Study: COVID vaccine injures heart in ALL recipients


A Swiss study found elevated levels of the protein troponin in all of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine recipients it analyzed, indicating the shots are routinely causing heart injury.

Further, up to 1 in 27 of the vaccinated people in the study showed levels associated with subclinical myocarditis, the British website Daily Sceptic reported.

Similarly, a Thai study published in August found elevated troponin levels or cardiac symptoms after COVID vaccination indicative of myocarditis or pericarditis in seven (3.5%) of 200 boys. A study published in January by the Journal of the American Medical Association based on data from the CDC's Vaccine and Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, found 1,991 reports of myocarditis after receipt of at least one shot and 684 separate reports of pericarditis.

In September, the CDC's analysis of its own Vaccine Safety Datalink surveillance data showed the incidence of myocarditis after vaccination is three to five times higher for young men than what the agency was reporting at that time last year.

Last year, the FDA quietly disclosed it found that the COVID-19 vaccine posed a possible increased risk of four serious heart and cardiovascular conditions in elderly people. The agency promised to investigate, but more than a year later, the status and results of the follow-up study are unknown, according to an article published this week by the British Medical Journal.

Australia's 'control group'
The Daily Sceptic noted that the "official line" has been to blame any heart injuries or cardiac-related deaths on the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But Australia's experience with the pandemic has provided a "control group," because the island nation had a relatively small number of reported COVID infections – about 30,000 with 910 deaths – before mid-2021, when the immunization campaign was in full swing.

A group of U.K. physicians and scientists called HART, Health Advisory and Recovery Team, noted Australia "did not have prior Covid as a reason for seeing this rise in mortality and hospital pressure from spring 2021."

Instead, "the results from this control group indicate that the cause of this rise in deaths, particularly in young people, must be something in common with Australia, Europe and the USA."

Were COVID vaccines intentionally designed to HARM people?

Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist and professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California San Francisco, analyzed the Swiss study on his podcast.

He explained that troponin is a type of protein found in the muscles of the heart. Troponin isn't normally found in the blood, but when heart muscles become damaged, troponin enters the bloodstream.

Prasad said the Swiss study shows that nearly everyone who receives the COVID-19 vaccine is getting a little heart damage and some much more.

See Dr. Prasad's analysis:

Subclinical Myocarditis NEW Report from Switzerland Vital Findings


Dr. Peter McCullough On What Is Really Happening When People “Die In Their Sleep”

Dr. Peter McCullough has sounded the alarm on mRNA vaccines from the beginning.

A noted cardiologist, medical journal editor and Senate witness, Dr. McCullough has been warning that mRNA vaccines have significant side effects, including myocarditis.

Most significantly, the vaccines have the potential to damage the heart.

Watch Dr. McCullough explain:

What exactly is happening when people die in their sleep?


Dr. McCullough says people often don’t feel the damage — it can be that the first time people know there is something wrong is when people die in their sleep.

What exactly is happening when people die in their sleep?

The Epoch Times summarized Dr. McCullough’s answer this way:

Though it may seem counterintuitive, Dr. McCullough said that sudden deaths that happen during sleep are biochemically similar to the sudden deaths during or just after vigorous exercise.

The reason people die seemingly inexplicably in their sleep, Dr. McCullough explained, is sometimes because of a surge in catecholamines during the end of the sleep cycle. This natural biochemical change is the body’s signal to wake up.

Catecholamines are hormones that are made by the adrenal glands. They are released into the body in response to physical exertion or emotional stress. But they are also released during sleep, just before waking, as a signal to the body and the brain that it is time to get up.

These catecholamines can increase our heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate, among other things.

In the body there are three catecholamines: dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. A surge in catecholamines, whether it happens during sleep or during exercise, can stress the heart and cause it to beat arrhythmically, Dr. McCullough said.


