Spain's Proposed 'National Security Law' Would Allow Seizure Of Citizens' Property During Health "Crisis"

The prominent Spanish daily El País is reporting a hugely alarming scenario in which Spain's central government is mulling a national mobilization and "security law" which would compel citizens to "temporarily" give up their rights in instances of future public health crises or emergencies such as happened with the coronavirus pandemic.

The law is currently at the level of a mere proposal but worrisomely it would elevate matters of public health to the level of 'national security' - as El País spells out based on a translation of its reporting: "Any person of legal age shall be obliged to carry out the 'personal obligations' required by the competent authorities, following the guidelines of the National Security Council, when a state of crisis is declared in Spain. In this case, all citizens without exception must comply with the orders and instructions issued by the authorities."

This sounds vague enough to suggest literally nothing would be off-limits in terms of state authorities' massive legally enshrined reach into people's personal lives on the mere bases of a national crisis. And further there's little or nothing which establishes a clear threshold for what legally would constitute such a crisis.

We've seen some officials and political pundits actually push similar measures in the US and Britain... this looks to unfortunately be the "what's next" waiting for us during the next "global health crisis" on the horizon - however it gets vaguely defined.

Read more of Tyler Durden's article such as about the private citizenry being viewed as 'militarized' under the proposed legislation and control of media.

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Here's the El Pais article referenced above by Tyler in English:

Spain drafts legal reform allowing state to mobilize all adults in times of crisis