From State of The Nation

It is of paramount important for every resident of planet Earth to correctly understand the primary purpose of OPERATION COVID-19 as well as the ensuing Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Both of these GLADIO-overseen global black ops constitute the two primary stages of an ongoing series of bioterrorist operations carried out against the world community of nations with great stealth and precision.

Throughout the execution of these complementary series of acts of bioterrorism, the genocidal perpetrators have one essential goal above all others: making it very difficult to correlate the premeditated mass death and disease to either the COVID-19 bioweapon or the weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’.

In other words, all of the various phases of this false flag bioterrorist operation, as well as the meticulously modulated evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 disease process, cannot be definitively “pinned” on either the COVID-19 bioweapon or the weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’.

In point of fact, the only reason why this manmade Plandemic continues unabated is because of how difficult the perpetrators made it for the countless medical researchers and scientific investigators to establish true cause and effect, especially with respect to the various Covid ‘vaccines’.

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