Two World Renowned Cardiologists Borge independently reach the same medical conclusions. American :us: Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, and British :uk: Aseem Malhotra, MD state that their medical opinion is that the sudden deaths, especially in young people, are caused by the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, until proven otherwise.
"After publication it was brought to our attention that Sam Westmoreland who was reported to have died suddenly in the news, died as a result of injuries other than the vaccine. A family friend of Sam Westmoreland said that Sam passed away due to suicide. We will continue to update this if any other news transpires proving otherwise." VSRF

In Order of Appearance
Description of Details: Name of Injured or Deceased, Their Age, Occupation / Date of Article, Additional Details / Link to Source

Charbi Dean, 32, Young Actress | August 31, 2022

Anthony Kiedis on Joe Rogan Experience

Victoria Moody, 18, High School Cheerleader | October 26th, 2022

Daniel Moshi, 17, High School Choir Student | October 18th, 2022 | Collapsed and died during choir performance

***(see notes below) Sam Westmoreland, 18, College Football | October 20th, 2022

***After publication it was brought to our attention that Sam Westmoreland who was reported to have died suddenly in the news, died as a result of injuries other than the vaccine. A family friend of Sam Westmoreland said that Sam passed away due to suicide. We will continue to update this if any other news transpires proving otherwise.

Aseem Malhotra, MD, Cardiologist

John Paul, 28, Scottish Cyclist | March 11, 2022

Jorja Halliday, 15, Kickboxer | October 28, 2022 | 15-year-old girl died suddenly from Covid complication on day of her vaccine

Julia Powell, 49, Writer | October 26, 2022

Rory James Nairn, 26, Plumber | December 1, 2021

Preston Nettles, 15, Basketball Player and High School Student | February 28, 2022

Lisa Shaw, 44, Radio Presenter | August 26, 2021

Jacob Mayfield, 27 | October 10, 2022

Gianmarco Verdi, 21, Young Athlete | May 31, 2022

Andreas Frey, 43, Bodybuilder | October 22, 2022 | Died in his sleep

Craig Farrell, 39, British Soccer Player, :uk:
May 30, 2022

Paul Poloczek, 37, Bodybuilder
June 1, 2022

Carlos Tejada, 49, New York Times editor
December 27, 2021 | Heart Attack one day after booster dose

Robert Cormier, 33, Actor
September 28, 2022 | Died after injuries sustained from collapsing

Peter McCullough, MD, MPH

Samuel Akwasi, 13, Junior Football Player
October 19, 2022 | Sudden cardiac death

Harvey Stocker, 19, Chef | May 22, 2022

Paddy Branagan, 30, Irish Athlete | May 16, 2022

Aidan Kaminska, 19, Lacrosse Player | June 2, 2022

Igor Jonczyk. 18, Soccer Goalie | April 4, 2022

Red Og Murphy, 21, Athlete | April 1, 2022

Regan Lewis, 20, Nursing Student | October 2, 2022

Corporal Chad Beattie, 45, Police Officer | August 11, 2022 | Cardiac Arrest

Gwen Casten, 17, U.S. Senators Daughter, College Student

Kimberly Kitching, 52, Labor Senator :australia: | March 10. 2022 | Suspected Heart Attack

Shane Warne, 52, Cricket Star, :australia: | March 4, 2022 | | Suspected Heart Attack

Dr. Paul Hannam, Canadian E.R. Physician | Jul 19, 2022

Dr. Candice Neyman, 27, Physician
July 29, 2022 | Warmington: Triathlete becomes the fifth GTA doctor to die in July

“Mighty Mouse DJ,” 48, British DJ | October 26, 2022 | Aortic Aneurysm

Linton Beck, 16, Cross Country Runner + High School Student | April 29 2022

Stacey Cummings, 31, Body Builder and mom of two | Apr 25 2022

Brian Wallace, 26, former University of Arkansas lineman | April 15, 2022 | Suffered two heart attacks and died

Sam Bruce, 24, a former University of Miami Hurricanes wide receiver
July 23, 2022 | Died of a heart attack

Marcos Menaldo, 25, Soccer Player | January 4th, 2022

Tyler Erickson, 17, High School Student Athlete (Golf) | Sep. 13, 2022 | Died of cardiac event while playing golf

Moussa Dembele, 24 | March 23, 2021 | Suffered cardiac event during practice

Brazilian News Anchor Rafael Silva, 36
Jan. 27, 2022 | Rafael mistakenly believes that the vaccine he received a few days prior was not related to having 5 cardiac arrests, but Expert Cardiologists disagree and say that this is likely the direct cause.

