Starlink is here

It is no longer a matter of when, because Starlink is already here, but it is a matter of why, how it works, where it is and what it is.

Why? We are told it provides faster internet speed and to increase internet accessibility to the public and more (much more AI).

As far as what it is and how it works is not as easy to discern. I could not find any safety studies, but some are saying it is safe because it is not 5G. This article says, "Starlink is safe in terms of data transmissions. It isn't 5G, which some people worry about. It isn't the same as Wi-Fi, either. Starlink uses existing frequency bands (the Ka and Ku bands) that have long been used for satellite communication without issue." What Is Starlink and How Does Satellite Internet Work?

Where? In the ionosphere.

The wavelengths that are being used, Ka and Ku, is explained here: Frequency Letter Bands

Environmental review is discussed here:

Is Starlink a cause for concern?

Video - 4 minutes viewing time:


Innovations in the wrong hands are dangerous.