Spain to upgrade Strait surveillance system

Spain’s Ministry of the Interior has announced it will upgrade the Strait Surveillance System (SIVE), as well as modernise sensors and increase resources at the command units in Cadiz, Algeciras, and Ceuta.

A budget of 25 million euros has been allocated, Spanish news agency EFE reported on Friday.

According to the resolution published by the Spanish Government, the intention is to adapt infrastructure that needs upgrading as well as the modernisation of sensors.

The money will also be utilised to expand the capacities of the SIVE system in the command units of Cádiz, Algeciras and Ceuta and the contracting of the supply of equipment and technical means, as well as the contractors to modernise the SIVE system in this area.

The contract will have a duration of 34 months and the award will take into account the expansion of the reliability of the data transmission network, the additional monitoring device, the duplication of the optronic sensor in sensor stations or the protection systems against drone activities.

The SIVE controls the irregular navigation of vessels utilised in the trafficking of immigrants or narcotic substances across the Strait.