Carol Pearce, died within 15 minutes of receiving the Bivalent Booster | Sep. 24, 2022

Dawn Wooldridge, 36, mother | May 06, 2022 | “Most Likely died from Covid vaccine, 11 days after dose, inquest told”

Jack Burnell-Williams, 18, British Army | October 1, 2022

Jeanluke Galea Duca, 28, newlywed | October 20, 2022

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial. 52, Cardiologist | November 11, 2021

Kayla Rose Lumpkins, 18, College Freshman | October 25, 2022 | Died in her sleep

Doug Brignole, 63, Famous Body Builder | October 22, 2022

Nick Nemeroff, Canadian, Comedian, 32

Dr. John Campbell shares data concluding that there is no increase in the incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in COVID-19 recovered patients before the vaccines. But, now we do have more pericarditis, myocarditis. The heart injuries are not from the COVID infection itself.

Soaring Cases of Sudden Death: The Only Smoking Gun is the Jab Until Proven Otherwise

"When someone dies, and the family doesn't come out and say anything, and the doctors don't come out and say anything, it's a reasonable assumption that it was the vaccine until proven otherwise," attested McCullough.

"(When people unexpectedly drop dead), we're left with 'What is the smoking gun?' The only smoking gun is the COVID-19 vaccine."

Dr. Peter McCullough is a revered internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and one of the most prominent critics of the Covid-19 response. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer for The Wellness Company.

The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.

A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19

The current report presents the case of a 76-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease (PD) who died three weeks after receiving his third COVID-19 vaccination. The patient was first vaccinated in May 2021 with the ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vector vaccine, followed by two doses of the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in July and December 2021. The family of the deceased requested an autopsy due to ambiguous clinical signs before death. PD was confirmed by post-mortem examinations. Furthermore, signs of aspiration pneumonia and systemic arteriosclerosis were evident. However, histopathological analyses of the brain uncovered previously unsuspected findings, including acute vasculitis (predominantly lymphocytic) as well as multifocal necrotizing encephalitis of unknown etiology with pronounced inflammation including glial and lymphocytic reaction. In the heart, signs of chronic cardiomyopathy as well as mild acute lympho-histiocytic myocarditis and vasculitis were present. Although there was no history of COVID-19 for this patient, immunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike and nucleocapsid proteins) was performed. Surprisingly, only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein could be detected within the foci of inflammation in both the brain and the heart, particularly in the endothelial cells of small blood vessels. Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection. The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.


Study: 100% Of mRNA Jab Recipients Have Heart Implications

Posted By: Dr. Joseph Mercola - November 14, 2022

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Shocking new study reveals that some level of heart injury, minor as it may be, is occurring in all jab recipients. The long-term effects are unknown but there will be effects. The more mRNA shots you take, the greater the cumulative risk that an actual health event will take place. There are also effects on other internal organs as well as the immune system.

Because authorities and mRNA manufacturers refuse to stop the mRNA shots, they can only be viewed as biological warfare against humanity. ⁃ TN Editor


Long COVID refers to symptoms that persist for four or more weeks after an initial COVID-19 infection. Many are also reporting long COVID symptoms after getting the COVID shot

Symptoms of long COVID include but are not limited to brain fog, memory problems, headaches, blurred vision, loss of smell, nerve pain, heart rate fluctuations, dramatic blood pressure swings and muscle weakness. The feeling of “internal electric shocks” are also reported

The primary difference between post-jab long COVID and long COVID symptoms after infection is that in people who get it from the infection, early treatment was withheld and the resulting infection severe. Post-jab long COVID, on the other hand, can occur either after very mild breakthrough infection or no breakthrough infection at all

Several different theories about the mechanisms behind long COVID are reviewed, as are treatment options

Swiss research has found the rate of subclinical myocarditis is hundreds of times more common than clinical myocarditis after mRNA injection, and ALL mRNA shot recipients had elevated troponin levels, indicating they had some level of heart injury, even if they were asymptomatic

Long COVID, also known as long-haul COVID, chronic COVID or long-haul syndrome, refers to symptoms that persist for four or more weeks after an initial COVID-19 infection.1 However, while this condition has primarily been viewed as a side effect of the actual infection, many are reporting long COVID symptoms after getting the COVID shot as well,2 regardless of brand.

As reported by Science magazine,3 “In rare cases, coronavirus vaccines may cause long COVID-like symptoms,” which can include (but is not limited to) brain fog, memory problems, headaches, blurred vision, loss of smell, nerve pain, heart rate fluctuations, dramatic blood pressure swings and muscle weakness. The feeling of “internal electric shocks” are also reported.

