Baphomet as their visual representation, bringing it with them when they perform rituals throughout the United States.

The statue of Baphomet is seen accompanied by two children — a white girl and a black boy — who look up in awe at the goat-faced demon.

According to the Satanic Temple, around half of its members are a part of the LGBT community, meaning they are some form of gay.

These images of children in the presence of transgender demons are shown both in classical literature describing paganistic and demonic rituals, as well as in the present day, with so-called ‘Drag Queen Story Hour.’

While the phenomenon of transgenderism and drag queens appears to be a byproduct of modern moral relativism, it is in fact biblical and was entirely denounced as an abomination over 2,000 years ago.

Now, children are taking hormones, chemically castrating themselves at the direction of their parents, and in many cases, cutting off their genitalia and attaching or creating synthetic genitalia to mimic the opposite sex.

This is what that looks like:

The western world has cemented into law, protections for the deranged, and promoted wherever possible, debilitating mental illnesses that would in any other age send someone straight to the insane asylum.

Imagine telling someone in the 1970s you were planning on cutting off your penis and leaving a giant open wound in your pelvis so you could pretend you were the opposite sex.

Now imagine every well-respected psychologist, doctor, media figurehead, and politician not only promoting this as normal but promoting and encouraging it wherever and whenever possible.

To add fuel to the fire, all those who regret going through with their surgeries, or becoming transgender are decried as hateful, bigoted, and generally evil.

For a nation to devote an entire month to disease, mental illness, pedophilia, and institutionalized genital disfigurement, is an indication that that nation is not in decline, but is irreversibly damaged to the point of no return.

Thousands of protesters descend upon Dodger Stadium, take over entire block as team honors ‘drag nun’ group

The stadium was left mostly empty. There were more protestors outside.

This is beautiful. God showing the world what He thinks about the churchs abominable decision.

Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin [is] DEATH (Eze. 18:4); but the gift of God [is] eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Way home or face The Fire

12:21 Jesus said that he would come, and destroy religions (Mark 13:1-2), at a time when no-one
thought (or believed) that he would come (Luke 12:40), and that the times would be like the times of
Noah (with violence everywhere), and the times of Sodom and Gomorrah.
12:22 The world today is just like those times, where everyone is motivated only by sex and money,
and Satan is in control again, which means that Christ’s work will be so much harder, because he
will find it extremely difficult, under those conditions, to find people to help him, and will have to
fight against all, and incredible odds (Luke 17:26).
12:23 Because of the fact, that evil will be in control; of all the various sections, and levels, of all the
different types of societies; people’s hearts will have grown cold, and hard (hearted), and they will
not be motivated by love (Matt. 24:12), only by sex and money. People will not willingly help
Christ, as they should, until he declares who he is, and his new name, and, even then, he will only be
helped by the people who will believe him, and who will not think that he is just another crazy man,
with a Jesus-complex. It will have been made even more difficult for him, by all the crazy, false-
christs, who have preceded him (Matt. 24:23-27 & Mark 13:5-6 & Luke 17:23-24), and by the false
prophets - i.e. organized-religions. The humble, who are rich in spirit, and who have seen through,
and not been deceived and fooled, by organized-religions, will recognize him, accept him, love him,
and ask his help, and to be allowed to help him.
12:24 Jesus said that the times, of his Second Coming, would be like the days of Sodom and
Gomorrah (Luke 17:29-30), with homosexuality; promiscuity; perversion and depravity running-riot,
and out of control (see Ch. 6).
12:25 He said that there would be wars and rumours of wars; famines; pestilences, and troubles;
earthquakes in diverse places; nation rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and when
you see Jerusalem, surrounded by armies, the time is near (Luke 21:20).
12:26 Those who persevere in keeping the COMMANDMENTS and DOING God’s Will until the
end, and keep their faith, will survive, and not a hair of their heads shall be touched, and, because of
their patience and perseverance, they own their own souls, by not having sold their souls to Satan,
for earthly treasures and pleasures (Luke 21:18-19).
12:27 It says in Revelation, that NO-ONE, in the whole of creation, EXCEPT the LAMB, - Prince
Michael/Christ - was found worthy to break the seals on the Books, and to be able to understand and
interpret them (Revelation Ch. 5 & Isaiah 29:11 & Daniel 12:8-9 & Daniel 10:21), because I and
my Father are AS one, in all things.

Dodgers Fans PROTEST Pride Night, Degenerate Anti-Christian Hate Group...

