Tanzania President cancels $10billion Chinese loan; Refers to the Terms and Conditions As One That Can Only be Accepted by Drunkard Person

They sign Chinese loan agreements that they know very well they cannot pay back within the agreed time frame but mostly proceed with the loans just for the kickbacks attached and the benefits some individual politicians stand to get from such contracts to the detriment of the development of their respective nations.

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We the neigbouring country admire his way of doing things, he was actually laughing at our president for making a sick joke of people for locking the country with 1 case.

UGANDA ‘‘ENYUMA’’ Meaning Uganda is interesting/exciting because of the following;
1+ case, close schools.
5 + cases, close airport
13 + cases, close public transport
21 + cases stop private cars
31 + cases, order total lockdown
221 + cases, ease lockdown open hardware and spare parts.
285 + cases allow private cars.
455 + cases open public transport
I bet when the position cases enter 800, ‘‘ebivvulu bajja kubita’’ meaning shows will be eased.