The primary difference4 between post-jab long COVID and long COVID symptoms after infection is that in people who get it from the infection, early treatment was withheld and the resulting infection severe. Post-jab long COVID, on the other hand, can occur either after very mild breakthrough infection or no breakthrough infection at all.

Reluctance to Publicly Address Post-Jab Long COVID

In January 2021, National Institutes of Health researchers initiated testing and attempted treatment of patients suspected of having long COVID following their shot, but for unknown reasons the investigation petered out by the end of the year, leaving patients high and dry, without answers.5

According to Science, NIH researchers did continue their work “behind the scenes,” and other researchers, worldwide, have also started studying the phenomenon. Still, there appears to be extreme reluctance to addressing post-jab long COVID symptoms publicly. Why?

Dr. Avindra Nath, clinical director at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and the one leading the NIH’s investigation into long COVID, gives us a clue.

“Probing possible side effects presents a dilemma to researchers: They risk fomenting rejection of vaccines that are generally safe, effective, and crucial to saving lives,” Science writes.6 “‘You have to be very careful’ before tying COVID-19 vaccines to complications, Nath cautions. ‘You can make the wrong conclusion … The implications are huge.’”

In other words, it’s all about protecting the vaccine industry, which has now merged with and become the experimental gene therapy industry.

Meanwhile, the human test subjects are left to suffer — many of whom don’t even realize that they ARE test subjects. They bought the “safe and effective” and “rigorously tested” lies. In Nath’s defense, he tried to publish a case series on about 30 of these patients but medical journals refused to publish it.7

What’s Causing Long COVID?

As for the mechanisms behind long COVID, opinions vary. Research8,9 presented10 by Dr. Bruce Patterson at the International COVID Summit in Rome, in September 2021, suggests monocytes, shown to cause lung damage in patients with acute COVID, are also involved in long COVID.

In summary, the inflammatory cytokines that are supposed to trigger T cell activation fail to do so in some people, resulting in an inadequate antiviral response. Instead of T cells — which are needed to quell the infection — B cells and a particular subset of monocytes are elevated. As described by

“When they used antibodies to look for evidence of coronavirus proteins in the monocytes … they found them — in spades. Seventy-three percent of the ‘non-classical’ monocytes in long-COVID patients carried the coronavirus proteins …

These types of monocytes have often been thought to be anti-inflammatory, but recent studies show that they can, in some situations, produce pro-inflammatory cytokines. They’re mostly involved in ‘trash cleanup,’ and the antiviral response …

The authors believe these monocytes were drawn to coronavirus-infected cells in the blood vessels, where they ingested them, and then put a coronavirus protein on their surface to alert the immune system.

The problem in long COVID occurs when they are drawn to the blood vessels and injure them, or cause the blood vessels to inappropriately dilate.

These nonclassical monocytes are the only monocytes to carry the CX3CR1 receptor, which when it binds to fractalkine, turns on an anti-apoptotic protein that allows the monocytes to survive longer than usual. It also causes the monocytes to revert from their anti-inflammatory state, and start pumping out pro-inflammatory cytokines.

These are important steps as most monocytes die within a few days, and having very long-lived (up to at least 16 months) coronavirus protein-carrying monocytes is a crucial aspect of Patterson’s hypothesis …

The monocyte binding also triggers the production of VEGF — which Patterson reports is elevated in almost all long haulers. VEGF then dilates the blood vessels causing, Patterson thinks, feelings of fullness in the head, migraines, and perhaps cognitive problems.”

The Autoantibody Theory

Another theory, put forth by Harald Prüss, a neurologist at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, is that antibodies targeting the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein might be causing “collateral damage.” As reported by Science:12

“In 2020, while hunting for antibody therapies for COVID-19, [Prüss] and his colleagues discovered that of 18 antibodies they identified with potent effects against SARS-CoV-2, four also targeted healthy tissues in mice — a sign they could trigger autoimmune problems …

Over the past year, research groups have detected unusually high levels of autoantibodies, which can attack the body’s own cells and tissues, in people after a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

In Nature in May 2021, immunologists Aaron Ring and Akiko Iwasaki at Yale School of Medicine and their colleagues reported13 finding autoantibodies in acute COVID-19 patients that target the immune system and brain; they are now investigating how long the autoantibodies persist and whether they can damage tissues …

In a paper Prüss and his colleagues are about to submit, they describe finding autoantibodies that attack mouse neurons and other brain cells in at least one-third of those patients.”

