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The fake Scottish Sandstone is to be moved from Edinburgh Castle to London for the Charles's fake coronation.

The Stone of Destiny, not pictured being driven through Edinburgh in 1996 (as shown below), is in truth Jacob's Pillar Stone, used for inauguration ceremonies of Irish, Scottish and British kings for centuries. It's importance to the British-Israelites is that The Real Stone is the exact one that Jacob laid his head on described in The Bible.


Made for public-consumption, to prepetuate the lie that Elizabeth was queen or that Charles could be.

The Queen sat above the fake stone when she was crowned in 1953; and it will feature in the ceremony for her son. The coronation date has not yet been set – Stone of Destiny to return to Westminster Abbey for coronation

If the Scots don't want Charles as their oppressive-ruler, then maybe it's time to bring out the Real Stone.

We know which one it is, as highlighted in Richard's letter


The Real Stone is made of Porphyry, and much heavier.

Are they willing to finally HELP Christ or will they also keep of the charade?

The recent article on GM - Charles as Defender of Faith is Another Sick Joke focused on The Lord's quest for His Stone in Scotland. And I'd like to share other videos about the search for The Real Stone in Scotland that weren't featured in the article:

Richard Hall of Rich Planet spoke of the search in one of his shows:

A Message from Richplanet TV - The Stone of Destiny 2017

Christ's Wants His Stone Back:

Christ Wants His Stone - 2017

The Stone of Destiny - 2020 Vision:

The Stone of Destiny 2020 Vision

There's also more post on DG about The Real Stone:

Is the too-hot-to-handle(?) fake British coronation stone/ “stone-of-destiny” being palmed off?

The Final Overturn of The Stone / Throne and British Monarchy – Christmas Day

As the corporate media focuses on the Scottish Sandstone being the coronation stone, we need to counter that propaganda with The Truth.

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Videos from Gibraltar Messenger's – "Charles as Defender of Faith is Another Sick Joke" are on DGTV.

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We need the stone of Destony now, the powers that be have been hiding it for way to long. Even if they don't know ware it is they are still not helping us discover its location, the stone belongs to JAH he is the rightful owner of the stone and our King. When he gets the stone he will be made King over all of England and will restore the wealth and laws according to God, lets all help him get the stone so the world can be set aright and we can stop the endless bloodshed wars, poverty, crime and wickedness.