Spanish Death Data – Part 4 of Vaccine Evangelists, Apostates, and Apologists.

By Jordan Henderson


Part 1: The Evangelists – We’ve seen how the historical data available for these countries directly contradicts the messages preached by the Vaccine Evangelists

Part 2: Apostasy – We’ve reviewed in this essay series historical infectious disease mortality, and the introduction (or lack thereof) of widespread vaccination for various diseases in England and Wales, in Australia, and in the USA.

Part 3: The Red Herring a Tour of the Motte – We went on to explore the major differences between mortality and morbidity data, and we deconstructed our first case example of Vaccine Apologetics in. SPAIN is also brought up in Part 3.

Here in PART 4 we’ll broaden the picture even further and add another country to our analysis. We’ll look at historical infectious disease mortality for SPAIN :es:

Spain has national, detailed cause of death data from the year 1900 onward. As with the other countries we have looked at, a drastic plummet in deaths attributed to infectious disease occurs in Spain in the 20th century. For Spain too, we can see that clearly vaccines could not have been the primary reason, nor one of the primary reasons for this decline. The central misconception of the Doctrine of Salvation Through Vaccination* is preached in Spain just as it is almost everywhere else, yet it is just as untrue for Spain as it is for the English-speaking world.

For many of the major diseases, including the deadliest diseases in Spain during the 20th century, there was no vaccination. For many other diseases the vaccine came after almost all the decline in mortality had already occurred; only for a small portion of the diseases are the relevant vaccines introduced in Spain before the majority of the decline in mortality had yet to occur.

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