Researchers are also investigating whether post-jab long COVID might be due to autoantibodies against the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor,14 which is the target of the spike protein.

Other Working Theories

Other working theories include aberrant immune response caused by persistent activation of a particular subset of T cells,15,16 particularly in those whose long COVID symptoms include neurological complications.

Persistent microscopic blood clots is another theory being worked on by Resia Pretorius, a physiologist at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

She and her colleagues have published17,18 preliminary evidence showing microscopic blood clots can linger long after the SARS-CoV-2 infection clears. These clots then interfere with oxygen delivery, which can help explain symptoms such as brain fog.

Yet another theory is that the symptoms are caused by residual spike protein lodged in your tissues and organs — including your gut — which can take well over a year to clear after a serious infection.19 As reported by Medical News Today:20

“Researchers investigated the antigens of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID-19 — present in blood plasma samples collected from individuals with long COVID and typical COVID-19 infection.

They found that one particular SARS-CoV-2 antigen — the spike protein — was present in the blood of a majority of long COVID patients, up to a year after they were first diagnosed with COVID-19. In patients with typical COVID-19 infection, however, the spike protein was not detected.

This finding provides evidence for the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 can persist in the body through viral reservoirs, where it continues to release spike protein and trigger inflammation.”

In an effort to identify long COVID biomarkers, the researchers measured levels of three SARS-CoV-2 antigens: spike protein, the S1 subunit of the spike protein and the nucleocapsid (outer protein coat) of the virus.

All three antigens were found in the blood of 65% of the long COVID patients tested, but the spike protein was the most common, and remained elevated the longest. So, in short, a hallmark of long COVID is the long-term presence of spike protein, and spike protein is precisely what the COVID jabs are instructing your cells to create.

Granted, the spike protein produced by your cells in response to the shot is genetically altered, so it’s not perfectly identical to the spike protein found on SARS-CoV-2 (which by the way also appears to be manmade), but regardless of their source, the spike protein appears to be a key pathogenic factor.21 As such, it makes sense that many COVID jab recipients are reporting long COVID-like symptoms, as their bodies are continually producing them.

mRNA Shots Injure Hearts of ALL Recipients

Contrary to initial claims, we know the mRNA in the COVID shots travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs. The cells in those organs then end up expressing the spike protein long term.

Aside from the reproductive organs, your heart is a primary target, and recent Swiss research22 found the rate of subclinical myocarditis is hundreds of times more common than clinical myocarditis. Interestingly, while other studies have found higher post-jab myocarditis rates in men, here, it was far higher in women.

An estimated 1 in 27 women who got an mRNA COVID shot had evidence of myocardial injury. What’s more, they concluded that ALL recipients suffered some level of heart injury, even if they were asymptomatic. In the video above, Dr. Vinay Prasad reviews this study and what it means to have subclinical myocarditis. As reported by The Daily Skeptic:23

“Crucially, the study found elevated troponin levels — indicating heart injury — across all vaccinated people … This indicates the vaccine is routinely injuring the heart (an organ which does not heal well) and that the known injuries are just the more severe instances of a far larger number occurring right across the board … These are not rare events, as is often claimed by medical authorities and in the media. They are alarmingly common.”

COVID Jab Deaths Are Being Buried

All in all, evidence shows the COVID jabs are an absolute health disaster, yet our health agencies are doing nothing to prevent it. On the contrary, they’ve doubled and tripled down on their COVID shot recommendations while simultaneously burying incriminating evidence.

In “How FDA and CDC Are Hiding COVID Jab Dangers” I detail how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are refusing to release relevant data, have lied about trial findings, and even more egregiously, are now manipulating databases to artificially eliminate safety signals and hide excess jab-related deaths.

Brandon High School football player dies during practice

Data Purge: Missing Myocarditis Signal (Removed VAERS Reports)

"The incidence of myocardial lesions was 800 times higher than the usual incidence of myocarditis. And this was associated with the third dose. So what the foreign data in VAERS was showing was that," explained Dr. Jessica Rose.

However, that safety signal is now missing.

"It's not missing because of a mistake. It's missing because this data was removed. We don't know why yet."

Expert Doctor confirms 50 Million Americans may have serious Heart Damage due to COVID-19 Vaccination


The vaccines are causing heart injury in at least 2.8% of people who receive the covid injections.