Parents protest Pride event at North Hollywood elementary school

LA DODGER BOYCOTT Heats Up As 'Queer & Trans' Nun Group Invitation To...


LGBTQ flag burned at North Hollywood elementary school as some parents oppose Pride event

By[Marc Cota-Robles]

Wednesday, May 31, 2023
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An LGBTQ Pride flag was burned at an elementary school in North Hollywood and police are now investigating it as a possible hate crime.

Before it was burned, the small flag was displayed in a planter outside of a classroom at Saticoy Elementary School. The Los Angeles Police Department says it took a report last week and launched a hate crime vandalism investigation.

It's not clear who burned it, but a new larger flag is now on display outside the classroom.

The incident seems to be part of a deeper divide among parents over whether LGBTQ and Pride issues should be taught in grade school. And it comes as the school plans to hold a Pride Day assembly on Friday.

Just days before the burned flag was discovered, an Instagram page was created by a group of parents encouraging others to keep their kids home to protest the assembly.

Rainbow Flag Burned at SoCal Elementary School Amid Parent Protest | A Pride Month Mystery

Rainbow Flag Burned at SoCal Elementary School Amid Parent Protest | A Pride...

Gen.19:24](King of kings' Bible - Genesis)Then the "I AM" rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the "I AM" out of heaven;

Lev.20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

Deut.23:1 He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the "I AM".

The marches in the Israelite nations are mostly attended by the Gentiles

OMG! No more. Stop this. :pray:



“Pride” Is A Thinly Veiled Color Revolution To Destroy Western Civilization


by Brandon Smith

The term “color/colour revolution” is often associated with covert efforts among US and European interests to foment civil unrest within enemy nations (and sometimes allied nations) as a means to destabilize their societies and governments. It is essentially 4th generation warfare, a concept expanded on by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino (a self professed satanist) in a white paper titled ‘From Psyop To Mindwar.’ The goal is straightforward – To go to war against a foreign country (or one’s own country) by attacking the citizenry rather than its armies. Or, to exploit the target population as a weapon to trigger instability.

I would suggest, however, that even Euromaidan and its effects pale in comparison to a much larger and more destructive color revolution now underway in western nations in the form of the “Pride” movement. In fact, it has become clear in the past several years that Pride is a definite color revolution; a political destabilization effort.

Continued at link.

The marches in the Israelite nations are mostly attended by the Gentiles

All-Muslim Michigan council votes to REMOVE two commissioners who broke new rule banning flying of Pride flags on city property

"In June, Hamtramck council banned Pride flags from publicly owned flagpoles
Russ Gordon and Cathy Stockpoole were removed for having 'defied' rule of law
They have been removed from the city's human relations commission

A Michigan city with an all-Muslim council that made waves banning LGBTQ+ Pride flags on public buildings has removed two members of a city commission for breaking the new law.

Hamtramck, population 27,000, is an enclave surrounded by Detroit. More than 40 percent of residents were born in other countries, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and a significant share are of Yemeni or Bangladeshi descent.

On Tuesday, the council unanimously approved removing Russ Gordon and Cathy Stackpoole from the Hamtramck Human Rights Commission for flying the rainbow flag over a public sidewalk, with a member saying they 'defied the rule of law.' "

It became the first city in America to have a majority Muslim population in 2015 and in January 2022, became the first to have an all-Muslim city council and mayor in Amer Ghalib.

In mid-June, the council voted to ban LGBTQ+ flags from publicly owned flagpoles after a tense hourslong meeting that raised questions about discrimination, religion and the city's reputation for welcoming newcomers.


The word "demon" appears in the middle of "Pride Month"

Nice one.


They are now training kids to recruit for them. This evil will not stop unless we stop it. The more they can make the groomers look like us and fit in, the more success they will have. Young minds are very pliable. More training and indoctrination. What to do, wear, say, stand, how to act. WHAT TO THINK AND NOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

They are recruiting all the way down to pre teen now. All masonic to feed them girls into the masonic 'Eastern Star" group. Straight out of hell. They are taught "love and service". Right. love of what and service to what evil God? They won't even have a clue who they are following or being in service of. Service to charity (a child trafficking charity no doubt)

If they can brainwash them young enough, they will never turn. The video was very hard for me to watch. Many of the people involved in this are blind. "They are men and women of GOD"...not our God. They do not know they have been hijacked and are worshiping and serving the GOD of this earth not our heavenly father the real God.
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