According to Dr. Thomas Levy, a minimum of 7 million Americans now have hearts damaged by covid “vaccines.” And, although there’s no way of being certain at this time, he said, it’s within the realm of possibility that over 100 million people in America have some degree of heart damage from the injections – not myocarditis, but heart damage that will be detectable with a troponin test.


Health Experts Now Confirm What We Warned: High Numbers Of Myocarditis Brought On By Deadly Experimental COVID Shots, Not Infections

See? Just give it long enough and what we’ve been warning about and reporting on and even theorizing will come to the light and be confirmed, and so it has been. The Health Advisory & Recovery Team (HART) have confirmed that the massive cases of myocarditis all began with the rollout of the experimental COVID shot.

Here’s the report from HART:

Cardiologist: Over 7M Americans may have some form of HEART INJURY due to COVID-19 vaccines

Board-certified internist and cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy told Steve Kirsch in an interview on Jan. 17 that over seven million Americans may be suffering from some degree of heart damage because of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

Levy came up with these startling figures based on the assumption that at least 2.8 percent of people who get the COVID-19 vaccines eventually developed some form of heart injury detectable with a troponin test. (Related: EVERYONE who gets mRNA jabbed for covid suffers some degree of heart injury, study finds.)

Official data released on August 21, 2022, showed a total of 263 million Americans, or 79 percent of the U.S. population, have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Given those figures, the projected number of Americans with vaccine-induced heart damage would be around 7.4 million.

A prolific book author, Levy recently published an essay titled “Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common,” which formed the basis of his discussion with Kirsch on the excess deaths occurring in the United States that could be attributed to the mRNA injections.

Among the salient points covered by the essay was the relationship between COVID-19 and myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle. According to Levy, “scientific literature indicates that myocarditis is occurring quite frequently in patients harboring the chronic presence of the spike protein.”

According to Levy, an elevated troponin level on blood testing is extremely sensitive in picking up any ongoing heart muscle cell damage. “Some elevation of this test will always be seen if any significant inflammation is present in those muscle cells.”

Levy mentioned a recent Swiss study yet to be published, which measured troponin levels on 777 hospital employees who got boosted after two injections. On the third day after the booster, troponin levels above the upper limits of normal were seen in 2.8 percent of those subjects. By the next day, however, half of the elevated troponin levels had returned to normal.

As expected, the study authors dismissed the probability that some myocardial damage was done by the vaccine. However, Levy thinks incidents like death on the playing field by physically fit European football players in the last two years indicate that something unusual is going on among vaccinated individuals.

These sudden deaths should pose serious concerns, but are largely ignored by the government and the mainstream media because they contradict the COVID narrative they are trying to espouse.

COVID-19 vaccine rollouts trigger spike in excess deaths everywhere

Recent studies in various countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel and the Netherlands have shown similar patterns of increased excess deaths following rollouts of COVID-19 vaccines.

Levy also cited a study in mice showing that the mRNA vaccines, which produce spike proteins, can induce myopericarditis – a complication of acute pericarditis. “Regardless of the initial source of exposure to spike protein, it appears to be the reason for the pathology and symptoms seen in chronic COVID.”

Worse, Levy believes mRNA vaccine shedding is possible.

“Once transmitted, the mRNA directly leads to spike protein production. Such mRNA shedding means that the spike protein is indirectly, if not directly as well, transmissible from one individual to another via inhalation or various forms of skin contact,” he noted.

Another topic discussed during the Kirsh interview was the heart damage in vaccinated pilots caused by the vaccines. This surfaced after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made some adjustments in its guidelines, possibly because of the huge number of pilots failing routine health screenings.

In October 2022, the FAA widened the ECG parameters beyond the normal range – from a PR max of 0.2 to unlimited. Levy said this is a “tacit admission from the U.S. government that the COVID vaccine has damaged the hearts of American pilots.”

“The cardiac harm, of course, is not limited to pilots. My best guess right now is that over 50 million Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from the shot,” Kirsch remarked.

Vaccine Harm Analysis Finds $148 Billion in Economic Damage, Tens of Millions Injured

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines in Denmark in a 2021 file image. (Claus Fisker/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Images)

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines in Denmark in a 2021 file image. (Claus Fisker/Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty

A new report estimates that COVID-19 vaccine damages in the United States in 2022 led to over 26 million people being injured at a cost of nearly $150 billion to the economy.

The stark figures come in a report from Phinance Technologies, a global macro investment firm co-founded by former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd.

“Numbers conservative,” Dowd said in a tweet, adding that the economic damage estimates exclude knock-on effects like lost productivity due to people being present at their jobs but working at reduced capacity.

Also not captured in the projection is the impact of burnout on workers taking up the slack from vaccine-injured employees, nor any effects on supply chains related to harmful vaccine side effects on workers.

Called the Vaccine Damage Project, the study sought to gauge both the economic impact and human cost of COVID-19 vaccine damage.

Data used to estimate the economic and human impacts came from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations, and studies, including a scientific peer-reviewed paper on serious adverse events following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, per the project’s website.

Human Cost

The human cost of vaccine damage was estimated at 26.6 million injuries, 1.36 million disabilities, and around 310,000 excess deaths.

It is not clear from the report—which relies on correlation-based evidence—whether the injuries, disabilities, and excess deaths were caused by vaccines or other factors, such as the COVID-19 disease itself.

In explaining impacts such as an increase in disabilities, for example, the report explains the use of regression analysis to compare the number of people in the civilian labor force with a disability and the cumulative percentage of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered.

“The regression R2 is close to 90% which is evidence for a strong relationship,” the report states. “We must always consider other external factors that might explain the rise in disabilities and which are also correlated to the vaccination data. This is usually stated as ‘correlation is not causation.'”

“However, in the absence of other explanatory factors, and strong medical evidence of the vaccines causing injuries and deaths, one must consider the relationship seriously,” it adds.

Other notes in the study relating to methodology are in much the same vein, noting in some cases “strong” correlation between vaccine rollout and various harms.

Dowd last year sparked controversy for making the claim that there was an 84 percent increase in excess mortality in 2021 among people aged 25 to 44 in the United States due to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

“Starting in the summer into the fall, with the mandates and the boosters, there were 61,000 excess millennial deaths. Basically, millennials experienced a Vietnam War in the second half of 2021,” Dowd told Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” in March 2022.

While excess deaths indeed were up by over 60,000 that year, some experts have disputed linking them to vaccines.

“I don’t disagree with the fact that the pandemic has been responsible for an enormous number of excess deaths in the U.S. and that adults age 25-44 were deeply affected,” Steven Woolf, director emeritus of the Center on Society and Health at Virginia Commonwealth University, told The Associated Press at the time. “But it’s ridiculous to attribute this catastrophe to vaccine mandates and boosters.”

In order to prove that the excess deaths were caused by vaccines, the data would have to show that the spikes in excess deaths came specifically among vaccinated people while unvaccinated individuals were spared.

“But absent such evidence, their assertion is as ridiculous as saying that water causes house fires because you are more likely to see house fires when firemen are spraying water on them,” Woolf said.

Yet there have been studies that suggest a stronger causal link than just a correlation between COVID-19 vaccines and excess deaths.

An Australian study proposes that excess deaths were caused by the COVID-19 vaccine, based on a nine-factor criterion set meant to establish whether an observed epidemiological association is causal.

Another recent study of excess deaths found that the direct effects of COVID-19 illness caused 84 percent of the overall excess deaths but that the excess mortality among people aged 45 and younger could not be attributed to the disease.

The authors found that just 30 percent of the total excess deaths among people aged 25-44 were tied to COVID-19, with the researchers suggesting that public health interventions such as lockdowns best explained the excess deaths.

Still, the researchers said that, as an ecological study, it was not possible to prove causality.

Economic Cost

The Vaccine Damage Project estimated that the economic cost of COVID-19 vaccine damages totaled $147.8 billion, which was broken down into injuries ($89.9 billion), disabilities ($52.2 billion), and excess deaths ($5.6 billion).

The highest economic cost was associated with milder vaccine damage as this affected a bigger portion of the population, the report said.

“The multiplier effects are massive,” Dowd said in a tweet, suggesting that the true impact could be much higher.

To further highlight the economic impact, Dowd noted that Pfizer and Moderna, the leading COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, reported combined COVID-19 vaccine revenues in 2022 of around $11.5 billion.

“For every $1 dollar they made it cost the US economy $13 dollars,” Dowd said in a tweet.

“Quite the negative societal ROI,” he added, using the acronym for return on investment.

The report called for monitoring the longer-term impact of vaccine damage as this amounts to an “important” economic cost.

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The jab victims denied heart treatment, and the remedies the NHS won’t even consider


Tens of thousands of deaths have been reported to regulators in the wake of the jabs, and millions have suffered adverse reactions, but for as long as medical professionals, politicians, journal editors and most of the mainstream media continue to insist the products are ‘safe and effective’, the tragedy continues.

A YOUNG man I know has been suffering heart pain and exhaustion for several weeks...

Not once has anyone asked him whether he received the Covid vaccine, despite heart inflammation being a recognised risk from these gene-based products, especially for young men. He had two shots, believing it was compulsory if he was to be allowed to travel.

I tentatively mentioned to him research going back at least two years that highlighted the risk (see here, here, and most recently here), but he clearly finds it hard to contemplate the possibility that the authorities could have so failed him. A kind of cognitive dissonance sets in when we have a deep faith in modern medicine and yet are confronted with evidence that it has gone badly wrong.

The avoidance of any mention of the jabs during my friend’s investigations supports the case that medics are also finding it hard to reconcile the vaccine disaster with their sense of professionalism. How many people across the UK and elsewhere, I wonder, are suffering additional harm because of this taboo?

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Expert Dr confirms COVID Vaccines may have seriously damaged Hearts of 100 Million+ Americans


According to Dr. Thomas Levy, a minimum of 7 million Americans now have hearts damaged by Covid “vaccines.”

During an interview with Steve Kirsch on Tuesday he discussed the effects the spike protein was having on the heart. He has recently published an essay titled ‘Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common’ which formed the basis of the discussion.

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mRNA “Vaccines” Have Caused Irreversible Heart Damage to BILLIONS of People – Study


“Subclinical mRNA vaccine-associated myocardial injury is much more common than estimated based on passive surveillance,” the researchers concluded.

The paper was published last week in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Heart Failure.

Billions of people around the world have received mRNA jabs. The study suggests a large percentage of these people will suffer longterm heart damage as a result.

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Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough On Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest: Was It The Death Jab?

Young athletes are not supposed to suddenly collapse from cardiac arrest.
Dr. Peter McCullough joins Stew to react to the sudden cardiac arrest of Lebron James’ son, Bronny.
Bronny James is the son of NBA superstar and China super-shill Lebron James.
Now, Bronny James has become the latest elite young athlete to "suddenly," out of the blue, suffer "cardiac arrest" during a basketball workout at USC on Monday night.
Right now, Bronny is in stable condition, but thousands of people aren't so lucky.
From spring 2020 to 2021, the number of fatal heart attacks among young people went up 14%.
From 2021 to 2022, the number of fatal heart attacks went up 30%.
It’s not just the sports world where you can observe the sudden death and collapse of athletes.
There are montages of new reporters passing out on live television.
Bronny James is not the first USC basketball player to go down.
USC basketball player Vince Iwuchukwu collapsed last year and had to be defibrillated.
Professional Dominican basketball player Oscar Cabrera Adames had myocarditis in 2021 and died suddenly while on a treadmill in 2023.
The media continue to cover up the truth and lie about the real cause of these health tragedies.
The journalists know the truth but they refuse to buck their Big Pharma masters.
In 2021, Lebron James claimed he did his own research that led him to take the jab.
This was 3 months after the CDC said the vaccines cause myocarditis.
Lebron James has a moral obligation to tell the truth to the public about the bioweapon “vaccine”.
Will Lebron James do the right thing and use his massive platform for good, or will he use it for evil?

Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough On Bronny’s Cardiac Arrest: Was It The...

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Italian researchers find Covid vaccine myocarditis relapses in teenage boys following apparently complete initial recovery.


Two teenage boys who suffered heart inflammation following Pfizer’s Covid jabs and they seemed to recover, but went on to have relapses months later, Italian researchers (source).

“The mRNA shots are the gift that keeps on giving, At best, we may be monitoring a lot of teens and young adults for heart damage for a long, long time. says independent journalist Alex Berenson on Substack.

Alex reported in the following article:

Both teenagers showed evidence of new heart damage from the recurrences, including high levels of proteins from injured cardiac muscle. Scans showed one boy had new lesions in his heart wall, and he needed nearly two weeks of hospitalization.

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One in 35 had Vaccine associated Myocardial (heart) Injury - Quite Astounding

Some of the studies published last year linking heart conditions in young people to covid injections